Pursuit Of Eric Clanton

Eric Clanton Sighted In Santa Cruz

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SPOTTED: 11:00am on Sunday, April 23rd.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!



The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Project has been exclusively informed by a source that wishes to remain anonymous of an Eric Clanton sighting at approximately 11:00am on Sunday, April 23rd at the Bagelry establishment at 320-A Cedar Street in Santa Cruz, California:

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The Berkeley Police Department was immediately notified.

VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is in contact with the observer, who reported that Eric Clanton was aware he had been recognized and quickly left the establishment. Eric Clanton was wearing dark clothes, using a silver Acer notebook computer and carrying a black notebook and equipped with a dark messenger bag.

We will provide additional details as more information becomes available, including any further exclusive updates from our sources on the ground in Santa Cruz and around southern California. Keep your eyes and ears open, and monitor Antifa sites on social media for any chatter.

Eric Clanton Sighting


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Decent men and women are disgusted at the bloody violence of Antifa.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the game is changing, and in two days the formal launch of VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS takes place. Our team is on the second round of beta testing and preparing to release our innovative cloud based intelligence reporting platform to the public.

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Keep your information and reports coming to [email protected] ahead of launch.

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