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A few quick thoughts from the desk of Ivan Throne.

As the spring rolls forward there’s an enormous amount of work taking place here at DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Much of it is behind the scenes and not entirely visible to the general public. It has been taking up a great deal of my time and making regular posts difficult. The solution to this is to diversify a bit. And one of the things that I recognize the need for is shorter, much more frequent posts here on the site in addition to the deeper Knowledge Base articles that form the heart of it.

Thus welcome to the first of what will be a new and familiar type of post. No images or in depth structured training – those will be reserved for Level I, Level II and Level III articles that take a different type of time, research and consideration to prepare, write, edit and deliver. These are my direct and personl updates to you.

The Ivan Letters are quick, short and consumable. And enable me to reach you faster.

You’ll get them more regularly, interspersed through the deeper and more profound articles that are planned for this year.

So what’s next on the agenda here at DARK TRIAD MAN®?

What the hell is Ivan Throne up to behind the scenes?

Let’s take a look.


A summary of major projects on my desk right now.
  • VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is fully underway with a core team of seven working hard under my direction. All of them are extraordinarily competent and have a vested interest in preserving peace on the ground. Interest in the project has risen in formidable quarters.
  • IMMERSION FORGE dates are being reviewed for based on required attendance. If you are a registrant, watch your email today for plans through this spring and summer and where we are taking this important opportunity.
  • MR. SWIFT and I are working on his own site, content and growth strategy. He is also integral to several other projects we will not discuss at this time, other than to say they are far less fun for the Left than VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS.
  • CRYPTO FASHIONS will soon have official DARK TRIAD MAN® shirts available. They have a very responsive team and we’ve been working on some absolutely fantastic designs for the last several weeks. Final versions will be approved very soon.
  • THE FORTRESS is in beta testing with over 100 participants (yes, you can join in). Private chat with both myself and the brothers, training forums, professional mastermind squads and more. It is a fast growing community with names you’ll recognize.
  • THE NINE LAWS is being outlined for three very different Special Annotated Editions designed for dissemination and use in specifically challenging and focused group environments. This will not likely be launched this year, but planning is being laid.
  • THE NINE LAWS audiobook is also underway. It’s challenging to do the recording – as I cannot listen to playbacks myself – but nonetheless with the help of Castalia House sound editors, we’ll have it launched this year.


You can play a personal role in the new age.

I have also been meeting in person with a few of the brothers inspired by my work. They are engaged in political leadership in different states. I won’t share the names nor the details. But I will say this: it is time to connect people to opportunities, and pull some surprisingly long levers in the darkness.

The next several years will be crucial for those preparing for political office in 2018 and 2020. There are men who intend to win, and there are victories I plan to ensure.

“Ivan’s busy” my readers say. I’m known for my work ethic and focus.

Now you have a glimpse into what rumbles in the howling darkness.

The great vehicle is warmed up, and my foot is on the accelerator.

Climb aboard. Pick a firing port. Get ready.

And hang on as we roll hard.


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