How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Imminent Violence

How To Prepare Your Body And Mind For Imminent Violence

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The Family Alpha on imminent violence in Part Three.

This is the finale of a three part series on men and masculinity from Hunter Drew of The Family Alpha to be published at Dark Triad Man. The reality of the dark world is that disaster, destruction and death are merely a weather pattern away. It takes little more for cities to be shelled, families pulled out of their homes and shot, and men hung in public places than the orders of ambitious tyrants. Imminent violence is everpresent. Read well, and consider your responsibility of survival. It is the first of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man. The last and cruelest of the Laws is that there are no laws. This post elaborates on how they intersect.


Be the master of your own death.


In Words of War I shared the beginning of and exposed the battle which is being waged over the minds of men.

In How to Roar Primal Fury of Family Honor in the Dark World we covered how honor, primality and lineage intersect, while calling our brethren to find their shields bearing their family crests. And to raise their banners in preparation for battle.

This is the third and final essay in the trilogy of guest posts from The Family Alpha on Dark Triad Man. This is where we discuss what happens when the meat meets the meat: raw destructive physical violence.

At this point in the series you should see the battlefield with the corpses of your slain brethren. You should hear the call from those who actively resist the powers targeting masculinity, choosing to accept harassment and targeting for physical attack over submission and conformity.

It is now time for you to feel that primal rage which exists in every man. That immense pressure which instantly builds inside every muscle fiber when you are called upon to deliver destruction to the life of another.

It is not a matter of if your masculine aggression, strength, and power will be called upon, but rather when.


Mental preparation for imminent violence.

In our day and age it is common for men to daydream about what they would do if placed in a life or death situation. We have movies, television shows and video games which place us in the hot seat where we’re watching the action unfold and critiquing the decisions made by the individual while playing the “If that was me, I would” game.

Men dream of the defining moment where:


  • They’re the sniper who has to make the shot…
  • They’re the boxer who has to win the fight…
  • They’re the soldier who has to rise while all others fall…
  • They’re the hero…


They look upon these forms of entertainment and blur them with real life.

You see, modern society in the West has made men so comfortable that they no longer fear physical violence. Most have been so far removed from any dangerous environment that now the most minor of inconveniences is cause for unbearable strife and anguish.

These men who believe that they could “take out the bad guy” are perturbed when they have to ask someone to get out of their way when walking around a store.

Most men would rather go the long way vice saying, “Excuse me, could I slide by you?” because their mind is conditioned to avoid all possible confrontation.

It is here that we shall begin the preparation for battle.

If you look at the most highly trained warriors in our society, you’ll find that they are nothing more than men who have trained their bodies for combat and that they’re more in tune with their surroundings than most.

The fastest way to win a battle is to avoid it.

While it sounds like you’d need a superpower, step back and understand what it is I’m saying and how avoidance is the best tactic. You know when things start heating up in groups; very rarely do fights occur out of the blue. Usually there is a period of escalation which then boils over to the point where the smallest spark can ignite the entire place.

Watch for the signs. Train your mind to read body language, to hear what people mean versus what they’re saying, and most importantly keep your head on a swivel. Train yourself to find exits, to keep a tally of the type of people who are around you, and immediate action items.

An immediate action item is one of the games I play with my wife and kids.

Remember, you are responsible for yourself as well as the lives whom you are leading.

Their training and preparation is your responsibility.

The game goes like this:

My wife and I are on a date. Not every time, but randomly while we’re out, I’ll say: “All right, the kitchen caught on fire and flames are blowing out the doors and people are panicking. What do we do?”

If she takes more than two seconds to respond I’ll intensify the questioning to get her mind to make decisions in a stressful environment, which more accurately simulates how the mind works when shit really does hit the fan.

Recently I asked her what she would do if there were protesters blocking the street.

Her immediate response was see them and turn around before getting too close


Good girl.


I then changed the game and told her she couldn’t turn around and they were close.

She said she’d lock the doors.




I then went on to explain to her what could happen if she allowed them to swarm her Jeep.

Now she knows to keep the wheels moving. And while she may slow down, she stays above a speed which would knock people to the ground and keep them from have a chance at grabbing any handles.

This sounds crazy, but this is the reality in which we live.

And for all of those who think I’m fucked up for training my wife, get off your fucking high horse and read about the man who did stop.

My wife and kids will live because I’ve trained them to.

My mind is capable of making the decision to commit to the act. And win, lose, or draw I will have not suffered from hesitation. I am always ready for a fight. Even when I’m at home and having friends over, there’s a part of my mind which says, what would you do if someone barged into the house right now with a gun?

The same goes for the men reading this. You have to shift your mindset to observation mode. You need to be aware that violence is imminent and unforgiving. It does not discriminate.

Doesn’t matter if you’re out on a date with your family. Evil has no soul, and the difference between your family walking away unscathed – or your wife and children being beaten to death – is your mental fortitude And ability to avoid the fight or fully commit to it.

