Eric Clanton Captured


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Safe Streets Project has confirmed with law enforcement.

Our team spoke directly to the Berkeley City Jail staff and can quote:


“Yes, he is in our custody.”


UPDATE: Firearms charge was clerical error during booking.



George Kelly at the East Bay Times first reported that the first target of the Safe Streets Project has been arrested. Eric Clanton, identified by /pol/ as a murderous Antifa bike lock attacker in Berkeley on April 15, is reportedly in custody at the Berkeley City Jail following his arrest:



Congratulations to /pol/ from the Safe Streets Project!


The Safe Streets Project

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Great appreciation to everyone who has helped make this arrest happen.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man. I tell you that your work makes all the difference.

We are just getting started in cleansing Antifa from the streets.

Join us in this project. We’re taking back free speech.


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