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Antifa “Revolutionary Anarchists” Absolutely Wet For Ivan Throne

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Sometimes shudders of fan love are fascinating.

I completely disavow paying anything to It’s Going Down for over three thousand of words of gorgeous, unstinting flattery.

My speech tomorrow at the Turning Point USA Mountain West Regional Conference in Denver will be a magnificent pleasure. That pleasure is highlighted by two events over the last two weeks that showcase both the nature of the opposition to the event, and also roundly demonstrated a process known as “qualification”.

The first is my game of Capture the Flag with violent anarchists protesting the March 4 Trump rally in Denver two weeks ago.

(That video will probably cross 30,000 views this weekend.)

The second was brought to my attention this afternoon. The largest “revolutionary anarchist” site has penned a several-thousand-word screed against me, and it’s really rather lovely.

It’s Going Down has gotten quite moist over the whole thing.


Understand how qualification works in conflict with the unskilled.

Qualification is an important concept, one that is exploited to vivisect the adversary on a number of different levels. Qualification is inadvertent validation, a revelation from the adversary, a truth spoken unintended and an exposure of posture.

Let us examine a very simple example.

“You think you’re a big deal, driving that hot sports car.”

The person speaking is engaged in qualification of the listener, of the target. Let’s look at what that really says:

“You’re a bigger deal than me. Your car is hot. And I’m envious.”

Let’s keep that in mind as we dissect the article from It’s Going Down.

Look well, o wolves…


Finding the exposed heart, mind and hand of the adversary: the facts amid the fun.
“Ivan has our attention.”


“He’s dangerous, unusual, icy.”


“Ivan brings a lot to the table.”


“He isn’t the least bit afraid of us.”


“Is it getting warm in here, or is it just us?”


(Antifa fans self, recrosses legs.)


“Such stamina, and yet his touch is gentle!”


(Antifa feels fertile. This link explains.) 


“Even though I hate him, he’s famous.”


“Ivan focuses people. He’s the real thing.”


“He’s the genius the public wants.”


For amusement, I ran the article through a tag cloud.

IGD Tag Cloud


“Based behavior.”

“Ivan Life.”

“Male man.”

“Personal political power.”

“Real sexual throne.”

“Trump values women.”

As I noted, sometimes it really is quite lovely when chittering, sobbing leftists cannot help themselves but melt. One should not think too badly of them for demonstrating such leakage of passion, however. The competence of the professional and the detachment of the executive are not within their experience, their training or their proclivities.

Wait until they see me attired in Hugo Boss in my role as Head of the AltRight Secret Police.

If this IGD article is any indication, you’ll be pushing them off the street with mops.

But do not underestimate the danger that they represent.

Gavrilo Princep was an incompetent as well.


Tumble and turn and discover truth.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

Did you take enjoyment in my analysis of the gibbering fools in black?

Then pay attention to the harsh truth I tell you this day.

They seek blood, and words are but a prelude.

Sharpen steel, lads. You will need it.



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