Jack Posobic Attacker Arrested

Antifa Violently Ambushes Jack Posobiec

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Washington bureau chief of Rebel Media attacked.

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Jack Posobiec is a journalist currently covering the breakouts of Antifa violence across the United States as well as other political and current events stories.

Antifa know that his reporting is a threat to their terrorist activities. They have called for attack upon him in public places. And a few minutes ago he was violently assaulted by a criminal on the streets of Washington, D.C. in full view of law enforcement:

Jack didn’t even drop his camera but kept filming all the way through the immediate arrest of the criminal.

Good on Jack for taking a punch without a flinch. DARK TRIAD MAN® approves.

Bloody good job, Jack.


The attack was premeditated and planned.

The willingness of Antifa terrorists to openly call for violent action against a journalist, without consideration for operational security, makes clear the extent to which they feel protected for their activities (see the exposure of the Mayor of Berkeley as an Antifa supporter by Breitbart News).

With this open and public display of criminal premeditation, what takes place in private where Antifa believe themselves unheard? What does Antifa do when they really think VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is not listening?


A prominent face in the video of the attack is an Antifa bomber.

Make no mistake the lengths that Antifa will go to in order to draw blood, intimidate decent men and women, and cause mayhem and chaos in the streets of the West. Stephanie Costello recognized the face immediately:


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