10 Feet And 100 Days From Trump

10 Feet And 100 Days From Trump

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“Come with me,” said the Secret Service.

I went with the agent, past the lines and into the event.

It was a beautiful hot summer evening last Friday night. Donald J. Trump was appearing at the Air Force museum in Denver and I was there to listen to his speech.

Most of all I intended to get a close-up view of the man who will be the next President of the United States. My purpose: to dissect him as a man, to see what lies underneath the public persona that is portrayed across the entire world.

I achieved it. And I am here to tell you what I saw, what I learned, and what is coming.

The election is exactly 100 days from today.

The future it brings is colossal.


Three critical measures of success were achieved.

I was escorted to the very front of the VIP section. This is important not from a standpoint of ego or notoriety but because it enabled me to perform my assessment of Donald J. Trump according to three critical measures of success:

  • Correct angle to lipread and observe body language.
  • Accurate timing to avoid exhaustion in the heat.
  • Proper distancing to avoid visual interference.

Timing, distancing and angling are the three parameters that the practitioner develops skill in. The scholar studies them as methods. Lastly, the master embodies them as essential principles that deliver determined outcomes of victory, triumph.

I cover this process in detail within The Nine Laws.

On Friday  I put them into performance.


Angling my line of sight for correct perspective.

Lipreading is just one aspect of assessing the honesty, capacity and intention of another human being at a public speaking event. An offset angle is important, so that the microphone does not block the speaker’s mouth.

Likewise, the podium itself must not block the body language of the speaker. I want to see the hands, the alignment of the spine, the placement of the feet. How do the hips and neck withstand the stress of motivational delivery while standing for an hour?

What is the physical condition of the man, and how does that integrate or disintegrate according to his delivery of emotion and information?

These are important considerations, and being close enough to observe this was crucial.

From my vantage point, it was perfect.

The next aspect was timing.


Timing my arrival for maximal performance.

The demand of utterly alert observation meant that I could not stand there for hours and hours in the ninety-plus degree heat, packed in with thousands and thousands of other human beings, many who had driven for an entire day from the surrounding states.

They were exhausted, and thirsty, and tired – but excited, and very proud to be there.


You could feel the truth: they knew they were witnessing history.


But to stand there for six hours with no water, wearing a suit and tie and jammed in like sardines – that simply would not do. I needed every bit of mental acuity for my total personal dissection of Donald Trump.

I timed it perfectly. My escort brought me there right on time.

Thirty minutes after our arrival at the forefront of the enormous crowd, it began.

And our distancing was perfect.

I could see everything I needed.


Distancing for comprehensive field of view.

At public events where a prominent dignitary is scheduled to speak there is always a performance in common since time immemorial.

There is the parade of the powerful, the men and women who are feted and displayed before the appearance of the king. Whether councilors or creditors, courtiers or confidants, they are a part of the ritual of leadership.

They must be given their opportunity to be seen by the crowd, recognized as the trusted coterie of the dread lord.

Observing their behavior teaches much about the conscience of the king. Do they preen and strut? Is there evidence of mutual hatred between them, jockeying for position and snide contempt exuding from their posture?

My placement enabled me to observe it all.

Here are my assessments.


Donald J. Trump is a man of extraordinary personal power.

I have been fortunate enough to encounter and engage phenomenal men and women, and to be up close to figures who have changed history and guided the future of nations.

Donald J. Trump is without question the most personally powerful and charismatic executive I have ever seen in this lifetime.

Authenticity resonates from the man. There was not one teleprompter for him to use. He pulled some papers from his suit jacket when he arrived at the podium, but he did not glance at them more than a few times during the event.

That was the first test I applied: authenticity.

I am deaf. I depend, quite literally, on reading body language and facial expression and posture for my survival. Survival breeds desperation and innovation, and a skill required for survival becomes honed to a savage edge.

Donald J. Trump was not posturing with empty performance. He spoke strong, radical words. His level vision, his coherent delivery, and his executive mien were unmistakable.


Donald J. Trump is the right man to govern as Chief Executive.


I have worked in the field of business for many decades. I have met billionaires, I have worked under them, and I know how to take the measure of a leader. And I tell you today without reservation that Donald J. Trump is an executive to entrust with the full array of nuclear and conventional forces of the United States of America.

I saw no flaws in his authenticity. That matches what I am told by men whom I trust with my life, who have sat across the table with him. I hold no reservations in this assessment.

His command presence is superb.


Donald J. Trump spoke from the heart with thundering clarity.

It was entirely evident from his body language that the man believes deeply in the words he speaks. This was the second test that I needed to apply.

False presentations of belief, demonstrations by the insincere, and the moral writhing of the disingenuous is instantly and grotesquely apparent to those who depend up on accurate reading of human beings for their survival.

For forty years I have honed that ability to dissect into the hearts of men and ascertain their inner reality.

Is that narcissistic? Absolutely, and superbly so. My life is testament to the accuracy of it.

Is that Machiavellian? Inescapably, for power grows in tendrils, subtly, and through all things.

