Beautiful Colorado Infected By Violent Antifa Terror Cells

Beautiful Colorado Infected By Violent Antifa Terror Cells

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Ground defense teams surge in response.

Colorado is a deeply conservative state outside of the liberal enclaves of Denver and the People’s Republic of Boulder, as it is locally known. These pockets of leftist support have proven to be a fertile ground for the development of Antifa cells within the Mile High State, earning them arrests when the authorities can no longer turn a blind eye to their crimes.

Groups like Denver Action Network, People’s Protection League, Denver Socialists, IWW Denver, Colorado Springs Antifa and others are present in the state, determined to escalate violence on the ground.

Responding patriot teams in Colorado form swiftly as you read this.


Colorado has an increasing share of violent Antifa activity.

On January 25th 2017 Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Colorado University in Boulder. I was there as a guest of Turning Point USA, the hosting organization on the CU campus. Prior to the start of the speech, Antifa protestors outside were held back by riot teams from four separate law enforcement organizations.

I went directly up to them as thousands upon thousands of people watched live:


My advisor Mr. Swift and I later discussed this violent riot and the implications. Mr. Swift has an unusual and formidable background. His insights are important to hear and consider as you observe the growing Antifa threat on the ground. His observation of private military contractors in Antifa ranks in Berkeley were among the drivers for the creation of the Safe Streets Project.

Listen well, and contemplate his words with care as you assess the threat in Colorado:


Colorado is a battleground and patriots know it.

Groups such as Anticom, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and more are well-organized and swiftly working to coordinate intelligence and effectively liaison. Colorado is quickly becoming a test bed for patriot collaboration and integration on the ground.


The Safe Streets Project will ensure they are supported by professional intelligence.

Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists know that my creation of the Safe Streets Project is a “unique threat” to their criminal and racketeering organization. Our team consists of military, intelligence, business, law enforcement and technical professionals with a strong background in riot and civil insurgency disruption. It is why I receive threats against me, my family and my work, as recently covered by the Gavin McInnes show.

Ivan Throne on Gavin McInnes


Antifa calls me a psychopath and stalks me on Twitter. They issued death threats to prevent me from speaking in Denver almost two months ago. Five Antifa were arrested for criminal acts while protesting my speech, three of them spending the night in jail. They have papered Colorado with propaganda flyers attacking me.

A great deal of effort to oppose someone they claim to be powerless to harm their disgusting plans.

They claim the best I can do is personally rip their flags from their hands.

Watch the conduct of the adversary, brothers.

It reveals what propaganda conceals.


Antifa has now threatened felony assault on anyone associated with me.


My readers are not intimidated fools. Nor are they willing to permit their friendship and support to be stifled by threats from masked criminals who enjoy the support of affiliated politicians while attacking decent citizens with bike locks and knives in grotesque aimed at killing free speech.

They associate proudly, for they know where I stand:


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Join the Safe Streets Project.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you today that men of the West will not stand by as masked and violent criminals organize to spread anarchy, blood and insurrection while destroying businesses, stalking decent men and women and disturbing the peace through insurgent terror.

I tell you as well that I do not waste time, and my work rolls forward in places they cannot see.

Join the Safe Streets Project. Take advantage of our powerful intelligence platform.

If you are in Colorado, step forward and reach out to rising patriot groups today.

There is more coming, and they form the vanguard.

Understand that loners die, and armies win.

March with your brothers.


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