How To Fiercely Spread Seed As The Dark Triad Man

How To Fiercely Spread Seed As The Dark Triad Man

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Spread seed is how the future is mastered.

The dark world has momentum. You cannot go back. You are permanently committed to forward direction, regardless of how hard you cling to opportunities missed.

It is cruel and unpleasant to live a life of scrounging and desperation. Fear of looming poverty and desparately scraped resources is a hideous way to exist. Yet to avoid such misery you must constantly engage in a critical habit as you transit this dark world we inhabit.

You must fiercely spread seed into the future. Read how the Dark Triad Man showers forth.


The dark world is fertile for the persistent.

Today there is a severe disconnect between what is required in the dark world for the cultivation of wealth, security and power… and the weak, silly expectations of an entire generation in the West.

I see this every day in my work and in the lives of those I encounter. Whiny, slothful and immature habits in our young men are accompanied and reinforced by expectations of instant gratification and unearned profit.

Other men that I work with see this as well:


Your “Nine Laws” and understanding of the impersonal aspects of nature are the exact kinds of things these young people need to grasp. They simply haven’t been exposed to any discomfort; let alone the kinds of training that you endured as a young man. They’ve lived through their “everybody gets a trophy” childhood and then when they come to corporate America, they are stunned at the level of accountability they’re held to. They also have absolutely no patience. If they haven’t made a huge impact within two months, they feel like they’re failing and are looking for a new job. – L.W.


What can be done to transform this silly and selfish attitude? How can shallow, unsuccessful spirit move into strong expressions of the heart? Can the young men of our Western civilization learn to successfully face a new and terrible age filled with dreadful risks and glittering opportunity?

How can we teach them to engage it?

“They need The Nine Laws, Ivan.”

I hear that. And I get that. And I agree with that, for that is why I wrote it.

But sometimes a quick hit is important too. The Nine Laws is a deep study, something to return to over and over and dive into and immerse oneself within, and learn to swim outwards from.

Young men want wealth, security and power.

They want it today.

They want it now.

They do not want to wait.

The impatience of youth is a consistent feature of the human race. It is well known and well understood. And in our current culture it has been coddled and sheltered, fed without restraint, and the inevitable and ugly result is the smash of our culture and weakened resolve and resiliency of our young men.

The answer is to teach them a principle, expand it into methods, and deliver them tools to use it within a structure that makes sense… and accords with their essential nature.

Youth possesses another great attribute in addition to impatience. Indeed, this attribute is integrally entwined with impatience in order to drive the very future existence of our species. It is a natural trait, and one that can be profitably harnessed with correct and appropriate complementation.

That second attribute is fertility.

Impatience engaged by fertility ensures the rapid procreation of our species.

A desperate, compulsive evolutionary demand to fiercely spread seed is among the most prominent attributes of young men.

Now we are going to put it to methodical work.


Spread seed is the essential shower of the future.

The simplest way to illustrate the principle of spread seed is to step away from the inevitable imagery of frantic, lustful sexual procreation and outline our principle from an alternate perspective of cultivation.

We will return to successful capture of ecstatic, writhing human joining later in this post, and how to successfully apply our principle to that desire. For it is a valid demand, and like any other profit channel it delivers when methodically approached.

But to commence illustration and explanation of our principle of spread seed we will shift from the urgency of the conqueror, to the outlook of the sower, the thrower and the calmly expectant.

Understand well that the concept of a “numbers game” is applicable to this principle.

Just as the way to have a good idea is to have many ideas, the way to ensure a flowered future is to consistently drive fertility ahead of you in life.

If you wish a brilliant idea, you must consistently and continuously generate endless ideas.

Most will be useless. Some will be bad. A few will bear closer examination.

This is the principle, the great fertilizer of the Way.

Throw seeds ahead. Note opportunities, embed ideas, remember people, capture interests, and always look ahead for where you might, later, confirm the direction of the world.

With each “hmm” moment of seeing what could be, file the opportunity into your mind.

At every experience of intriguing possiblity, note what could be manifested later.

Other human beings that spark interest and connection should not be forgotten.

What draws your sudden interest, even for a moment, is a line of potentiality into the future.

There are infinite examples of this, and I will not attempt to catalogue all of these things. The important thing is to recognize these touchpoints, to see them, to observe them and to retain the experience of awakened possibility.

That is the first step, the initial entry into our principle.

Observe value. See value. Acknowledge value.

Capture it. Open it. Witness it. Prepare it well.

Then seed it, richly and continuously.


Enriching fertilizer must follow spread seed.

The flip side of our principle involves calm, measured, and minute increments of fertilization.

