500 Nazi Scalps Petition Lists Dark Triad Man

500 Nazi Scalps Petition Lists Dark Triad Man

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500 Nazi Scalps sure sounds like fun.

And it is, since idiocy masquerading as earnest political correctness makes everyone laugh.

A new petition on Change.org addressed to Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey demands the taking of 500 Nazi Scalps and the banning of listed accounts from Twitter.

My followers, of course, are very quick and noticed immediately. They took the time to let me know so I could join in the delighted mockery:


500 Nazi Scalps is silly entertainment.

Being included in this list is beyond amusing. While I am indeed a nationalist, I’m certainly not a socialist, as Ive spent the last ten years in the financial industry.

Nor am I a German, or of German descent. I am deeply proud of my English heritage and the ferocious history my family has survived over the last seven centuries.

As a skilled career professional, I am certainly not a worker. I manage workers.

I’m registered as an independent voter and don’t belong to any political party.

I therefore do not qualify as a member of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei.

But facts are lost on snowflakes.


Enjoy the comedy of 500 Nazi Scalps.

The most delightful aspect of this is that such earnest, hyperbolic denouncing is met with humor and fun by intended targets.

It is a good sign. For laughter is the sound of power, and derisive mockery is the foil by which childish leftists are subjugated.


500 Nazi Scalps misses the mark entirely.

I am Alt-Right. I make no bones about it. And I have been very clear where I stand.

In fact, one of the most highly trafficked articles here at Dark Triad Man is also a rare guest post on this site: #AltRight Explosion: Cruel Scorching Of The Blinded Left.

The (((deeply religious and observant author))) also wrote the Foreword to my bestselling book.

So Nazi. Much heil! Nein?


500 Nazi Scalps is worth milking for fun.

Enjoy the mockery, lads. When your adversaries make themselves ridiculous, it is great pleasure.

Never hesitate to exploit opportunities for laughter.

That is power, here in the dark world.


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