The Colossal First Year Success Of Dark Triad Man

The Colossal First Year Success Of DARK TRIAD MAN®

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My first year has been phenomenal.

DARK TRIAD MAN® was launched on October 27th, 2015.

One year ago today I was an absolutely unknown, brand-new blogger. I was determined to take my lifetime of experience, my fearsome struggles and successes, and boldly bring them all forward in a format that men could instantly use to their benefit in a dark world of terrifying risk and collapsing civilizations.

Today marks the very first anniversary, and the results are clear:

18 million Twitter impressions, 85,000 visitors, 200,000 views and a bestselling book.

My first year of work is a colossal success across every important measure.

Read how I did it, and what is coming next!


How DARK TRIAD MAN® was born.

It came for me on the treadmill at the gym.

I was reading Bold and Determined by Victor Pride.

If you do not already know of this man and his blunt, focused writing – and the sublime truth upholding it – you are missing a gravely important resource.

Victor’s work is inspiring and his command of action was imperative. I knew there was no way around. His powerful advice was inarguable:


“Think it… dream it… wish it… and then goddamn it act on it.”


In the predawn hours, sweating and breathing hard from furious exercise, I vowed to do it. Victor provided that last blunt motivational shove into action. In the Acknowledgements section of my book I state that this is all Victor’s fault. It is.

Follow him.

I registered that very day. I formed the business, I laid out my plan, I identified all the necessary deliverables and prepared to track all the measures of success that – I thought – would drive the business forward. I was correct on some. I was off on others. I was superbly prescient on a few, wildly wrong on fewer.

But the decision was the most important first step. Without that decision – followed by goddamn acting on it – nothing would take place. And the initial decision and action was merely ripping the lid from a can of writhing, belligerent worms.

There are millions of bloggers, and most fail.

How would I break through?


Tearing open a saturated market in the first year.

Standing out in the vast wash of blogging noise, overwhelming even at the finely granulated level of men’s advice and motivation, was the first crucial requirement I faced. As noted, there are millions of bloggers out there. There are enormous numbers of men who want to be the next Victor Pride, the next Mike Cernovich, the next Roosh V.

Absolutely all of them will fail miserably.

Do you understand why?

They will fail because there is only one Victor Pride. There is only one Mike Cernovich. There is only one Roosh V. Rightfully so, for each of these men have created something both foundational and incredible, from a singularity of differentiation called authenticity.

DARK TRIAD MAN® had to be equally authentic, distinct, unique and differentiated.

To identify that differentiation it was necessary for me to drill down, tumble and turn, and attrite layers off the core product: myself.

How many men are there in the world?


How many of those are deaf?

Thirty-five million, according to statistics.

Who function with enormous success in the hearing world, not knowing sign language, and depending on lipreading and body language and native intelligence? Certainly hundreds of thousands, if not millions, and I refuse to consider mere wordly success remarkable.

But how many of them have extensive training in the classical fighting arts, spending adolescence and young adulthoold under severe tutelage?

Now we are probably down to mere thousands.

The next attrition points were even more important.

Had they lived all over the world? Did they fight through not just professional battles, but win savage legal and relationship challenges? How many of them had spent years fiercely honing their writing and speaking skills? Were they already producing in the markets of mindset and mentoring? Did they drive themselves ruthlessly forward?

Were they spawned within the lineage of an ancient family, scores of generations old and bred as psychopathic personal counselors to the dread sovereigns of old?

Would they crack their very lives open, brutally, and share and teach with raw honesty so that their brothers in the dark world could learn from them, and profit from their example in one of the most fearsome times in history?

Who would teach the men of the West to fight under a bloody banner and preserve civilization?

The answer gave birth to DARK TRIAD MAN®.

Because billions of men had just been narrowed to one.


It was my responsibility to bring this forward.


I had my value proposition: authentic perspective, brutal honesty and ruthless mentoring.

And so I goddamn acted on it.


Feedback from key influencers about DARK TRIAD MAN®.

It wasn’t long after I launched the blog and began getting notice, that I began respectfully reaching out to influencers in the arena.

Some were obvious.

Mike Cernovich of Danger and Play was one.  At the time he had just under 30,000 followers on Twitter but I could tell instantly that he was going places with an unstoppable ferocity. Time has borne out that prediction, and he is a clear and unmistakable trail blazer with enormous, exponential impact.

He is currently the subject of a full-length feature article about in The New Yorker.

Mike is also widely famous as a brutally direct guy. I learned that up front, and first-hand.

