Murderous Antifa With Bike Lock Outed As San Francisco Area Professor

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The team at /pol/ has issued an identification.

ALERT: The Safe Streets Project is LIVE!




4/24/2017: 5:27pm MTN >> Eric Clanton has been sighted by a VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS resource in Santa Cruz.

4/23/2017 3:47pm MTN >> Antifa has just violently ambushed Rebel Media bureau chief Jack Posobiec!

4/23/2017 2:31pm MTN >> Berkeley Police Department is conducting an investigation.

4/23/2017: 11:04am MTN >> Eric Clanton is reportedly refusing accountability and seeking an attorney here.

4/21/2017: 11:23am MTN >> Eric Clanton is screaming for help on Reddit as he is tracked down.

4/20/2017: 1:34pm MTN >> Diablo Valley College has deleted their interim president’s email account.

4/20/2017: 12:03pm MTN >> The team from /pol/ has sent Eric Clanton 14 bike locks.

4/20/2017: 11:44am MTN >> Charges aganst Eric Clanton reported by Jack Posobiec.

4/20/2017: 11:30am MTN >> Eric Clanton arrest not yet confirmed. He is a professor at Diablo Valley College, not SFSU.

4/20/2017: 11:39am MTN >> NEW VIDEO analysis from VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS with targeting data is up here.


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VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is exploding across social media.

The project is going viral and is about to launch. Read Ivan’s brief letter.




Eric Clanton screaming for help as he’s run to ground.



Victorious humor is a great feature in the work of  /pol/.


Charges reported.


At the Battle of Berkeley on April 15th, an masked Antifa slid forward from the confusion and swung a bike lock into the head of an unarmed man, immediately drawing blood, before slipping back into the crowd.

The act of violence, while predictable, was an unprovoked criminal assault with a deadly weapon intended to cause grievous bodily injury. It could easily have killed the victim.

The criminal attacker was originally identified by /pol/ as San Francisco State University professor Eric Clanton.


Jack Posobiec has since confirmed that Eric Clanton is at Diablo Valley College:



The evidence from /pol/ is damning.



San Francisco State University has already scrubbed their academic site.


RateMyProfessors.com has restricted Eric Clanton’s page.


VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS has reached out to President Wong at SFSU.


The President’s office at SFSU has responded.


VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS has also reached out to Interim President Ted Wieden at DVC.


The email account for Diablo Valley College Interim President Ted Wieden has been deleted.


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Stay tuned. This story is not over.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that there are consequences for waging war in the streets of the West.

Read my personal story of the dying child. See how I disarmed Antifa in Denver. Learn how they threatened me with death.

Stay tuned. We are waiting to confirm the arrest of this murderous Antifa terrorist masquerading as an ethics professor.



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