Words Of War: Guest Post By The Family Alpha Dark Triad Man

Words Of War: Guest Post By The Family Alpha

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The Family Alpha speaks words of war for men.

This is the second guest post to be published at Dark Triad Man, first in a three part series from Hunter Drew at The Family Alpha. Read well and absorb the crucial call to action he issues to brothers in the West. You have grave duty to stand and fight. The images are from the Rome-Sicily American Cemetery where 7,861 brothers rest in honor. Foster manhood, and uphold their legacy of sacrifice.


The Creation of a Man

It wasn’t until I saw the suffering of my brethren that I ever considered being a writer.

In order to understand how I got to where I am, you must understand where I’m coming from. I enjoyed a life inside a masculine ‘bubble’ during my eight years of active duty service in the United States Navy. Bootcamp was my Rite of Passage and at nineteen years old I’d fully embraced the concept that I was an unconquerable soul. Nothing could touch me.

I was assigned to my first ship where there were as many types and groups of people as you could imagine; but iron sharpens iron and I found other like-minded men.

To say we hit it off from the beginning would be an injustice to the glorious and brutal physical and mental battles which took place prior to my acceptance into their group, but I passed my tests and they recognized me as one of their own.

We climbed mountains in Greece and Italy; broke into castles in France; and drank nights away in Dubai, Bahrain, & lovely Virginia. We lived hard, each of us contributing to the group, none complaining and none ever admitting a weakness.

It’s important to note that while we are all currently scattered across the country, I see these men once a year as we hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail and it’s like we’d hung out the day before. The brotherhood is one that cannot be explained. It must be experienced.

I enjoyed this group for five years until I was assigned to my next duty station.

Upon transferring I once again sought out the men who were at the top and I forced them to recognize my presence. When you are a Sailor at a Marine command, outnumbered twenty to one it is easy to submit and just try to stay out of the way. This was not my approach and I made sure they were aware that as of my first day. They soon learned that they would respect me or I would make them respect me.

Again, the physical and mental confrontations became stuff of legend which, as I’ve been told, lasted long after my departure. I was given an engraved K-Bar – the only Sailor to have been given that honor according to a civilian who’d been there for fifteen years. Men respect men. Refusal to submit will gain you more favor amongst men than submission and positioning yourself as a “yes man”.

For eight years I was surrounded by men. Surrounded by men whom I’d shared my most intimate secrets with, men whom I’d literally trusted with my life, men who would accept nothing less than everything I had to give and when I was with them I would give even more than my all because I could never fail them and they could never fail me.

I fought, laughed, and cried with these men for eight years and there is not a day which goes by where I do not look back on those memories with honor and a fond feeling like the one you get when you see your dog or think back to the days where you would play with your siblings and life was just easier.

At no point during those eight years did I stop and consider the fact that my experience was not the “normal” experience of all men. At no point did I stop and objectively look at what my life would be like when I took the uniform off for the last time.

It wasn’t until I’d left the brotherhood, packed up the medals, awards, uniforms, and stowed away the boots that I stepped back, looked around, and recognized that my masculine nature and relationships I’d formed were the exception, not the norm.


Isolation & Discovery

I was alone, but I chose to remain alone versus lowering my standard and joining the weak.

Prior to my separation from the Navy I’d discovered Reddit and had been somewhat active there, mostly reading and commenting on fitness subreddits.

I’d decided during Instructor Duty (my final three years in the military) that I could not be both a great Sailor and a great father. In the service my priorities were country then family. I made it a point to take every challenging job and I volunteered for every deployment and IA assignment there was.

This high tempo pace placed a significant strain on my family; I missed my son’s first birthday, steps, appointments, etc.

In my post Queen & Warrior I show you but a glimpse of the responsibility which was placed on my wife & children.

I decided to walk away from a fast track military career, against the wishes of my entire command.

The backlash was much worse than I’d expected. People took it personally that I was leaving. Yet I chose to walk my path, not the one others forged for me.

There was something bittersweet walking out of that hallway for the last time, passing two photos of myself as I was the current Sailor and Instructor of the year (the first time that had ever happened). I left on top. The bar was set for those who followed.

The transition was smooth; my wife and I established a home to rent until we could buy, and I found work.

Still something lacked. I had no real mission. 

