Safe Streets Project: Antifa Stabber Pursuit

Additional Footage Identified Of Antifa Stabber In Berkeley

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The Safe Streets Project has released new footage.

On April 15th in Berkeley, California an Antifa terrorist was observed wielding what appears to be a knife during a general melee on the street. The use of a deadly bladed weapon is a serious escalation in the ongoing political violence provoked by the Black Bloc.




Watch the video released by the Safe Streets Project.


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Help catch this murderous would-be killer.

Watch the footage above. Note how this criminal watches for opportunities to escalate, and how he communicates and calls for action. Observe who is near him, who coordinates with him, and attempt to spot him in any other available footage.

He was dressed in black running pants with a triple white stripe down the side, carrying a full, pale blue backpack and with a grey knit cap on  his head to secure a draped face mask.

The Safe Streets Project is working for you. Help us find this murderous Antifa criminal.

Your support and effort makes all the difference..


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