The Safe Streets Project Live Announcement

The Safe Streets Project Is Live

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Our technology app is now public.

Ivan Throne and DARK TRIAD MAN® are pleased and proud to announce that the Safe Streets Project has gone live with the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS technology engine! The application is available for you to register and submit reports at the following link:

Today is May Day, the major Communist holiday. Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists are planning public demonstrations and gatherings around the United States. Be aware, be vigilant, be careful, and be sure you’re equipped with new app from the Safe Streets Project.


Download, print and publicize the Declarations.

Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists are known for putting up hostile and threatening propaganda posters in public spaces, declaring ownership of those spaces and promising violent crime against any who dare to engage in free speech.

The Safe Streets Project has released both color and black and white versions of the Declaration, designed to be posted in public areas where free speech is under assault by those who wear masks and attack decent men and women for daring to speak their conscience.

Print them out and put them up as warning to Antifa and Black Bloc terrorists that they cannot escape justice.

They are already pleading guilty to felony riot charges that carry heavy prison sentences.

Help the Safe Streets Project catch the rest for rendition to law enforcement.

If you are media, download our press sheet.


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The most prominent Antifa site has spotted the danger the Safe Streets Project presents to their momentum.

It’s Going Down has an article in which it calls the Safe Streets Project a unique threat to Antifa in the United States. In that same article it exhorts the Antifa and Black Bloc to more violent terrorism against law enforcement:


“There is no plausible route forward that does not include, not just resisting, but actively opposing the efforts of the police [emphasis added]. Not only are they vocally supported by the regime, but the very authority with which they simultaneously abet the alt-right while restraining social movements is granted by the state itself. Their monopoly on violence, their access to military equipment, their communication with intelligence agencies, and their carte blanche regarding brutality are symptomatic of their ultimate function: maintaining the status quo.”


Violent terrorism is infecting the streets of the United States by those who refuse to accept the right of decent men and women to have individual opinions. Young women and elderly men are pepper sprayed from ambush. Men are murderously attacked with bike locks by masked cowards who slip back into the crowd after wounding and drawing blood.

Antifa and Black Bloc plot acid attacks, provoke stabbings and throw explosives. Intelligence now shows they are conducting live fire weapons training, a grave and serious escalation of ugly criminal intent.

The Safe Streets Project is your serious ally in these frightening times.

We’re taking free speech back from murderous armed insurgents and returning it to you. We do the heavy lifting of building, scaling and sustaining the platform. We manage the terrible work of wading through ongoing death threats, the hacking attacks, the dangerous and complex effort of infiltrating Antifa cells and compromising their leadership and plans.

Antifa will be cleansed from the streets of the United States by the work of the Safe Streets Project.

We ask only that you lift up your phone, capture what you see, and use it safely to help us succeed.

Your smartphone becomes an integral tool of justice that builds success upon success for all of us.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man. I tell you that loners die, and armies win victories.

Come join us. We’re taking back free speech.

Draw that phone, and do your part.


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