Understand well that conditions for new life are fragile and easily become fetid when overwhelmed. As you stride through your life and you spot opportunities, learn to appropriately deliver complementary fertility across a wide yet gently shallow swath.

You are here at Dark Triad Man and therefore I expect you have the minimum necessary intelligence, drive and motivation to grasp teaching. I will not enumerate every possible variation of this. It is simple, and you should understand clearly from just a few:

Stay in touch with contacts.

Follow up on ideas.

Return favors that are done for you.

Do small favors for others.

Put in good words for colleagues.

Take note of skills that the future will require.

Do you wish mature wealth, anchored security and adult power?

This is how, my brothers:

Commit yourself to continuous cultivation.

It bears great fruit, and it bears great fruit continually. Learn to take satisfaction in the preparation, rather than merely in the outcome. For this is the true work of building.

Delayed gratification does not necessarily mean putting off satisfaction. It does mean pulling your satisfaction down to smaller and smaller levels, closer and closer, generating those satisfactions from the action of fertilization and cultivation, and knowing that you will eventually reap harvest on a continuous basis.


Wealth conceives from spread seed.

When you constantly seed and cultivate in this manner, you constantly encounter growth and flowering.

You therefore constantly have sustenance.

There are always green growing shoots where you walk.

Resources appear around you, for you have long since continuously prepared them. Times of famine are more easily survived, for plenty is your cultivated state.

Do not doubt that the dark world will wax and wane in profit, and rapaciously test whether you live or starve.

Be there first. Spread seed into the future.

The First Law is Survival.

Starving is a bad death.

Ensure you eat well.


Security incubates from spread seed.

When you continuously seed, you continuously walk amidst the foliage.

Foliage is concealing and shading.

It offers protection and beauty.

It shelters and buffers against the dark world. It provides resources for building with, raw materials for the development of tools and structures, concealment from harsh light and predatorial gaze.

Never forget that human beings are apex predators and that you live among them.

Spread seed, and create future conditions of preservation.

The Second Law is Concealment.

Exposure is a miserable death.

Secure critical shelter early.


Power births from spread seed.

When you repetitively cultivate, you also grow deep and stabilizing roots.

They grow with tendrils into the very ground of the dark world.

To be rooted means to have power.

Power extends with subtle tendrition. It anchors you, sustains you, and permits regeneration from harm, even when the growth above is cut down or burned away.

Know that the dark world will demand harvest.

That is the Way, and you have duty to be ready.

Rootless living is fatal to the spirit.

Power is the Seventh Law.

Own where you walk.


The Way of the Dark Triad Man is one of consistent cultivation.

As you look outwards at jobs and careers and relationships and enterprises, spread seeds ahead of you so that they may constantly deliver green shoots for you to select among.

Methodical approach is how cultivation is performed. Farming is not hunting. Hunters are rarely wealthy; farmers live well when they are deliberate and methodical.

Through this process of husbandry you create the prerogative of choice for yourself.

Wealth, security and power are both entitled enablers of choice, and also risks and opportunities on the opposite side of choice.

Choice and its prerogative are the heart of freedom, and the path to the achievement of every sacred purpose you desire in the world.

Attain them well through this principle of spread seed, through these methods of cultivation, and secure your accrued rewards.

Do you wish to walk the way of independent entrepreneurship?

Then read New World Ronin from Victor Pride, and grasp his guidance.

Do you desire a lovely harem to sate a healthy appetite for sex?

Immerse yourself in the King’s Code from Kyle Trouble, and apply his methodology.

Do you seek to control your thoughts, emotions and health?

Absorb the material in Gorilla Mindset from Mike Cernovich, and embody his directives.

Read my article of advice for young men.

And keep going.


You are solely responsible for your outcomes in the dark world.

Do you have bottomless ambition? Is your bravery unfettered?

Do you dare to crack open the very foundation of the dark world, and accept the basal essence of the human predator?

Are you unafraid to look inside yourself with unblinded eyes, and shatter the grotesque illusions that shackle you?

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the dark world is infinitely beautiful. The dark world is also invariably fatal. You are going to die.

But until that day, the very best life has to offer is at your fingertips. You need simply dare to seize it and ride it.

It takes vision, planning and competence!

Buy and read my bestselling book The Nine Laws.

Walk the Way of the Dark Triad Man and engage with infinite beauty.

The Way is determined penetration, detonation and collapse.

It is also successful seeding, nurturing and harvesting.

Look well, o wolves! Straddle both aspects of the Way.

For thrones oversee both treasures and harvests.

Drink full from the glory of both.


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