He privately let me know in no uncertain terms, early on, that I’d committed a careless act of rudeness as part of my initial self promotion. I am extraordinarily thankful for that. Because while being spanked by Mike Cernovich is not a fun experience… by all that is holy, it is beyond valuable when it happens early on and you learn from it.

I am very grateful to Mike for that coaching moment, as we call it in the corporate world, and for the timing of it. It was a necessary, key and priceless experience.

Today, I am also very grateful for his strong words about my book.

Mike is a class act, and deeply authentic. His incredible reach and influence is testimony to that. If you haven’t already, buy his books.

There is another influencer that I wish to call out here today.

In response to my cold approach, this particular man shared his opinion of my work and brand after a few months of publication.

I asked Chris Deoudes from Good Looking Loser if he wouldn’t mind taking a look and giving his input on DARK TRIAD MAN®. What did he think? What did he see?

He graciously took the time to read through my work, and offered two words of opinion.

Those two words were a simple but total validation of my differentation in the market:


“Not generic.”


Mike and Chris, thank you.

At that stage of branding and value creation, and as my work progressed, it made all the difference. I knew I was on the right track, and the pedal could be hammered to the floor.

It meant driving deep penetration into the market.

And bursting through the flood of social media.


The first year of social media is hard.

I don’t like Facebook. It is a time sink, most of its users are not my audience, and I needed traction fast. That is why I settled on Twitter and began to learn how it works.

It is an insane platform, rampantly infected (and managed) by social justice warriors. I saw that as a benefit. I am here to test out my work in the real world, to subject it to adversaries and criticism, along with the expected mockery from those who oppose my perspectives, my differentation and of course my message.

There were plenty of envious trolls, shrieking feminists, whining cucks, sobbing peasants, gormless chattel and febrile incompetents who decided to insult, harass and stalk me across social media. It was absolutely delightful and every one of them has my thanks for being a part of the churl shooting gallery that social media affords.

Trolls and haters are fun. They are the icing on the cake of the real work. And that real work is very serious, and has strict parameters.

I followed several rules as I delivered DARK TRIAD MAN® and built my audience:


1. Blunt, ruthless honesty in my observations and message.

2. Delivery of real world training for readers on top of perspective.

3. Multiple channels of media that entwine and reinforce. 

4. Absolute quality of writing, layout, presentation and brand.

5. Rapidity in applying lessons learned to the enterprise.


Everything I do at DARK TRIAD MAN® follows these overarching values.

I do not soften or gentle my message or my perspective for either my readers, my observers or my adversaries. I do not write to entertain but to teach, to drive men forward into a state more powerful than before they encountered me. I do not rely just on blog articles, but on Twitter and Gab and podcasts and soon, in the coming year, opportunities to work with readers in person.

And I work relentlessly, ceaselessly, because that is how success is built. The balance of my efforts among different channels has been rewarded with mixed results. In some ways, it is difficult to measure the success. Very few blogs take off like this and the beginner metrics out there often don’t apply.

DARK TRIAD MAN® itself has over 85,000 visitors and more than 200,000 views in the first year. This is tiny in comparison to long standing influencers like Mike or Vox Day. But it’s growing.

Take Twitter, where I have more than 18 million impressions and over 4,300 followers. Is that poor, mediocre, good or excellent growth in the first year? Hard to tell.

At Gab I now have over 1,000 followers, and that platform – which will eventually kill Twitter – is turning into a major channel for my work. But there aren’t metrics, yet.

On Facebook I do almost nothing- and it shows. A little more than 200 “likes” which is fine. It’s not my platform. But I am starting now to promote my writing there.

My Brutal Clips podcast has only three episodes so far, but has generated over 1,000 listens in just two weeks. Is that fast, average or poor? Time will tell how that grows.

Email subscribers are over 1,600 now. That’s a decently strong mailing list, and means that I can now swiftly achieve two important things with just a few minute’s notice:


1. I can deliver a traffic spike for myself on an issue.

2. I can deliver a traffic spike for an ally on an issue.


Both are crucially important. Allies matter in the dark world. And men do not leave their brothers behind. This capacity, this leverage, is the cultivation of power on behalf of one’s family, tribe, nation, culture and civilization.

There are several allies out there in social media that I wish to call out. They have been advisors behind the scenes, imparting their support and feedback and very generous provision of their time and interest to a newcomer who had set some high goals for himself:

Kyle Trouble, a superbly professional guy who runs a great podcast. Kyle, it has been an enormous pleasure to appear on your show – and your writing about your travels and experiences are terrific fun. I appreciate watching your story unfold.

