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What I Learned At Dinner With Ed Latimore

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Terrific discussion with the heavyweight boxer and physicist.

Ed Latimore is a National Guard soldier, physicist and heavyweight boxer well known on Twitter for his calm, insightful, and powerful delivery of wise advice. Ed has previously and very graciously provided two interviews here at DARK TRIAD MAN® and I have had countless chat discussions with him on Twitter.

Ed was recently a keynote speaker at the LambdaConf 2017 event in Boulder, Colorado where he spoke on the hidden costs of fear and how those fears can be faced and conquered. His life and background are a vivid personal demonstration of these qualities.

Of course, social justice warriors have gone insane with rage over his presentation.

Fear is their stock in trade and they loathe men who advocate personal power.


Social justice warrior rage at Ed made it into Breitbart News.

Allum Bokhari authored a full length piece on Breitbart News about the implosion of leftist idiocy, covering the claims from one Sonia Gupta that she fled the event weeping over the horrific, devastating, shocking, and incendiary damage to her psyche:


You cannot make this sort of idiocy up. Fortunately, social justice warriors such as Adrienne Leigh are prepared to supply an endless litany of delightful nonsense. Among the more bizarre allegations from her was the assertion that Ed Latimore believes women seek rape in lieu of making their housing payments.


Most adorable of all is the claim that Ed Latimore is a “literal white nationalist”. Pause for a moment there, and consider the depth of absurdity that the virtue spiral of the social justice warrior is capable of:


I could not pass up the opportunity to meet Ed Latimore in person.

We had dinner last Friday night in Boulder.

Read well my observations on the man.


An analysis of body language, posture and mien.

Ed and his partner Anna were waiting at the Starbucks on the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder. I had the opportunity to observe his body language as I approached, including his reaction to recognizing me as we walked along the promenade on a lovely early summer evening.

My readers will be aware that body language and posture are important points of awareness, especially for a deaf individual who incorporates their critical message into the overal context of interpreting communication and completing one’s overall assessment.

My direct, in-person analysis of Donald Trump prior to the election and my subsequent review of his appearance with Kanye West are examples of the depth to which dissection of body language and posture brings understanding. Such depth is often missed by those who merely take in surface comments.

I applied that critical eye to Ed Latimore as we approached, and I was impressed with several things:

Authentic humility and genuine warmth.

Ed is known for his calm and evenhanded demeanor on Twitter, maintaining an intellectual and emotional equilibrium that serves as a model for courteous and insightful delivery. That reputation bore out in person.

He was calm, confident, friendly and without a trace of bluster. It was an experience of authenticity, rapport and enjoyable introduction to a man I respect for his intelligence, his work and his delivery of both.

As our small group walked to the restaurant it was clear that Ed was a man comfortable in his own skin, entirely absent arrogance, and deeply interested in the world around him. These are crucial qualities, and few are able to maintain them absent that base of authenticity of character.

Unfiltered appreciation of new experience.

We paused to watch the famous street contortionist I-Bashi perform his routine. It was another opportunity to observe Ed’s reaction on several fronts. The most fascinating observation was the childlike enjoyment he took.

Very importantly, I distinguish childlike from childish.

Childlike enjoyment is a highly elevated quality in an adult. It bespeaks lack of artifice, an absence of inappropriate adult cynicism, a genuine pleasure in the experience of wonder that is untainted and untrammeled by jaded, dismissive, or contemptuous observation.

Childlike embrace of amazement is the strong quality of an enlightened mind that does not discard simple joy in living.

A heavyweight professional boxer, raised in violent poverty, schooled in military performance and devoted to the deeply scientific discipline of physics, who marries the lack of illusions and adherence to reality with a childlike appreciation of wonder is a rare and valuable find.

It speaks well of his character.


A mind interested in learning is irreplaceable.

Over dinner at Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder we discussed topics ranging from politics, social media, current events, artificial intelligence singularities and more. Ed displayed a questioning mind, one that explores, and he also listens actively.

We had a good laugh over his experience of being castigated as a white nationalist. More interestingly, we agreed on the antifragility necessary for being a public figure in the age of tweetstorms and social justice apoplexy over the rise of Donald Trump, and how to handle the unceasing attacks that are a part and parcel of our work in bringing men one step further along the road they travel through the new age. It was clear as we spoke that Ed walks the talk, and that his online presence is a mirror of his private presentation.

This is remarkable, as any astute observer of social media will warrant.

Consistency of the human being matters.

I was also impressed with the sharp intelligence behind the calm demeanor. “Of course, Ivan” will be said by those who follow Ed and read his writing. “He’s a physicist and mathemetician.” Yes and no.

Math and physics are related. They are, in a certain sense, knowledge bases that can be competently mastered by those who merely plod with pedantic doggedness along the path of education with sufficient persistence to reliably perform the calculations and measurements required by those disciplines.

Few are able to take it a grand and lovely step further into the heart of all things, as a seeker of truth:

Fewer men take this beyond the common man, and marry this inquiring, childlike mind of powerful investigation with achieved competence in the arena of professional violence, while presenting an example of authentic warmth and humility in both public and private.

It is rare, in all senses of the word, and limitlessly valuable as a source of inspiration and guidance.

Consider this well.


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Follow Ed Latimore and read his book.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that Ed Latimore is a singularity in the dark world, an example for men to follow and learn from.

His book is available on Amazon. “Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower” is important.

Buy it, read it, study it, and know that I endorse the author without hesitation or reservation.

I say this from professional observation, and deeply appreciated personal experience.


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