Colorado Danger Soars

Colorado Danger Soars As Antifa Calls For Direct Islamic Ground Support

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Antifa seeks formal alliance with Denver Islamic groups.

10/2/2017 ALERT: Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is now reported to have both Islamic and Antifa ties. More coming soon.

Act For America has announced a national March Against Sharia day on June 10th, 2017 in nearly a score of cities across the United States. The rallies scheduled for that Saturday include Denver, Colorado where Antifa activity has become a dangerous threat.

The march will be held at the State Capitol. Act For America has delivered a clear call to action. They ask for decent men and women who “stand for human rights, please join us to march against Sharia. Sharia is incomptatble with our Constitution and with American values. We stand against female genital mutilations and child marriages.”

Denver March Against Sharia


National Antifa sites have called for violent Black Bloc response.


Alliance of Antifa terrorists with Islamic groups is a grave escalation.

The Antifa groups across the United States have been characterized by an accumulated mix of street protest expertise, violence by masked individuals and the use of minor explosives and weaponry thrown into and wielded against groups of free speech advocates.

They conduct live fire weapons training and now appear armed on the streets of Phoenix and Austin.

Much has been made of the lack of tactical combat expertise on the part of Antifa groups, including mockery of some who have shown up with Airsoft toys in an attempt to intimidate decent citizens into silence.

That mockery is warranted in many cases, but to rely upon the incompetence of the adversary is foolish idiocy.

Aanarchist ideology is inherently incompatible with disciplined fighting men who report to a charismatic command authority. This incompatibility is a limiting factor on the ability of Antifa to coherently project power on the ground, or to hold position against a responding force.

That changes, however, with any introduction of Islamic groups into the mix.

Islamic terrorists are deeply committed, have extensive training from both state and shadow-state entities, and – most importantly – do not have an “inhibition line” to cross when it comes to the use of deadly and murderous attacks on civilian populations.

I called out the growing risk of Antifa activity in Colorado two weeks ago.

Now they move to formally integrate Islamic threat within their ranks.


Northern Colorado Antifa seeks support from Islamic groups.


This past February an Islamic terrorist shot and killed a Denver law enforcement officer in downtown Denver.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has described the Islamic terrorism in Denver as a “unique threat“. Michelle Malkin at National Review has written on the presence of jihad training camps in the Rocky Mountains.

Greeley, Colorado in particular has a history of Islamic fundamentalists including Sayyid Qutb, a prominent Islamic fundamentalist.

Today Greeley faces concerns on ISIS recruiting.

Soon enough Antifa and Islam will connect.

Colorado is ground zero.


Support patriot groups on the ground in Colorado.

The West faces existential threats on many fronts. You have a personal responsibility to stand up and step forward in defense of your community, your culture and your civilization.

Take part in the work of groups that are rapidly forming, especially in Colorado. Ensure that they do not work alone.

Men who put themselves on the line deserve your support:


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the work of opposing Antifa is gravely serious and grows more dangerous.

The escalation of private military contractors in Antifa ranks becomes far more deadly as Antifa terrorists now seek to include murdeous, uninhibited Islamic expertise within their criminal organizations.

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Do not wait until the Antifa bombing campaigns of the early 20th century become IEDs and active shooter incidents today.

Brave men and women on the ground are smashing them first.

Form ranks and join us.


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