Brutal Clips 10

Brutal Clips 10: Riots, Milo And Mr. Swift

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The Milo riots in Boulder were exquisite.

I was in Boulder, Colorado on January 25th to see Milo Yiannopoulos speak. I was very graciously provided with a VIP reservation by Turning Point USA’s CU-Boulder chapter and accompanied by Mr. Swift, who has long experience as a major metropolitan S.W.A.T. team leader and instructor.

Mr. Swift and I stepped into the den of the rioting tiger. And his observations are captured in this podcast.


Listen to Brutal Clips 10: Riots, Milo And Mr. Swift.


My Periscope stream that night had over 7,600 viewers.


Follow Mr. Swift and get introduced.

He is on Twitter at @PraetorianSwift. You can read more about his unusual skills here.

And if you’re ready to measure yourself against men like him, start now.

Check out the Immersion Forge.


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