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Ivan Throne Attacked By Antifa Propaganda Poster Campaign

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The zany masked darlings in black are a hot mess again.

Following the dramatic and definitive results in what many have described as the Battle of Berkeley on April 15th, in which violent Antifa teams were pushed back and beaten by decent men and women who insist on their right of free speech, it has been incumbent upon the Antifa and Black Bloc to find some way of responding.

Without, of course, incurring the physical injury and viral humiliation that accompanies their inability to hold ground in pitched battle.

Posters are right up their alley.


Colorado Antifa groups are bent out of shape.

Brought to my attention by Colorado readers, the first poster that appeared in the Denver metropolitan area was from local Antifa groups that transferred their agitation over Milo Yiannopoulos to a fresh target of opportunity.

Designed to prevent my speech at the Turning Point USA Mountain Regional Conference, the poster was not successful.

Despite rude death threats on social media I delivered my speech as expected. The Hyatt staff was very professional and extraordinarily courteous, and their performance as hosts was first-class.

Here is a sample of what went up around the Greater Denver area:



Local Antifa groups are once more damp and writhing.

Just before my TPUSA presentation, the largest Antifa and Black Bloc site in the United States published a 3,000 word article on my work. They managed to word it so strongly, and with such passionate and febrile delivery, that I had to disavow paying them to write it.

Today a reader advised me on Twitter that more posters have gone up at Colorado universities:



Rather lovely. “Targeted assassination,” they say.

Mr. Swift was quite touched.


Understand where the days ahead will lead.

The humiliation in Berkeley and the inability of the Left to prevent Richard Spencer from speaking at Auburn create a near certainty that they will double down on their efforts to use street violence to advance their desire for blood, drama and general anarchy. The Left cannot survive free speech and will become even more violent to silence critics.

It is what they do.

Understand well that this is not new. In April of 1919, not quite one hundred years ago, the anarchist predecessors of the Black Bloc and Antifa sent three dozen dynamite bombs to American officials across the nation. In June of 1920 a hundred-pound dynamite and shrapnel bomb outside J.P. Morgan on Wall Street in New York killed thirty-eight people and maimed over a hundred and forty decent citizens going innocently about their day.

  • How long before Antifa discovers that a reasonably priced drone can easily transport and drop a plastic ziploc of gasoline?
  • Will Antifa fail to determine that building and placing an IED is child’s play for anyone with basic engineering skills?
  • Do you expect Antifa to embrace ethics, return to their homes and sincerely accord with the peaceful political process?
  • Will Antifa refuse to experiment with killing, to see if they like the flavor of lethal fear better than mere street intimidation?


You know the bitter answers the instant that I ask.


Yes, I am a psychopath. I do not adhere to illusions, and I know that safety is the most illusory preference of all.

It does not exist in the dark world. And the Left looks hard, now, for leaders who will keep them from the next defeat.

I tell you that they will find them, for there is no shortage of ambitious men who would loot and rape with legions.

This is why the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project exists.

It is almost ready to launch.


Take personal responsibility for the survival of the West.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I have stepped forward as a leader of men in the new age. It is not for drama or acclaim that I do the work I do, but in grim fulfillment of grave oath that I made over the dead body of the man who was my hero. And because I believe deeply in the truth I speak to all of you:


Men do not leave their brothers behind.


That means securing the streets outside our homes, the communities we live within, the sustenance of our essential culture and the direction of the nation. As brothers, and in partnership with the decent men and women who may not be able to fight in person but who can provide the essential support that brings victory.

If you wish to lead with me, you must step forth. This is the time where your personal action makes all the difference.

And if you really want to trigger angry screams from the Antifa, you can always wear my shirts.

They speak for you, as the laughing warrior who wins.


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