Jack Murphy, a complex and thoughtful man with deep spirit. Jack, you have been a valuable sounding board at times and your friendship in the background is greatly appreciated, as is your powerful writing on some very personal topics.

Kitten Holiday, a bright and talented writer with high energy. Kitten, I appreciate the support and cross promotion, and your loyalty to your friends, as you grow in this niche with your distinctive voice and such sharp, amusing wit that I can’t help but laugh.

Ed Latimore, a calm and wise philosopher with fists. Ed, your growth on Twitter has been amazing to watch, and it is well-driven by the extraordinarily relaxed and insightful communication and teaching you provide. As always, your class is outstanding.

Nick Hagood, a ferocious lad with brash directness. Nick, thank you for your fierce backup on social media – and the demonstration you provide of solid, unhesitating strength in the service of the values you promote. Well done, and well respected.

Joe Katzman, editor emeritus of Defense Industry Daily. Joe, you have been absolutely invaluable as subtle eminence in the shadows, testing and tumbling and turning and measuring with a ceaseless and delightful intelligence I hugely admire.

Anonymous Conservative, brilliantly insightful author of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics. AC, you have my immense gratitude for the friendly, supportive and also instructive recommendations for steps to take through launch. Buy his book.

There are far too many people who have played a role in the success of DARK TRIAD MAN® to call them all out individually. Hundreds of you have shared emails, chats, and  other correspondence over the last year.

It has been a priceless inundation. The conversations range from men moved and inspired by my writing and speaking to academics discussing the dark triad, people kicking addiction and even near-suicidal men who have made gravely powerful, seriously positive changes to their lives as a result of the guidance in my Escape Plan ebook.

I stay in touch with them all.

It is an immense honor to provide guidance at pivotal moments in the lives of men. Most of all, it has been a vastly challenging, utterly draining, but completely fulfilling experience to collate and coalesce, tumble and turn, remember and reframe the lessons and training and experiences and shocks of a life fiercely lived, and distill them into a book that instantly hit bestseller status.

Testimonials arrive daily that speak to the truth of its power.

Most fulfilling of all was the email from Jack Ronin at The Savage Lifestyle:


“I do believe it will live on after your death.”


The Third Law is Purpose. You must achieve your sacred purpose.

Mine is to deliver authentic teaching that survives me.

And now The Nine Laws has arrived.


A powerful bestseller in the first year.

It is a common practice for bloggers to write a book and deliver it to market. This is good, for it helps with the discipline not just of writing, but of how the writer thinks about his product and about what value he brings foward for consumers.

This also means that millions of bloggers release literally hundreds of thousands of books every single year. (Amazon has over one million books in the Kindle store alone.)

Mike Cernovich calls out the hard facts:


“…fewer than 1% of books ever sell 10,000 copies over the course of a lifetime.”


This presented a grave challenge. Not only was it enormously difficult to break above the vast sea of bloggers vying for attention and audience… but blogging is ultimately and essentially delivery of free content.

Creating something that people would pay for, and pay well, and receive inestimable value from in return – that is an entirely different affair.

I refused to commit to anything less than a spectacular, superb and powerful deliverable. The most horrible outcome I could think of was lukewarm reviews, a few dozen sales, and then ignominity. My goal was to shock people with depth, to overwhelm them with value, and provide them with a serious, concrete resource they could crack open and study for years and years without exhausting.

Otherwise it wasn’t worth it.

But where to start? How could I develop from the humble beginnings of this blog, and not only uphold my personal and enterprise values but also leap foward into something deeply transformative, something lasting, perhaps even immortal?

The answer seems obvious to me now, but at the beginning of 2016 I was struggling with what to write. Producing just another “hey, I’m here” blogger book was anathema to me. I was extremely worried that the slightest failure would destroy all the work I had started, perhaps even turn me into a laughing stock.

What if I could not actually produce something as good as I hoped? What if people criticized it as weak, or disorganized, or worst of all stupid? I knew that failure would be the death of a lifelong dream. It was not an easy time, and that struggle bled into everything else I was doing. Had I bitten off far more than I could chew?

As I wrestled with what the book should be about, it dawned on me that the answer was directly in front of me.

It was the lead magnet for DARK TRIAD MAN® released on New Year’s Eve, 2015. That original 50-page classic ebook was written over the final two months of last year, designed as a valuable thank you gift to my subscribers. It remains available.

