Brutal Clips 9

Brutal Clips 9: A Gauntlet At Spencer’s Feet

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Richard Spencer owes answer to challenge.

Jack Murphy and Richard Spencer are no friend to each other.

Richard is a well-known political advocate and head of the National Policy Institute. He is often characterized as a Nazi and was recently subjected to violent criminal attack, video of which is polarizing social media and the fallout resulting in Twitter ban of a media organization.

Jack is a growing voice in the manosphere, an accomplished professional, athlete and writer – and a half-Jew who confronted Richard at a Washington D.C. venue during a Deploraball afterparty.

I issued both men a challenge to debate on this podcast. One responded instantly and publicly. The other has not.


Listen to Brutal Clips 9: A Gauntlet At Spencer’s Feet.


My challenge yesterday.

Debate Challenge


Let us get a public decision from both men.

Read the full details of this challenge issued to both men.

And if you like challenges in the dark world, check out my new site.


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