I found myself removed from my ‘pack’ of masculine men and dumped in a wasteland of depressed “dadbods’. I’d meet up with high school friends – they were still doing the same things. I met new guys and husbands of my wife’s friends; these guys were astounded that I would say, “No” to my wife. On top of their lack of leadership they did not command respect from anyone. Their wives would openly chastise them. And as my wife would look to me with horror, these men just took it.

I felt myself suffocating because I couldn’t find anyone who felt the way I did.

I refused to lower my personal standard or conform, so instead I reached out online and through a search of something along the lines of, “What the fuck has happened to men?” I discovered The Red Pill. While the subreddit had less than 500 people, I knew I’d found what I needed. This was the first forum I’d ever really dedicated myself to.


The Decision to Fight

I posted daily on The Red Pill. It was like getting a full breath of air after sucking wind through a straw. There were men who thought the way I did and recognized the plight men were facing. I’d originally had a username which was connected to the fitness subreddits I’d been a part of previously, but I started noticing that this subreddit was getting some animosity and people’s accounts were being banned, doxxed, and all sorts of trouble was coming from having an account connected to The Red Pill.

I created a new username and deleted the old; I was committed to this mission.

I continued to post on this subreddit for a little over a year with this new username. During this time I’d transitioned to Married Red Pill as I was a married guy and there plenty who could help the younger or single guys, yet the married crowd had few men who were leading a ‘successful’ marriage. I felt my efforts were needed there more than in The Red Pill.


This changed the course of my life.

Men started private messaging me. My posts were received with a lot of engagement, and guys just kept connecting with the words and viewpoint I was spreading.

After one and a half years I’d realized that I was onto something. Not only for these men, but for myself.

When I write, it’s like my mind becomes “light”; writing for me is meditation in motion. It keeps stress, anxiety, and any negatives from becoming too heavy, preventing me from thinking and acting at an optimal level.

I decided that I wanted to create my own thing. I wanted to foster the idea that masculine men are able to lead families and they aren’t only found traveling the world and picking up beautiful women. I created the name The Family Alpha and started taking writing seriously.

I started focusing on how men in long term relationships, men who are married, and men who have children are just as responsible for their physique, skills, and personal standard as those who are free from the responsibility of caring for the life of another.

Once I ran with this message The Family Alpha took off. I then became popular enough that the SJWs, “bluepill” crowd and feminists decided to shift their attack towards me. They’d smear my words, mocking my advice, and sending personal messages aimed to shut me down with threats of doxxing and “finding me in the ‘real world”.

I became keenly aware that these people did not want men to improve.

Here I was writing so that men would stop hating their very fucking existence and I’ve got these whole groups telling me I’m a piece of shit for trying to help them.

I am not conflict averse. These intimidation tactics made me double down and write more.


Shots are fired as words of war.

It was after one of these threats to “end The Family Alpha that I realized:

I could never go back.

I’d read too many messages from men telling me that my words were what kept them from swallowing a bullet. I’d shared too many comments, posts, and emails with men who could not express the level of joy they felt when their wife started to show attraction to them again.

There are still too many men who are walking around with a Void in their heart as they’ve yet to show their true self to the world.

I stepped back and saw the entire battlefield.

There were SJWs, white knights and feminists on one side and the few brave, battle weary masculine protectors on the other.

I made my decision.

I chose to step onto the field and reinforce my brethren. I created my own blog and committed to making the survival of masculinity my new mission. I joined the fight and I joined to win.

The fire inside men has not completely gone out. Those who write, blog, and fight for men are the torchbearers and it is our words which we are using to destroy our enemy.

I get an SJW in my crosshairs and I pull the trigger every time I say,


Fuck No, men should not be ashamed of their sexuality, competitive nature or desire to build their bodies.

Fuck No, men and women are not the same.

Fuck No, I will not apologize for the pride I take in my country or in being a man.


This is not a contest which will be won by the use of arms. There are plenty of other conflicts which can be settled through sheer violence – this is something Ivan Throne has brought to the manosphere’s attention multiple times -but the battle to save masculinity?

This is one which will be won through a war of the minds.

I made the decision to write and I became immediately cognizant of the fact that now my words were my weapons. Every comment, every post, everything I was writing became the bullets I was to use to kill the toxic ideas existing in the minds of men.

