Deadly Political Violence

How To Profit From Breakout Of Deadly Political Violence

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You have a duty to ensure profit in the dark world.

If you trigger easily, stop reading and leave.

The new age is rising swiftly, and it increases with momentum and intensity with each passing day. It is changing the nature of civil discourse, political engagements and violent interaction in the streets of the nations of the West.

Do you understand that this is not an arrestable process, and that the grave denouement of many generations now cascades with grim and deadly purpose?

Avoid the mistake of dismissing what I say as mere encouragement to those who are already in resurgent motion towards civilizational and cultural dominance. You will not be served by such stupidity.

Your adversaries will.


Warning to readers: Level III post.

This is a Level III post.

These posts at Dark Triad Man are rare. The majority of readers are ill-equipped to easily and productively absorb the lessons within.

You may be better off reviewing more easily consumable content in Level I and Level II posts.


War, politics, profit and the Dark Triad Man.

Energy is a fluid, living thing. So are political scenes and dramas, the flow and ebb of morale and momentum, policies and proponents. As a part of this political scene you are inherently an observer and an influencer. Illusions of detachment from this are precisely that: unreal, insubstantial, and folly.

“But I don’t engage in politics, Ivan” says the declared neutral. “I’m an independent. I don’t go to rallies. I don’t discuss politics, I’m not interested in it, and it doesn’t impact my day to day life.”

This is the voice of a fool.

Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz explained this well.


“War is a continuation of politics by other means.”


What is war? War is the use of force to achieve political objectives.

You are, as a human being, inherently engaged in war.

Do you disagree?

Are you immune to the lethal force of the State? Do you believe you are separated from the rest of humanity, somehow exceptional, immune to the reality of national governments?

Perhaps. Perhaps you are a fugitive, an outlaw, on the run from the Leviathan.

Then they catch you.

The very act of fleeing is indeed engagement, albeit reversed, from that lethal force of the State which is, after all, merely the physical expression of determinative policy of national leaders.

Yet there is a means to grasping, understanding, and working within this reality. Comprehension that power is a form of energy and that the force of the State – and, therefore, its politics – are also forms of energy leads the man of perception and perspective to a basal frame that permits his profit.

Let us define “profit” here.

Profit does not mean accumulation of cash, although that is certainly a form of it.

Profit as defined by the Dark Triad Man is the incremental advancement of his existence along The Nine Laws.

When your survival is promoted, you attain profit.

When your concealment is facilitated, profit ensues.

When your purpose is advanced, you have profited.

This is true for the rest of The Nine Laws as well. Profit is a concept, a principle, and not merely an outcome. Comprehend this principle, align your methods towards its achievement, and train well and ceaselessly in techniques that ensure it becomes a consistent frame.

Embody this appellation of profit as understood and utilized by the Dark Triad Man.

Use that to profit from the knowledge in this post.

Today is a good day to profit. The current political scene is tumultuous as it pivots, and the opportunities for the Dark Triad Man are enormous.

Look well!


The rise of alternative movements has achieved breakout.

Breakouts are critical pivot points. Just as a dam bursts, a limb snaps and an enterprise shudders and begins to collapse, breakouts are an integral part of both energy and of political movements, situations and flow.

Today we see the AltRight rising as the vanguard of the West, growing fast, and in fact taking over the very structure of the State.

Donald J. Trump is the President of the United States. He is an offensive leader, not a reactionary one, and his direct movement to smash the Deep State is a sharp marker that defines and differentiates him.

AltTech is sharply picking up the rear, with Infogalactic and Gab encroaching with aggressive movement to crack apart the dominance of the major players. Men like Peter Thiel, Vox Day, Andrew Torba and others are working to fund, generate and crack apart the SJW-converged digital spaces.

AltMedia has crippled and savaged the old guard of the mass media. #FakeNews is now an ubiquitous challenge, and what was unthinkable only a few short years ago is today the reality of the surging moment. Last night Mike Cernovich went on 60 Minutes and had over ten million viewers, drawing praise for his aggressive – and successful – posture and delivery.

AltFinance prepares to launch. And while I cannot reveal specifics, I can say that I have seen its guts and plans and the men that I speak with are prepared to eviscerate the crowdfunding platforms that have been a tool of the Left and their disgusting, social justice warrior hordes.

Understand momentum!

Understand the importance of morale!

A new spirit has thoroughly permeated, with infectious brilliance, the models and structures and mindsets of the alternative movements.

Harambe and Gorilla Mindset. Pepe and Kek. BasedStickMan and BasedElbowMan.

BasedFlagIvan, too.

Memes have indeed become sentient, and those who look for the source of morale among the Right will do well to understand the integral nature of this spirit.

Let us segue to an example of an unstoppable military conqueror.

Recall Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the Taikō, he who unified Japan under his iron fist. He rose from a peasant to become the supreme military commander of a nation wracked by over 400 years of brutal internecine civil war.

And they said something marvelous about that man and his work:


“Where Hideyoshi’s army marches, the spring wind blows.”


He was the herald of the new age.

You who read this, who follow my work and the work of others such as Vox Day, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich and others…

…you are the army, and the spring wind brings the fragrance of something long denied to the West.

That scent is victory, and it is beautiful.

Seize this momentum! Expand this morale! Train hard, and cement it all in the brutal reality of the dark world. Understand that those who oppose you will also and inexorably harden themselves as well.

Antifa is a joke today. Their beatings on the beach in California have gone viral, but such a thing is ephemeral. Humiliation drives men to harden, and we will see the violent anarchists of the Black Bloc begin to produce crueler, more competent leaders.

Prepare well.