The problem men face is the fact that they are, mentally, living in an entirely different realm in which their physical body exists.


Physical preparation for imminent violence.

You must remain physically fit to the grave. This is not purely for aesthetic purposes, but rather for survival.

As a man you must be physically able to run, lift, climb, fight, push, pull, jump, and do so without injury or immediate fatigue.

The adrenaline a man will experience if he gets into a street fight will be short lived. Few are aware how fast the body tires when locked in combat.

You must prepare for this. You’re being warned right here and now that your very survival may come down to whether you are able to outlast your opponent’s stamina.

When you read of Ivan’s dark world, do you not understand that this is the world in which we all live?

When you read his daily posts discussing how he and Mr. Swift will do battle against gravity via the iron, do you not also see how they incorporate combat fitness? You must not only make your body strong, you must also make it capable.

Train with weapons, train hand to hand combat, train when fatigued from sprints to replicate a high-stress scenario.

train. Train. TRAIN.

The only way to be confident in your abilities is to be aware of your abilities. The only way to know how much your body can take is to push it past that threshold and when you fall hard onto your face you discover where that line can be found.

Test your body.

Push your body and your mind past that comfort zone because when the times comes for utter destruction, you will not be comfortable, but you will be capable.

Look at yourself right now. If you have a “DadBod” or cannot remember the last time you participated in some physical exercise, understand that you are a liability and your family is at risk entirely because of your complacency.

Your decision to be comfortable is being placed higher than the safety of your wife and children.

You need to understand the severity of your actions. You must also be aware of the example you are setting for those around you. Your wife, sons, and daughters will look to you as the man who shapes their vision of what life is.

Your inability to understand the reality of our world is setting them up for failure. It’s possibly setting them up for death.

When our children face the same foe, in the same environment, and my child takes the immediate action as he’d envisioned while yours hesitates… I will not look back with regret on the days I was sore and tired from preparation for violence.

While you watch your child lowered into the ground, you’ll look back to this moment and wish you’d listened.

These are brutal words to write and for some they’ll be even more difficult to read.

But we exist in a dark world. one filled with bamboo cages and gardens.

Never forget this.


Prepare for imminent violence from nature.

Not every emergency situation will involve people. Sometimes it is the violence from nature we must wage our war against.

In my post Are You Prepared I touched on this when I said:


If you have a nasty hurricane headed your way, you can greatly reduce the stress you and the rest of your family experiences by being prepared and planning. If you lose power for four days and are stuck in your house you’ll need entertainment, food, water, hygiene, etc.

Have a plan and fill your role as the man.


If you don’t and you reach that “what do we do now?” moment – stand the fuck by.

Your kids will be annoying you, your wife will be launching nuclear shit tests, your mind will get fried. And ultimately, when all is said and done – you will look like a man who cannot fend for his family and this is a stigma you may carry forever.

You’ll be at cookouts and your wife will talk about how you didn’t know what to do and how terrible the whole experience was. She’ll know that her man isn’t dependable and will compare you to others. This will lead to future fights, because as a man your pride will be hurt when she says “I bet Hunter Drew was prepared and didn’t have to go x days without food”. (She’d be right.)

And if another storm is headed your way your wife won’t support you or trust your leadership, as you failed the previous test. Again, more fights as you’ll tell her this time will be different – blah blah blah….


Here’s the truth.

Modern society has men viewing their life like the movies. Consumer mindset has destroyed the masculine mindset and it is because of this rampant virus that these posts have been written. We need men to recognize that there is not going to just be this one defining moment where they’ll be called upon to save the day.

Every single day is that day.

Every day is the day where you answer the call and define who you are as a man.

Start using your days more wisely:


  • Prepare the family to survive days without power from a snow storm.
  • Have a route and plan if there were to be a flood or evacuation.
  • Teach your kids what actions to take if they were to ever be approached by strangers.
  • Stock all of your vehicles with first aid kits and train your family on how and when to use them.
  • Have a plan as to what you’d do if the house caught on fire.
  • Teach your kids what to do in the event of burglary.
  • Train your wife and children to use weapons.
  • Ensure everyone knows what their role is and what is expected of them in various situations.
  • Have supplies on hand and tested to ensure they’re operational (flashlights, candles, canned food, non-perishables, water filtration, batteries, radios, etc.).
  • Train yourself to be a little more attentive to the weather, the on-goings of your community, build relationships which may come in handy if you’re lacking something during a storm or blackout.
  • There may come a time where help doesn’t arrive for two weeks. How your family survives, if they survive, is entirely up to you.


Whether it is rioting criminals, a hurricane or man versus man, it makes no difference. Violence is headed your way, and it is up to you to ensure that neither you nor your family go silently into the night.

As Ivan said earlier today,


“Make the bastard Reaper pay an exorbitant cost to take you!”


Acta Non Verba,


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Hunter Drew is a husband, veteran, and father of both a son and daughter. He runs and will be releasing The Family Alpha novel in 2017. Hunter's primary mission is to help men find a way to reclaim their masculine nature.

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