Gorilla Mindset, AltMedia And Total War

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Mike Cernovich broke the Susan Rice story.

From time to time there are moments in the culture wars where something strident appears, and not only makes news but also provides an insight into lines of communication and movement of forces that are not otherwise clearly apparent.

In such cases, if careful attention is paid one often can discern signal flare contained within the incoming strike of artillery.

Mike Cernovich’s exclusive on the Susan Rice story is one such instance. Where exclusive stories bypass the major media and drive right into the heart of public awareness using AltMedia such as Cernovich, it is a clear signal to those who observe with care.

First, here is Mike’s notice on April 2nd:



Let us set the frame here. The major media, sickened and furious at the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency of the United States, has doubled down as social justice warriors always do, and added theft to their lies by attributing the story to other outlets, days after Mike broke it to the public.

Mike goes into detail on this in his Periscope stream. It is important to watch it:



A scoop of this magnitude is quite serious. A former United States Ambassador to the United Nations may be guilty of felony crimes and for Mike Cernovich to receive an exclusive confirmation of this, completely outside the major news media, is a direct signal.

Let us consider the scenario of an outgoing President conducting domestic espionage on the opposition party’s opposition candidate.

We have been here before, have we not? It goes back many decades, but heads rolled with alacrity.

But why would the Trump Administration release this to Mike Cernovich?

Here is one suite of reasons.

Here are a few more.

That is deliberate.

Look well!


Updated at 7:40pm MTN.

Zero Hedge has released a story that covers where Mike obtained his scoop.

I will simply note in passing that Mike states he did not receive the information “from the intelligence community”. That is not the same as saying “not from an official source”.

Is there more to it than simply concealed, dedicated sources within the major media that report to Mike?

I am certain he has people embedded at Bloomberg and the New York Times. I would, if I were Mike.

I do in my own work.

It is the Way.


Understand that lines of battle are clearly drawn.

Do not wait for explicit, unmistakable and idiot proof revelations from men who lead the new age. Most of all, do not lose focus of forward momentum by waxing wroth on the ugly character and disingenuous looting conducted by the old, dying, fake news media. Understand that their resentful superiority is a sign of defeat.

Read betwen the lines. Observe who arrives first. Perceive impacts from all perspectives.

Know where real power lies as the new age roars into being, and who is a vehicle for it.

And if you like Mike Cernovich, you’ll enjoy his strong comment on my book.


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