Eric Clanton Screams For Help On Reddit

Murderous Professor Eric Clanton Screams For Help On Reddit

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Poster “asking for a friend” leaks his desperation.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!


Diablo Valley College professor Eric Clanton has been identified across social media by /pol/ and journalist Jack Posobiec as the murderous Antifa terrorist who serially attacked free speech activists in Berkeley on April 15th with a steel bike lock, drawing blood and causing grave bodily injury.

Since this identification – and the viral storm of public interest brought to you by DARK TRIAD MAN® and the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project – Professor Clanton has gone underground, scrubbed his social media, and is now screaming for help in the Legal Advice subreddit:


Eric Clanton Screams For Help On Reddit
Reddit has scrubbed the post and locked the thread.

Reddit Scrubbed


It will not be long before Eric Clanton is located.

The entire nation is aware of the brutal, unprovoked assault with a deadly weapon by an Antifa terrorist upon an unsuspecting decent citizen exercising his rights to free speech in Berkeley, California. There is no place to hide.



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Keep your eye on this story.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

Yesterday’s article on Eric Clanton had over 40,000 readers. The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project is ready to go live by the end of the month and our intelligence team is already deeply engaged in the protection of the decent men and women in the streets of the nation.

I tell you that Eric Clanton will be run to ground and captured.

If you have any information on Eric Clanton, please notify VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS through [email protected].

The new age belongs to the decent men and women of the West.

Not to masked terrorists who glory in spilled innocent blood.


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