'Twas The Night Before #Trumpmas

‘Twas The Night Before #Trumpmas

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The general election is decided tomorrow.

Twas the night before #Trumpmas, when all through the nation,
The cucks who held office felt sick desperation.
The ballots were raining in great shining piles.
They feared that The Donald would win by his wiles.

The pundits were nestled all snug in their stories.
With visions of Hillary winning her glories.
The networks and papers, all set to declare,
Had exit poll stories manufactured to share.

When out through the nation there burst such a roar,
They dropped their agenda and pissed on the floor,
Great fear seized their hearts as they saw in a flash,
The message that soared past their narrative trash!

The fierce song of MAGA shone brilliant and bright!
The heart of the people responded with “Fight!”
And much to the shock of the media liars,
A golden maned lion named Trump set his fires!

In a blaze of awareness they realized his power,
The strength of The Donald at the critical hour.
More endless than rivers the secrets were leaked,
As he named them, and told them, the media freaked!

“Now Assange! Now O’Keefe! Now, Wikileaks, go!
“On Milo! On Drudge! On Cernovich, ho!
“To the live Periscopes! to the media wall!
“Now blog away! Tweet away! Gab away all!”

As chads that before all the lawyers would dangle,
And frustrate the Democrats’ cynical angle,
So too, spun the media, frantic with longing
As The Donald prepared them for horrible schlonging –

And then, in a moment, they knew it was real.
The fainting of Hillary, dragged on her heels!
As they looked at the voting, and saw their hopes dying,
Now came out The Donald, his golden mane flying!

He was dressed in his suit and his bright pastel tie,
And his smile was matched by the gleam in his eye;
The great shining jet that said TRUMP on the tail.
Shone brightly behind as they knew they had failed.

His voice – how it thundered, so ringing and yuge!
His hands – how they gestured, commanding deluge!
His smile was strong and his rallies were furious,
And optics from Hillary were silly and spurious;

The reins of the future were tight in his hands.
And his vision, it soared and it lit up the lands!
He had a great task, and this beautiful saga
Grew bold with the glorious war-cry of #MAGA.

He was plain-spoken, rough, and he never held back,
And I laughed when I saw him cement his attack;
A deft comment here and a quick verbal rail;
He won me by saying “Because you’d be in jail“.

The country is voting on this #Trumpmas Eve,
Great hope for our nation once more we believe;
Get out to the polls, go cast your decision!
Make known your true preference with ballot precision!


Merry #Trumpmas Eve to all. Go and vote.

This is the best election ever. Make the future even better.

I am the Dark Triad Man, and I tell you that the throne is almost won.

Fight to the very foot of the golden seat of power!


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