The Family Alpha Men Of March

The Family Alpha: Men of March

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Start the challenge.

Hunter Drew at is running a daily post series this month to bring men forward with ferocity. Read well what he writes, and do the work he puts before you. We will be promoting this excellent challenge here at Dark Triad Man.


Day #1: Creating the Men of March

“For the next 31 days I’m going to ask you some hard fucking questions and you’re going to want to provide the immediate answers you’ve been trained to give. We’re going past the walls you’ve confined yourself to for years. I’m going to force you into the wild where masculine men run.

“I am going to take you, possibly as soft as sheep’s fur and I’m going to introduce you to the lions and force you to run with them.

“You will make it if you truly want to.”

Read Day 1 at


Day #2: Stop Avoiding It

Don’t reward yourself with a drink after work if you’ve given it up for the month. Don’t jerk off when your wife isn’t around because that’s the only way you can fall sleep or that you ‘need to relax’.

This is about doing it differently, it’s about doing it right.

It’s so easy to say yes when some offers you a smoke or drink. You must say no.

Show yourself that you’re worthy of the life you feel you deserve. There are no second chances, you’re either all in or you aren’t.

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Day #3: Fresh Start Friday

Yesterday our brethren faced their inner demons while we did the same. The pain you felt is the pain they felt, we all fought together and we have all made it to another morning.

We faced our deepest enemy, our ‘self’ and we survived. What we once viewed as something we should hide and be ashamed of, we have no claimed and taken ownership over.

Congratulations brothers, you’re one step closer to becoming your masculine self.

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Day #4: Give It, Sell It, Toss It

The guys who are having problems with finding that sense of purpose or identity are usually suffering from the disorder of constantly adding to their life when in fact they should be removing the unessential.

It is the removal of excess which will create a more efficient life, not the addition of more.

Read Day 4 at


Day #5: A Spiritual Sunday

In order to know who you are as a man, you have to listen to that voice inside you. You have to stop distracting yourself from what it’s saying and you have to find a way to do this daily.

Once you are able to dial in to that voice you’ll find that you don’t get distracted from tasks such as reading quite as much. Very few people can sit down and read a book for 45 minutes straight without checking their phone, talking to someone, or doing something else, besides their task of reading.

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Day #6: Finances And Time

Scrolling on the phone whether it be fakebook, reddit, or twitter. If you aren’t hopping on, getting the information you need, then hopping off to pursue actual goals, then you’re wasting time.

Analysis paralysis, spending hours, solely thinking about something is not going to bring you any closer to completion of the goal. Want to get fit? Do the workouts and eat right, stop worrying so much over finding the ‘right’ program that you never implement any.

Read Day 6 at


Day #7: The Gas Pedal

Like a gas pedal sometimes you have to punch it down and burn some rubber while other times you’ve got to release some pressure and just coast.

This would make sense, but in the real world there isn’t one pedal.

Each area of your life, each goal you set and responsibility you have has its own pedal and you are either pushing it to the floor and grinding in pursuit of that goal, or you’re coasting for a reason you feel justifies it.

Read Day 7 at


Day #8: Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Look at the three goals you wrote down on Day #1, are you marching towards their completion? Are you knocking out your push-ups or do you find yourself squeezing them in right before bed? How can you take better care of your future self and set your days up for greater efficiency and success?

There may be areas where you’re failing, today is the day where you reach out and ask a fellow man for help. Whether that means emailing me, asking for a fitness guy to create a program, etc.

You need help? Ask for it.

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Day #9: Look The Part

We need to look the part of a masculine man if we’re expecting to be treated as one. I’ve focused on fixing your mind and body to defaulting to a ‘masculine mindset’ and now I want you to look at whether your body & clothes are matching what your body and mind are saying.

I used to think giving a shit about your skin or clothes was for weak gay men. I’m glad I’ve removed that idiotic notion from my mind and I know my girl is too.

Read Day 9 at


Day #10: The Power Of Presence

When you are living a genuine life and are no longer repressing those vibrations but freely expressing them, the signal grows and is received by those around you.

This would explain why people say that leaders are born, not made. Some people are born sending out these signals at greater strengths than others. While you can work at it and become a great leader, the naturals just get it.

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Day #11: Negative Visualizations

I want you, at the beginning of each day, to take a moment to yourself to allow your mind to drift away.

While your mind is drifting, I want you to think of losing those closest to you.

Picture your wife and children being hit by a drunk driver, picture their caskets, picture standing their while their cold bodies are lowered 6′ into the ground.

Read Day 11 at


Day #12: Evening Ruminations

All the time and energy you are spending shaking your fists at those who led you astray and force fed you emasculating bullshit is for naught. Nobody cares that for however many years of your life you were chasing a joke and living in a different reality than that in which we all truly exist.

Let it go brother.

Read Day 12 at

Get to work.


Day #13: Momento Mori

Put it into perspective, you can run your mouth for your entire life talking about how much of a man you are and how great of a life you deserve or you can become a man who lives a fascinating life.

You’re going to die no matter what, what you do before that moment is entirely up to you.

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Day #14: The View

This is the mindset you must place upon yourself.

Nobody cares about how much effort you had to put into the completion of your goal, they only care about the results, goal attainment.

Read Day 14 at


Day #15: Why Did You Start?

Now, to the men who have made it this far. Recognize that you’re carrying a flame that the world wants to extinguish, they want to stamp it out of you forever and it is because of this that you’ve got to burn even hotter.

Let your masculine fire radiate, let it be the light in the darkness, a beacon of hope for our brethren who are lost in the dark world.

Read Day 15 at


Day #16: The Little Things

Making yourself do the push-ups, facing the things you’ve run from for so long, watching your brother’s rise and fall around you, this is all fuel.

You’ve faced your demons and proven you can hang physically, now you aren’t out of breath from running and no longer have to show ‘pretend bravado’, you’re emerging as a fucking man and a part of you knows that.

Read Day 16 at


Day #17: Hang A  Polaroid

This weekend choose to do something new, choose to create a memory which will last at least two weeks, if not a lifetime, and choose to break the routine which companies have impressively manipulated you into.

Break the numbing, consuming, redundant behavior by choosing to insert something entirely foreign into your routine.

Read Day 17 at


Day #18, 19, 20, 21: Video Placeholder

Until I return from this business trip, this video & subsequent videos will hold the place of the written post.

Watch video for Days 18, 19, 20 and 21 at



I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

Dawn comes today with a new season in a new age.

I tell you the dark world rewards bold delivery of reality.

Plunge into the work, and win.


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