Brutal Clips Special Edition: Vox Day And Jack Murphy

Brutal Clips Special Edition: Vox Day and Jack Murphy

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The Vox Day and Jack Murphy debate is up.

It has been a challenging effort to produce the transcript to accompany this highly anticipated discussion between the Supreme Dark Lord Vox Day and Jack Murphy.

After much work on the part of a contributor, we have both the podcast up on Soundcloud – and also a professionally produced transcript in ebook form.

Get ready to listen to strong words on ethnostates, identity politics, the contrast between ideology and morality and the future of the Alt-Right.

And download the full transcript as well. Because of echo issues in the second half of the audio, you will definitely want the free transcript.

Listen to Brutal Clips Special Edition: Vox Day and Jack Murphy.


Vox Day And Jack Murphy Official Transcript

Download the complete PDF transcript.

With over 40 pages of professionally edited and arranged content, the offiicial transcript of the Vox Day and Jack Murphy debate is a must-have.

And it’s absolutely free here at DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Read a lengthy sample below and download it!



IVAN THRONE: Welcome to Brutal Clips. This is a special edition, a debate between Vox Day, the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil, and Jack Murphy from Jack Murphy Live.

We will begin with a little background information. As most of you know, there has been an upheaval in the American political scheme. The Alt-Right has risen, but its direction has yet to be decided.

What is the future of the Alt-Right? Which people will lead? Who disavows the movement? Who will determine its direction?

Around the time of the Inauguration the National Policy Institute, headed up by Richard Spencer, held a conference.

To make a long story short, several Nazi salutes sprung up from amid the audience. Whether these were done seriously or not, a media blowout followed.

Accusations of Nazism were flung back and forth, Richard Spencer was punched in the head during the Inauguration, and finally there was the confrontation between Richard Spencer and Jack Murphy at the Deploraball afterparty.

I proposed a debate between Jack and Richard regarding the future of the Alt-Right.

While Richard declined, Jack accepted immediately.

Vox Day, my publisher, volunteered to step in and take Richard’s place for the discussion.

That brings us to today’s event.

After introductions, the three of us will begin exchanging questions.

Vox Day is an American publisher, science fiction writer, philosopher, musician, video game designer, and a former nationally syndicated columnist.

He is known as the Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil by his supporters, who describe themselves as Vile Faceless Minions, the Dread Ilk. Vox Day is also the lead editor for Castalia House, publisher of my book The Nine Laws.

Particularly relevant to this debate is his authorship of the sixteen points of the Alt-Right, which has been translated into multiple languages on his website.

Opposing him is Jack Murphy, a rapidly rising writer and blogger, and a very well-connected gentleman. He is a senior executive, an accomplished athlete, and has written on a wide variety of topics. His writing can be found on his website

Jack Murphy’s recent defining of the New Right and its differences with the Alt-Right are what led to his confrontation with Richard Spencer.

What we are going to talk about today is white nationalism and identity politics.

We will also discuss the distinctions between those, the Alt-Right, and other groups.


Milo At Berkeley.

IVAN THRONE: During the last week, we have seen some major picketing from the left, particularly at Berkeley. What is your take on this? Is this a spurt of despair or a doubling down from the left? Where are they heading with their street violence?

VOX DAY: I think it is very clear that this is a doubling down from the left. This is something that I have both expected and predicted. I am finishing up a book called SJWs Always Double Down and I specifically address this point therein.

For fifty years, the left has been able to accomplish its objectives using emotional manipulation and rhetoric but that no longer works. The rhetoric is now empty and ineffective. The rise of the Alt-Right/New Right, and the rejection of defeatist conservatism that accompanied those, means that the left is no longer able to accomplish their goals through threats and guilt.

Since they have no ability to engage their opponents in intellectual disputation, no ability to engage in dialectic, their current resort to violence becomes obvious. Their only options at this point are surrender or double down. We are seeing the latter.

JACK MURPHY: Firstly, I want to thank you both for having me here. I am a big fan of your work. It is a pleasure to speak with Vox on this matter. I have been in several situations in which your writing has been very relevant to me, especially your book SJWs Always Lie. I found your words and advice to be highly applicable and poignant in my life. They offered great support and guidance in a time that I needed that.

I think that Vox’s point is correct in terms of doubling down and the emptiness of leftist rhetoric today. Donald Trump represents the rise of people that are not affected by their rhetoric.

I have been wondering who the beneficiaries of the recent riots have been, and who has been instigating them. The world that I come from, sort of rising through the manosphere ranks and entering politics from that perspective, we’ve always sort of assumed that folks on the left, men especially, were diminished in testosterone. We assumed that they were low energy and would not be likely to resort to violence and certainly not well coordinated in physical aggression.

When I see things like people acting in an aggressive coordinated manner, with training and forethought, I ask myself who these people are and where they came from. Who benefits from this type of violence? The person that I see benefiting, especially from the Berkeley incident, is Milo.

My question to both of you is, where are these people coming from, and who are they? Who is training them? Who directly benefits from this apparent doubling down?

VOX DAY: First of all, we know who they are. They are the same people who were protesting at the World Trade Forum and the WTO. These protests have been going on for quite some time. It’s just that now they have a different focus. The people are exactly the same, the organizations are exactly the same….


Get the transcript.


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They make fearsome allies, and it’s a dark world out there.

Get moving.


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