My sentences are my knives and each post is another bomb I am dropping on enemy soil.

As men who’ve embraced and decided to express our masculinity, we owe it to our brethren to show them the way. Not everyone takes to the pen. This is completely fine. But there are other ways to spread the message and to awaken those who need it.

Be a living example, act in accordance with the truth which lives inside you. Share the real “you” with the world and when those around you take notice, let them know you have been reading The Nine Laws. Let them know you have discovered a site called The Family Alpha and that it has given you the mental weapons to take ownership of your life and your masculine power as a man.


Raising Banners & Building Tribes

The manosphere is a network of loosely connected men who are all fighting the same enemy independently. I believe that if it comes to it, these independent men would come together when the banner was raised and they would act as a single tribe in order to defeat a common enemy. If there were any chance at victory, they’d all have to band together when the horn were sounded to defend the flame of masculinity.

I have focused my efforts on the development of men who are in relationships and fathers. My writing has significant focus on the man himself, as each man is an independent source of power. And if able to express his masculine nature, he becomes a beacon which other men will be attracted to; he’ll allow them to express their true nature and the ripple effect will continue.

This also applies to his wife. Masculinity begets femininity. I cannot save marriages, but I can help men save themselves. And by men choosing to save themselves and finding their masculine essence of “self” their marriage may improve and reach new heights.

It was not until I read Ivan Throne’s post Bloody Banners in the Dark World that I recognized the true battle which we were fighting, and how I could serve a more active role in the imminent confrontation which at some point is going to occur.

We are going to reach a flash-point where all of this comes to a head. Like Ivan, I can help grow our tribe by spreading the message and through my writing, letting men know that existence and comfort is not enough; that lifting is not enough. We must do more, we must target and destroy these destructive thoughts which pollute the minds of men. We must find the courage to sit our brethren down and say,


No, it’s not acceptable that you’re fifty pounds overweight, sexless, and have absolute shit for confidence and strength.”


Too many are unprepared and their lives are going to be destroyed due to ignorance.

For every “Woman’s March against Trump” post we need five posts from the manosphere bloggers to reach men and let them know that it’s okay to disagree with what is going on:


  • It’s okay to say men and women are not equal in every regard.
  • It’s okay to say women are submissive and men are dominant.
  • It’ okay to say that you’re glad there is a man who is putting America first.


The only way to achieve the end goal of every capable man reclaiming his masculinity is for there to be enough men out there who are firing those bullets into the minds of those who have been hijacked by a societal shift towards feminine primacy.

We have to fight these ideas and concepts by writing, vlogging, blogging, taking it to the streets, challenging our brothers and forcing them to face the reality in which we live.

We have to write posts, blogs, comments, and books.

We have to create resources which find their way into the hands of every son, husband, father, and brother. Then we need the words to be shared from there.

Keep firing, only taking cover to reload while your brothers in arms are firing over you. This is why The Family Alpha is on Dark Triad Man. This is an example of forming the tribe so when the major battles comes to fruition, we know who we can depend on.

The same as Mark Baxter and the way he has brought minds together on his podcast. The manosphere sees what lies beyond the horizon and men are taking action to tighten the ranks, get men together, and ensure we’re doing everything we can to protect that flame which is necessary for society to operate.

There are savages supported by white knights who want nothing more than to destroy the society masculine men have built. The only thing standing between chaos and the chance at harmony are the men who are picking up the pen and putting it to paper, fighting for the minds of those who can keep our dream alive a little longer.

There is a war going on for your mind. The only defense you have is to arm yourself with the truth – and entirely commit yourself to a belief in what is true and what is right. You must Burn Your Ship and commit everything to the process. The only life that is worth living for a man is one where he can own his masculinity and exist in his natural and genuine state.

Like Rifles in the Dark you must not trust the majority. It is the majority which has stripped you of your masculine power. If you look around and see that you’re doing it like everyone else – you’re wrong.

We must all choose to spit at the notion of living on our knees and instead fight on our feet firing our words against our enemy.

Words are our weapons in this war.



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Hunter Drew is a husband, veteran, and father of both a son and daughter. He runs TheFamilyAlpha.com and will be releasing The Family Alpha novel in 2017. Hunter's primary mission is to help men find a way to reclaim their masculine nature.

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