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Berkeley Antifa Bike Lock Terrorist Dances: “I Didn’t Do It… But If I Did…”

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Wealthy parents paying for high priced attorney?

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!


The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project has been inundated with information on Antifa activists, groups, leadership, financial transactions and planning documents for the last week. The wealth of information provided by a furious American public is flowing into our platform at an astonishing rate.

Wearing a mask, burning businesses, and beating people with bike locks upsets and angers decent men and women.

This morning we were provided with a /pol/ thread with information that Eric Clanton is desperately aware of his situation. He reportedly doesn’t like the accountability. And his parents are reportedly displeased with their murderous little activist.

Time to lawyer up!

Eric Clanton


Antifa claims immunity thanks to the Berkeley mayor.

The mayor of Berkeley was recently outed as a supporter of the violent Antifa terrorist organization by Tom Ciccotta at Breitbart. There are also reports of Berkeley police either providing law enforcement munitions to Antifa for use in criminal riots, or embedding within the ranks of Antifa itself.

VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is actively investigating this situation. Our team includes more than just deep technical, business and military intelligence talent across the board. We also have Mr. Swift, who brings immediate expertise to bear.


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VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is officially in beta testing.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the game is about to change fast, and change hard for those who riot in our streets. Antifa violence will be exposed. Antifa networks are being penetrated. Antifa cells will be dismantled. I tell you today that the dark world has taken notice, and grim men are hard at work.

One of them commands my deep respect, and fierce pride as a brother in this task.

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And read what happens when free speech is killed.


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