Yet within that short ebook was outlined the very personal, structural foundation of my life itself. And within it was the Way that I had paid for, with hard living, to learn.

It was the clearest, purest writing I had done, and it came directly from the heart.

Over a thousand readers downloaded and read it in a few short months.

It was called The Nine Laws.


Trauma and horror pivot to light the immortal Way.

Reader response to that heartfelt lead magnet was instantaneous. My writing, my teachings, and most of all my lessons resonated strongly with them. They wrote to tell me that it was changing their lives, that it had slammed them hard into a completely different mindset, a very seriously expanded way of living.

It was inescapably the most valid starting point for the deeper work I had to accomplish. The difficult way forward was utterly clear:

Shin-den, as the ninja refer to it.


Divine transmission of the heart.


The only way to achieve total success was the hardest. I had to lay my life completely bare. Capture my sorrow, my pain, my anguish and ferocity and stubborn bitter refusal to die, and throw them as a blazing torch of cruel experience onto that path that stretched behind me.

Other men were on it, and men do not leave their brothers behind.

How did it feel to scream in miserable rage on the floor as a newly and permanently crippled child who would never again fully hear a loving voice?

How did I endure the seemingly endless agony of my stolen son, and what lessons did I learn as I hunted for him and faced the cynical barter of law?

How did somber childhood instruction in shared pain of torture and persecution, of fusillades of gunfire into starving patriots, teach me to treasure life?

By those flares of honesty and revelation, built with care and precision, founded on the reality of the dark world and infused with the joy that comes from acceptance of what is despite the grinning and screaming random chaos that underlies all things… my work could achieve what I demanded.

Read the compelling reviews that are testimonial to what has been accomplished:


“In short, I think it is among the best mindset/strategy books out there, and I expect that there will be a lot of copies of Art of War and Five Rings throughout the world finding a bold new title sharing their space on the bookshelves of the world.”
Anonymous Conservative


“Throne is at his best when he lays bare his own personal experiences, as when he relates the childhood physical traumas he overcame through his own work ethic and consistent determination. That alone should cause us to sit up and take notice:  nothing is as difficult to overcome as our own limitations, and Throne has made it clear that he’s mastered his.”
Quintus Curtius


“The truly extraordinary nature of this work comes out now, in this part. The author reveals that The Nine Laws is not just a book of personal development, of mere self-improvement, but a manual of battle, the battle for our civilization and soul, and a call for men to gather under the banner of Truth, of acknowledgement of the Dark World and also the Light and Beauty in it, and to fight, together.”
Robert Pearson


“The first thing that grabbed my attention and held it was Ivan’s utter lack of equivocation. This is not simply a testament to good and clear style. It is, rather, evidence of strong presence of mind and sound devotion to the craft of living. His observations were honed by humbling experience, tactfully ingrained in the text.”
Perrin Lovett


“Don’t expect to read this book once, twice, or even a dozen times and understand all the lessons contained in this book.  This is a wealth of knowledge you will need to come back to time and time again, write notes and highlight in, and reference many times in order cement the lessons in your mind.”
The Gentleman’s Club


Read the first few chapters of The Nine Laws free on Amazon.

Read the viseceral, compelling preface “The Dying Child”, study the Hundred Lessons, and know what lies within the rest of the testimony that will live on after my death.

It has been done, and done well.

Now it belongs to all of you.

From my heart, to yours.



Join the great personal work that follows this first year.

The print editions – both hardback and softcover – will be released very soon. The production editor at Castalia House is working on the last careful adaptations required to deliver a superbly polished final product. At roughly 430 pages, it has solid, real heft to it.

Good! It will be a work you can grip in your hands, and take notes in, and read and wear and tear and yet never exhaust as a fountain of value. There are over threescore training exercises in The Nine Laws, structured carefully to enable you to both progress through the work sequentially, and to open at random and find great immediate value.

That value will be expanded in the coming months with group and personal training events. Because although social media mastery is the great and necessary first step – it is only the first. There is much to do, and it must be done face to face.

We will meet in person, my brothers, and we will celebrate the joy of living… and raise together the roar of men who advance roughly towards defense of their culture and civilization with sacred, glittering purpose.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I tell you that the gates of war are open, and the terrain of the dreadful adversary shakes beneath the march of determined men.

There is a right time to shape the swelling ranks, and it is right now:

It is time to train the cadres that will save us.

Join us.


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