Brutal Clips 11: Outrage At The God Emperor

Brutal Clips 11: Outrage At The God Emperor

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The #SyriaStrikes created wails of excited nonsense.

It is inevitable that there is great hue and cry from all directions. Those who understand the direction of the dark world, how it moves, and where it inexorably gathers and coalesces, also understand that histrionics are not an accurate response to shifts in geopolitical direction. Listen to my words, and consider well.


Listen to Brutal Clips 11: Outrage At The God Emperor.



The current moment demands cold assessment, not hysteria.

I make no judgment of moral approval or disapproval of the recent actions of President Trump as a political or military leader.

I merely assess what I see and deliver it to you. You must decide whether my perception is accurate.

Time will tell where this leads, and what route the war of nations will take.

Be prepared for what comes.

It is the Way.


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