Capacity, competence, forbearance and confusion.

The roots of the Antifa and Black Bloc movements go back to the early 20th century. This post is not a history lesson so we will not examine what you have the means to explore and study yourself. Google is not your friend, but research is.

Do your research. And review the Red Scare of the era, the bombings and the murders, the willingness of the Left to engage in violent crime to further its goals.

Keep ever in mind that such methods are how human beings have ever, and will always, operate.

The dark world does not change.

Yet the Antifa and Black Bloc of today are not direct and competent inheritors of those historical movements. They fall prey to the great hobbling limitation of all anarchist and collectivist movements: they do not structure and organize well without personalities capable of commanding men through mesmerized fascination, employing what the Dark Triad Man refers to as enthrallment.

It is challenging and requires great fortitude and acceptance of risk to attempt to rise as a charismatic leader in any environment. Within the leftist collective, it becomes even more challenging thanks to its inherent preference for leveled influence.

Thus those men who rise as leaders on the Left trend towards the more competent and dangerous.

Be well aware of this, and take note early.

The strategic foundation of the Left lies in envy and resentment. These are normal human qualities and are therefore consistent and dependable; human beings will invariably produce these sentiments, attach them to political movements, and the Left is well aware of it and will not hesitate to exploit it for their own profit.

Thus from a strategic standpoint they are immortal.

The tactical presentation of any movement nonetheless remains transient.

Anarchist movements are inherently tactically bereft; the concept of disciplined troops, commanded by a ruthless and competent man who enforces dominant hierarchical structure and performance, is relatively anathema to their rank and file. This is both weakness and strength; it facilitates the organic growth of nebulous and diffused cell generation, much like a cancer.

It is also a weakness where application of direct, disciplined force is applied.

Anarchists are not prepared to operate on the ground in direct opposition to trained, equipped and indomitable men who grimly intend to own that ground.

Understand what it takes. Absorb analyses from men like Tom Kratman that dissect and discuss the correct approach to smashing anarchist hordes on the ground. Part I, Part II and Part III of his works on rioting are critical reading.

You do not need to be a civil disturbance S.W.A.T. team leader or trained to the level of Mr. Swift to profit from this knowledge.

Study, learn and remember.


Propaganda imagery, memes and narratives from the Inauguration and Huntington Beach.

Millions of people have seen Richard Spencer punched in the face in Washington, D.C. by a Black Bloc protestor. The bounty at WeSearcher for his assailant’s identification and arrest has risen past $5,000 and continues to climb.

That was a strong propaganda moment and the Left has exploited it to infest its ground troops with increased morale and determination, driven by the drama of the video and the well-encapsulated furtherance of the “Punch a Nazi” meme.

This past weekend on Huntington Beach in California, the narrative pivoted as the nation watched the Antifa and Black Bloc activists chased down, beaten, unmasked, bitten by dogs, arrested and now charged with felony crimes.

Understand that while memetic narratives and propaganda are useful, they are also inherently transient and easily replaced by subsequent imagery that captures the imagination of the crowd.

A beach scuffle, delightful as it may be, is not a turning point.

The turning point is the willingness of the Right to abandon forbearance and fight.

A fighting movement is far more powerful than a quiescent one.

This is why cuckservatives lose, and why the Left – which views power as an absolute prize, and is willing to murder millions of human beings without remorse or hesitation – more easily embodies it.

The Left is willing to destroy, and therefore is basally more powerful than those who tag themselves as “conservative” and seek to preserve, defensively, what has been built.

The vast difference between the AltRight and conservatives is the nature of the movement.

The AltRight is an offensive movement.

It is a fighting movement and explicitly so.

What happens when two fighting movements contest the same ground, the same heart of power, and are reinforced with resentment, abandoned forbearance, loathing and determination?

What takes place on the ground when social justice warriors double down with violence, and the Right at last feels that it no longer must restrain its impulse to conserve, and decides to meet destruction with determinative consequence?

The collision is existential.

The disciplined army wins.

Enjoy the contest, for it has been long coming. Take pleasure as it arises from the release of inhibition and the unleashing of competence. But accept that the experience of relief can be fatal. Drive deliberate awareness into your joy at the shuddered breakout, at last, of fighting response from the Right instead of the mere pontificating and defeatist virtue signal of the past!

But do not neglect reality.

I tell you that the dark world delights in upset and does not favor any man. Ugly and terrible surprises await those who believe themselves inevitably victorious.

Train. Train specifically for moments, and train in techniques. Study methods, and learn to recognize them when employed against you. Grasp and embody principles, and let your vision include both twins of defeat and victory and the paths to both.

It is the Way.


Build the powerful infrastructure today that secures future dominance.

Who are your brothers that will stand with you in the line of battle on the street?

Know them, train with them, and become a unit that withstands shock and drives into the heart of the adversary’s ranks on the ground with remorseless competence.

Where do opportunities to secure actionable data arise that can be put to exponential use?

Spot them, exploit them, harvest them and deliver your findings and your insight and your awareness to the service of those who are building the intelligence services of the new age.

When will the lethal forces of the State support or deny you, back you or trample you?

Liaison with them, build relationships with them, and entangle and entwine with their communications, their processes, their facilities and their organs.

Leverage all things.

Such leverage is the heart of profit!

Understand this and contemplate with care.

Look well, o wolves!

For the field is well contested.


Take steps today to connect and train.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I do not do pity, and the Left does not mistake me for a dilettante.

Find your brothers. Train hard with them. Cultivate discipline, ferocity and commitment.

Learn the power of men who lock step and fight as one.

Or the Left will teach you the meaning of defeat.


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