Murderous Civil War: Ivan Throne on Troublesome Radio

Murderous Civil War: Ivan Throne On Troublesome Radio

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The Ivan Throne interview continues.

An explosive Part Two discussion with Kyle Trouble of Troublesome Radio was recorded on July 2nd. That was a mere week ago. During this interview I predicted murderous civil war.

Now the streets of the United States are on fire, and this time it is open season with uniformed officers of the State being gunned down by carefully placed riflemen and political tensions are explosively hot. Government robots are engaging on the ground with lethal orders to self-detonate and kill.

I warned of civil war. I said it would be murderous. I gave you an entire week’s notice. Now I suggest you heed the rest of my warning. The tide of the dark world is now a bloody, crashing surf – and the future of the West is at stake.

Sit down and absorb the Part Two podcast on Troublesome Radio today:


Listen to the interview with Ivan Throne on Soundcloud.


Serious thanks to Troublesome Radio.

Kyle again delivered the complete professionalism I’ve learned is his hallmark. It is a part of the man’s essential demeanor. Follow him on Twitter at @TruthfulTrouble.

Check out the Part One interview from earlier this year.

And make sure you don’t miss a very important opportunity.


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Learn the iron core of the Laws, and harden yourself for the murderous civil war that rages.

Troublesome Radio had profound words of praise for The Nine Laws:


“The first thing that jumps out at you is a major WOW factor – the graphics, artwork, and formatting of the book is absolutely incredible.”

“With that being said, you certainly never should judge a book by it’s cover, and once I opened the pages of The Nine Laws, I wasn’t disappointed – the quality of the content inside matched the artwork.”

“The Nine Laws is a deep read, and I mean it. It’ll make you truly think about your position in the world, the realities of being a man in modern day society, and make you question a lot of things.”

“The Nine Laws is simply one of the best freebie giveaways that I have ever seen on a blog, hands-down.”


Kyle is correct.

And is my free gift to you.

Seize advantage of the opportunity.

Take ferocious charge of your future.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

With brutal honesty I tell you that the dark world is soon to explode.

It will go far beyond snipers in the streets, butchered policemen and exploding robots that answer to the State.

It will take us into the next age of man.

You best be prepared, my brother.

Pity never seats on the throne.


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