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Issuing call for Regional Leads.

VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is very close to launch. Our secure cloud platform will be ready for beta testing shortly and we are seeking volunteer Regional Leads across the United States to form up the first wave of cadres to collect Antifa and Black Bloc intelligence.

Are you up for some real work on the ground? As a Regional Lead you will be supported by the V.S Core in your operations and coordination. Regional Leads with VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS will have three primary areas of responsibility as outlined below:


1. Test the beta platform. You will be granted access to the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS beta application and provided instructions for testing and providing feedback on the mobile and desktop platforms.

2. Set up your local cadre. You will be responsible for identifying additional cadre members in your immediate geographical area, vetting them for suitability, establishing secure communications, training them on the use of the V.S platform and on learning the SALUTE reporting format.

3. Liaison with the core. You will be the primary liaison between your local cadre and the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS core team responsible for platform development, intelligence analysis, security oversight and project communications both offline and during public events and protests.


How this works.

VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS will vet all applications prior to establishing any individual in the role of Regional Lead. This is a position of trust and responsibility, as well as some personal risk: you will likely become flagged to your local Antifa and Black Bloc entities.

VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Regional Leads have a unique opportunity to take a forward role in the work of rolling up violent Leftist organizations that riot, burn and steal in the name of anarchy and collectivist horror.


Help make our streets safe for free speech.

Your work will have a direct and measurable impact on the safety of your local streets, communities and culture.

For more information on becoming a volunteer VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Regional Lead and to apply, please a brief cover email to [email protected] today.


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