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The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Engine Is Now Part Of The Safe Streets Project

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We are very proud to announce this transition.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!


The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS technology engine is now being handed over to the Safe Streets Project as it reaches completion. The entire founding team is also being absorbed into the Safe Streets Project and work will continue on an even broader front now that the core technology is complete and ready for use.

But there’s more. It is with great and sincere pleasure that we welcome /pol/ to the vanguard of the hunt.



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The Antifa victory in threatening Ann Coulter away from Berkeley is an empty one.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that wars are not won by the turn of a single battle, and that grim and serious men are partnered with us. Their work is done out in the howling darkness and they are beautiful features of that landscape.

They bring their legions with them. Our banner of free speech advances and safe streets follow.

We do not go to war to lose, my brothers. We fight for all of you.

Now we march to win.


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