Violent Riots Boil In Shameful Failure

When Violent Rioters Boil In Failed Shame

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Social justice warriors always double down.

Last Saturday there were March 4 Trump rallies across the country. Patriots, activists, citizens and their families gathered to demonstrate support for the new President of the United States and his agenda for the nation and the West in the new age.

Of course, there were protestors. There always are at any political event. However, one of the features of the political landscape on the ground today is the coalescence of criminal Antifa and Black Bloc activists who openly encourage and call for violent action against individuals, groups and institutions.

As Vox Day has noted in his groundbreaking book SJWs Always Lie, you can inevitably depend on social justice warriors to do three things:

  • Lie
  • Project
  • Double down

These inherent compulsions of the social justice warriors often lead them – both individually and in groups – to engage in absolutely ridiculous behavior.

Take full advantage of it, both in tactical response and in delightful humor.


Sobbing idiots who cannot see past their own manufactured illusions.

Let us take a look at the competence of the Antifa in full display:


When all you have is a swastika, all you can see are Nazis. Everything is “Nazi” this and “Nazi” that. “Homophobe” here and “Homophobe” there. “Transphobe” (really, how can you tell) is mixed in with bizarre references to the Klu Klux Klan, which hasn’t been even a miniscule force in American politics for several generations.

But don’t mistake their silly, spoiled and childish caricature of politics for the only reality.


Violent anarchists in the streets are well funded and have structured plans.

Much is made of the Soros influence and funding of Black Bloc and Antifa activism, including paid professional agitators who travel from country to country. They have been tracked from the G8 summits to the Trump inauguration and other public events. Concern over this strain of virulent destabilization is accurate and appropriate.

Professional agitators such as Lacy MacCauley and Legba Carrefour are not the only risk.

The IWW are reported to be funding and facilitating combat training. There are Antifa fight clubs internationally. There is, additionally, a severe escalation that has been confirmed by the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project.

We have reviewed video evidence from recent Antifa and Black Bloc events and identified private military contractors in their ranks.

Someone is paying for that, and such resources are expensive.

We’ll talk more about that at the end of this post.

In the meantime, here’s what’s taking place in Denver.


My recent confrontations with anarchists in Denver have pissed them off.

The Left began tracking me on the site of the Supreme Dark Lord some time back in late January.

On January 25th, Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at the local university in Boulder, Colorado. Mr. Swift and I were present as VIP attendees and guests of Turning Point USA. Both before and after the event we were up close with the Antifa and Black Bloc protestors, as you can see in my recorded Periscope stream.

Observe in particular the fat, masked anarchist at the 4:40 mark:



Last Saturday I had a mildly pleasurable interaction with them on the streets of Denver. The Brutal Clips Video showing my game of Capture the Flag with the Black Bloc is quickly approaching 9,000 views on YouTube in less than a week:



Now the Antifa and Black Bloc anarchists are playing catchup.

Later this month I am a featured speaker at the Turning Point USA Mountain West Regional Conference.

Antifa is not happy:



What is the appropriate response?

What can be done about this deliberate effort to foment chaos and  anarchy in the streets of the United States and the rest of the West?

How can you do something to stem the tide and apply personal leverage against this disgusting insertion of violent criminal mobs into public spaces?


The VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Project is our answer.


Get ready for the power of VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS from DARK TRIAD MAN®.


Who is building it?

Who is operating it?

How can I help?


VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS is a new mobile technology platform that allows individuals to quickly, securely and privately identify and flag violent street rioters to law enforcement.


This special volunteer project from DARK TRIAD MAN® has a deeply skilled core team of rather frighteningly competent technology, strategy and military intelligence professionals dedicated to making a very serious difference in the ground game of the Left.


Their violent criminal behavior is being recorded.


It will be used as evidence in civil and criminal prosecutions. The Trump Administration has shown it will not hesitate to bring Federal felony riot charges when appropriate, and the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS project will aid them in such cases.


Their communications are being intercepted.


Frankly, I’m getting headaches from the amount of material that is now streaming across my desk. That, plus the eighteen hour days that are being put into this project, means that we’ll be bringing in more intelligence analysts very soon.


Their organizations are being penetrated.


Shhh. Don’t spoil the fun.


Their plans will serve our purpose.


It gets better, lads. Note the date:



The innovative mobile platform of the VIOLENT.SOLUTIONS Project is connected to a secure, encrypted, cloud-based relational database that gives the the team the ability not only to identify, cross-reference and follow violent anarchists – but also, as time goes on, to algorithmically predict both their tactical and strategic arrays.

And it gives you the opportunity to submit information.

Early results are beginning to register already.

Remember our fat anarchist at the 4:40 mark in my Periscope from Boulder?

Say hello:



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