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The training hall for cadres that will save the West.

The streets of Europe run with gore.

Children are repeatedly mowed down with trucks driven by ululating madmen. Women are raped without restraint in the streets of Scandinavia. In the United States masked anarchists run amok, seeking blood as they riot and burn in the name of a discredited ideology that killed 100 million in the last century alone.

There is grave demand for hard men to stand against this horrific slaughter and the numbing, disgusting surrender of the West.

It is not through platitudes and virtue signal that the West will survive this two-front cultural war, nor is it by happy songs and speeches that men who seek the death of civilization will be deterred. They are halted by dreadfully competent brotherhood.

Brothers in arms, brothers in faith, brothers in culture.

Brothers in blood and in the living world.

THE FORTRESS is where we train.


Hard men create good times, and good times create weak men.

The Greatest Generation fought like mad, marching with discipline, fury and victory across the bloodied fields of Europe and Asia, securing victory for Western civilization against a terrible slide into nearly incomprehensible butchery and horror. The outcome of their sacrifice and solidity was the boom and prosperity that followed.

But the denouement was inevitable.

The plenty that followed the Second World War was used to spoil the next generation, who rose to adulthood with a degenerate ethos of dismantling the culture that spawned them. They confused tolerance with surrender, mistook invasion for diversity. Rectification of past injustice became twisted nonsense under State authority.

The resulting collisions with reality are inescapable.


Weak men create hard times, and hard times create hard men.

The Baby Boom generation has presided over the collapse of Western culture, the degradation of its values, the rise of hideous cultural relativity and blind idiocy that does not see death coming from those who seek to dismantle civilization. The result of their governance is the spiral of the world once more towards war.

This was a foregone result that brings chaos.

Today the rise of the AltRight, AltTech, AltMedia and AltFinance is born within this dreadful maelstrom of civilizational risk. Once more it is demanded that a generation harden itself or lose everything that its forebears have built and defended.

Today we train them all in THE FORTRESS of DARK TRIAD MAN®.


Over 100 brothers are registered and participating in THE FORTRESS.

Our private soft launch two weeks ago was incredibly successful. The forums are active and the mastermind squads are hard at work. Chat is open and we are working together to build the new future of the West. Brothers are preparing for in-person meetups in their area to drive relationships into the real world where more work must be done.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man. I tell you that men do not leave their brothers behind.

THE FORTRESS is where we train them to success, power and influence. It is where we treat our wounded, and give them the sharp tools of growth and comradeship. It is the hardened place from where legions march to the field.

Raise your heads, brothers, and look well to opportunity.

Advance and be recognized at the Gate.


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