Is that psychopathic? Ruthlessly, for it is my survival at stake, and that of my entire nation.

That is the Way of the Dark Triad Man, and the heart of The Nine Laws.

I tell you today that Donald J. Trump does not deliver meaningless empty pablum through a microphone, scripted for him by an endless army of policy consultants informed by layers and layers and layers of meaningless, passionless fools.

I tell you that Donald J. Trump means what he says, and that his ferocious commitment to the restoration of magnificent American greatness and hegemonic economic, military and cultural dominance is authentic, thundering and unstoppable.

That is the Way, embodied by a man who has raised glittering buildings of gold across the skylines of the world. A man who has matchless reputation as a tireless executive of phenomenal achievement and tireless self-belief.

I saw it that night, up close, and I know what I saw:


The new age is bright, and it arrives immensely fast.


Those who deny Donald J. Trump will be a great President are fools. Those who expect he will be merely a competent executive are mistaken. I tell you today that I have seen something utterly, totally extraordinary.

I have seen the survival of Western civilization itself.

Be ready for it.


Reflections on the night and the event.

I mentioned the importance of observing the conduct and attitude of members of the court. That is essential, whether under a democratic republic with an elected chief executive or a feudal system of dread lords and bloody banners.

In this case, it was very clear that the men, women and some children who were a part of the executive entourage were both calm and confident.

I did not observe malevolent side glances, shrugging into position, or jockeying for visibility and status.

They exuded more than simply the attitude of the relaxed and the competent.


I witnessed the confidence of winners.


That was evident through the evening. I did not observe obsequious behavior from them or from the various state and local officials in attendance. Nor was there any undercurrent of fear, the terror that comes with attracting the attention of the tyrant.

It is one more clue to the nature of Donald J. Trump’s approach to executive management. And his words, spoken forcefully on stage, reinforced his attitude towards an electoral loss with unmistakable clarity.

“It will have been an enormous waste of time, money and effort.”

Thank about that.

Not “his historic campaign”. Not “our outstanding achievement”.

No platitudes, no false cheer, no slithering and writhing attempt to make defeat look like an accomplishment. Simply blunt reality, spoken by an executive who is focused on results, and not on the contemptible word “try”.

Donald J. Trump voices the truth every competent, world-class leader understands:

There are only results.

That is the way of the dark world. It always has been, and always will be.

It is the Way of the Dark Triad Man and of this man who will be President.

I have written before of this perspective.

Read it, understand it, and see it.


Connection matters in the new age.

I spoke with a veteran after the speech. He had stood behind me just outside the VIP barrier and told me his story, with tears in his eyes at what he had witnessed. It was remarkable to hear his words.

Those tears were for his nation, for the dreadful, terrible risks it faces – and the utmost necessity of Donald J. Trump as the next President of the United States.

It is a responsibility to connect with such men, to grasp their hands, and to speak directly to them of what I see.

It a great and awesome privilege to see their spine straighten, their eyes shine, and their face take on lines of strength as we speak together of what comes forward in the days ahead, and the pride their fathers have in them.

The old age is dead, and political correctness is thrown off.

The new age is here, and brothers now rise and stand together.

It is the responsibility of every American male to defend his loved ones, his community, and his country.

The fate of your nation is riding upon you, and beyond it the destiny of Western civilization itself is at stake in an existential battle for survival.

I tell you today that the new age is not only bright and arriving fast, but vast and brimming with unequaled opportunity for men of action who demand performance.

This very day you can feel the change in culture, the release of fatal grip by the collectivist killers who wait only for their moment of totalitarian power.

Political correctness is dead. We have killed it, mercilessly, and delivered it into the ashcan of failed, bankrupt ideas where it belongs.

Cuckservatism is dead, and nationalism rises in defense of culture and community, family and nation, and strides forward into victory.

Be a part of the rolling thunder of the future.


Learn your allies and your adversaries well.

Make no mistake that collectivists, leftists and others who have great and vested interest in your slavery will oppose you with everything they have.

They well know that the future is devastating to their plans. Their ideology of globalism, unrestricted free trade, unlimited immigration and destructive multiculturalism is demonstrated as bankrupt.

You must do more than sit on the sidelines and enjoy it.

You must take part in advancing the future that arrives.

You need an operating system for the dark world.

You need The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

It is coming soon from Castalia House.


Get your free copy of the classic edition.

The full expanded edition of The Nine Laws will be released this fall. In the meantime, prepare yourself today for that delivery.

Get ready for full immersion in the methods that I teach, the great and immortal Way that enables deep penetration to the very center of power.

Access the skills, methods and principles for the forging of thought, word and deed into vision, planning and competence.

The Nine Laws are your iron rails of momentous navigation through the dark world.

Get the free classic edition today, and begin your study. It is my gift to you.

Stride towards victory and triumph in the new age. This is no dress rehearsal!

I tell you today that you have only one life and you must live it.

Never pass up opportunity to increase your power.

Read well, study hard, and train with ferocity.

It is how you reach the throne.


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