Eric Clanton At Sacramento Stabbing

Eric Clanton Present At Stabbing Scene In June 2016 At California State Capitol

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Antifa and bloody violence go hand in hand.

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A reader has provided DARK TRIAD MAN® with a video taken by Freedom Daily covering a protest at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. Ten people were hospitalized with stabs and lacerations from bladed weapons at that event. Ironically, the majority of the wounded were Antifa.

Why ironic? According to the official spokesperson from the California State Highway Patrol’s Protective Services Division, Antifa started the violence on a premeditated basis. Antifa did not have a permit for the event. Instead, they came to commit violent criminal attack.

The Los Angeles Times has the story from 2016:

“If I had to say who started it and who didn’t, I’d say the permitted group didn’t start it,” said California Highway Patrol officer George Granada, a spokesman for its Protective Services division. “They came onto the grounds and were met almost instantly with a group of protesters there not to talk.”


Eric Clanton is clearly seen in the video during an assault on the Freedom Daily reporter.

He is wearing a faded white and grey work shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and carrying a dark messenger bag, likely the same one he was carrying in Santa Cruz on Sunday morning as reported to the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Project.

Watch the Freedom Daily video from 2016 here:


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Do not fail to understand the threat on the street.

Antifa swarms, assaults, draws blood and will eventually begin to kill. Just as they did in the early 20th century following their creation by Leon Trotsky, infamous promotor of the “permanent revolution” of the Marxists.


Know your local Antifa, identify them, and report them.

You can reach the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Project via email ahead of launch.

Reach out with your intelligence reports.

We use them.


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