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Eric Clanton Crowdfund Fails To Raise One Single Dollar

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Not even Antifa terrorists have contributed a penny.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!


As DARK TRIAD MAN® earlier reported, Eric Clanton has been on the run from the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project – and from those who are watching and providing reports to us on his movements. In addition to the solicitation of legal advice on his behalf at Reddit (“for a friend”) it now appears that a Go Fund Me page has been created for the man identified as a murderous street terrorist attacking decent men and women with a bike lock.

In four days, this Go Fund Me campaign has raised an interesting amount.

That amount is $0.00 as of press time.


Reading between the lines of the plea for money by “a friend”.

As part of this Go Fund Me campaign purportedly on Eric Clanton’s behalf, the details provided there are revealing. It confirms that it was an assault with the bike lock, not an act of self-defense. It mentions alleviating legal fees, indicating that there is a criminal charge pending. (You do not need to fund a lawsuit brought for damages, as attorneys typically work on contingency for such matters). And it makes the claim that the case will be “dropped” when “the facts are out”.

Eric Clanton GoFundMe


Assuming the Go Fund Me is in fact published for Clanton’s behalf rather than put up by an enterprising troll, it is reasonable evidence that Eric Clanton and his criminal Antifa associates are aware of the gravity of the situation and of charges.

But either way, it is grounds for a delightful laugh from DARK TRIAD MAN®.

The Ivan Laugh


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