How To Road Primal Fury Of Family Honor In The Dark World Dark Triad Man

How To Roar Primal Fury Of Family Honor In The Dark World

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The Family Alpha speaks on family honor in Part Two.

This is second in a three part series on men and masculinity from Hunter Drew of The Family Alpha to be published at Dark Triad Man. Defense of Western civilization by strong men with fierce and remorseless purpose is gravely needed. Hunter opens up the reality of how honor, primality and lineage intersect. Legacies of sacrifice are not just from your brothers. They come from all of your fathers as well, stretching back millennia. Honor it, and them, through your manhood today.
Family honor, family crests and family lineage.
There was a time when a man’s name meant something to him. There was a time where men were greeted with open arms simply because their name and reputation had preceded them and men respected men. These times seem so long ago, the times when men were men…

A man’s last name is his legacy. With his name lives his crest; the symbols and patterns which represent every member of that tribe which has existed up to the present.

Our last names and family crests, unique and symbolic of tradition and dedication have been forgotten by many.

Yet they’re the reason we exist and are able to fill our lungs with air and feel the sun upon our skin.

It is because the men of my bloodline and the men of Ivan’s bloodline fought and won that we are able to share the message of masculinity, and how to survive in the Dark World with you here and now.

There once was a time where men inked their family crest onto their body; where their crest was emblazoned across a shield which hung above a mantle, waiting for the next time to be used in combat to defend the lands and members of the clan which the crest symbolized.

The crest also held men accountable to the community. And through sheer pride forced the higher road to be taken though it may be more difficult – because they did not want to dishonor their family name. I can tell you from personal experience that there were many times in my youth where I did not join my friends when they crossed the line from causing juvenile mayhem to pure vandalism; I knew that a Drew did not partake in such debauchery and refused to tarnish my clan’s name.

We need to bring this mindset back. We need to bring this standard, which our forefathers embodied, back to modern day masculinity.

It’s difficult to conceive, but there was a time where men would go to battle with their clan’s insignia on their shield. And while in battle, these fatigued men with nothing left to give, their hearts on fire, muscles screaming, and lungs feeling as though they could not keep up with the demand -would witness their brethren slain.

And it was not the death of their family member which motivated them, but rather, seeing their crest – seeing the patterns and symbols which represented every man of their clan up to that point – fall to the ground.

And suddenly that fatigued man is able to not only take another step, but seeing his crest fall maddens him. It fills him with such fury that he is capable to not only of charging further into battle but also capable of taking the fight to the enemy and winning the day.

All of this was accomplished because a man saw the colors, motto, symbols, and patterns which reflected his existence fall to the ground.

Is there anything in this world which would inspire you to take that next step, even when the burden you bear seems too great?

Is there anything which cannot be stripped of you, which can keep you pushing through the fires of hell when all you want to do is succumb to the flames?


The heart of lineage and its survival.

Many will say their wife or child can fill this role and cause a man to rise to these feats.

I am a husband as well as a father. I understand the depth which our women and children reach into our souls.

I am here to tell you, it is not deep enough.

A wife may leave you and a child may die. Their memory may live on but these things can be stripped from you.

What I’m talking about in this post goes beyond the loves of our lives.

The family crest and your last name are a part of who you are as a man.

They’re in the building blocks of your DNA.

And while wife and child are additions to your life, your name and crest are your life.

Collectively as men we need to raise our standard and great respect to the men who came before us. We need to show our fathers and grandfathers that their decision to fight and win was not in vain. That the legacy they chose to protect has honorably represented them, and made their sacrifice worthwhile.

Ivan wrote a very intimate post in which he shared with the world an oath he made. But it was not just an oath of a man.

It was an oath to the dead face of his father.

It should go without saying, but in these types of moments where you swear an allegiance to the living and the dead, you are bound to your words for the rest of your life, no matter how long or short that may be.

In his oath he swore,


“To never live as a slave, and teach my sons the same.

To bear witness to our heritage in the dark world.

To bear true allegiance and fealty to his elder brother as the new head of our family, and stand beside him with counsel and arms ready to deal out fatal blows of savage loyalty.

To find way to spread the message of the West, and of the heart of civilization that endures. The heart that is upheld by men, advanced by men, and defended by men who know their brothers and fight with them and love and honor them.

To be true to himself, his heritage, his upbringing, and his sacred purpose.”


These are the serious words of a serious man.

There are times in our lives where we must display our pure masculine power.

When you say words which will echo through the eternity of your life, you will find yourself almost glowing with the power of manhood.

In honor of our fathers, grandfathers, and all of the men who fought and won to make our existence possible we must find our family crest and display it with pride. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that through our actions we will once again make our names have meaning.

Times have changed and unfortunately masculinity has taken a major blow in the past three decades. If a man is ashamed of his family’s crest then he has two tasks:


1. Get over it.

2. Create his own and forge his own path.


If a man cannot get past the dishonorable or absent actions of his father, then he must start his legacy with himself.

At the moment of this decision everything he does moving forward will build or destroy the reputation of that crest.

There are no room for excuses when dealing with the representation of your clan. You are either building the reputation of being a quality, reliable, masculine man or you are not.

The consequences of choosing the easy path may have dire repercussions.

There may come a time where society crumbles and the Dark World is released upon the masses.


“Only the dead have seen the end of war.”

– George Santayana


Bloody banners in the dark world rise from ferocious family honor.

When help is no longer on the way, who are you going to turn to?

The message has been shared and banners have been raised; if you have not established yourself as a reliable man who is capable of not only providing value but also of providing the necessary violence which will ensue, you will find yourself isolated.

In the Dark World, isolation is death.

You must make your name mean something.

Growing up, I had many uncles and cousins who went through the local school system before me. When I was going through the grades, I was always met with, “Oh, you’re a Drew? If you’re like the rest of them we’re going to know each other real well”. And we did.

The men before me forged their paths and I forged my own, but we all were walking in the same direction and we all made sure that our presence was known.

Now it’s time for you to step back from your actions up to this point and to take a hard look at your life.

Does your wife take pride in carrying your last name? When she took it did she raise her standard and accept the increased responsibilities of setting the bar from which all others would be measured?

Do your children understand that they’re a part of something greater, of a continuance of a legacy which dates back thousands of years?

Have you ever sat your wife and children down and explained your crest to them? Have you ever explained what your standard is for their last name?

If you haven’t or if you truly do not have a crest, why not choose, right now, to create your own legacy and raise the standard from this moment forward?

Masculinity has been under attack for over 30 years. Some of the byproducts of this war has been man’s inability to take pride in anything which promotes his masculine power.

Men are no longer raising their flags which have their crest emblazoned across them, men no longer take pride in hanging photos which represent their family legacy.

We cannot allow the one thing which can never be stripped of us be numbed out of existence.

Fight back, push back, choose to embrace your history. Or create one today.

There is a special connection men have with their crest and with their name. You must foster this in yourself and in your children. You must set a standard of performance and hold others accountable, as that’s what your family name represents: a refusal to submit. Primal violence against anything less than everything you have to give.

Men should hear your last name and welcome you with open arms because your reputation and your name means something in their hearts.

The Dark World is unforgiving.

Create your legacy and form your tribe.

Acta Non Verba,


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Hunter Drew is a husband, veteran, and father of both a son and daughter. He runs and will be releasing The Family Alpha novel in 2017. Hunter's primary mission is to help men find a way to reclaim their masculine nature.

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