Bloody Banners In The Dark World

Bloody Banners In The Dark World

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The road of global war leads to you.

The Dark Triad Man engages the dark world as a deadly serious combatant. The traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy combine to accelerate his reach and power into realms of ferocity the typical man cannot match.

There are those who insist this makes him an immoral figure, a deceitful and mysterious presence of evil who is only out for himself.

Those are weak and tremulous words from envious fools who lack mature comprehension.

Dread lords and bloody banners are valid in the dark world. Only the ignorant pretend to surpass the demands of immortal purpose, the clash of civilization and the grim present reality of invasion and death.

In this post we will define, dissect and deploy the allegiance of the Dark Triad Man.

And you will raise both flag and steel to your purpose.


The nature of war and peace in the dark world.

From time immemorial the human race has the path of Caesars and generals. The world itself has seen one after another rise with skill and vision, thundering with armies across the wide world and seizing immortal fame.

Those men led the march of history and their names will live for ever.

Today there are those who truly believe that the days of the Great Khans and conquerors are over. That another Hitler or Alexander will never arise, and that global civilization will not permit another to straddle the earth.

They are idiotically short-sighted fools.

There is no shortage of those who would be Caesar.

They plan today for dominance and hegemony.

It is the nature of men.

War and peace are inherent to the dark world. Static, permanent states do not exist in reality, much less when artificially imposed by the imagination of stupid men who believe they have surmounted the inevitable cycles of life and death, creation and destruction, civilization and collapse.

Those cycles continue and ever will.

Yet there are always Chamberlains who wave useless knitted lies on worthless pieces of paper and declare that the savage and impulsive ambitions of Men have been cooled.

And consequently stumble their nation and people into bloody and horrific war.

Understand this well:

War and peace will continue for ever as long as there are human beings.


“Only the dead have seen the end of war.” – George Santayana


It is useless and gratuitous to rail and writhe with ideological, ethical or religious frustration and despair against the nature of our race or the basal foundations of the dark world.

Such naive and whining protestation is nothing more than a prattled fear of defeat and death, taking shape of expression in the form of virtue signal and reluctance to put forward the effort of survival, purpose, endurance and power.

The Dark Triad Man understands The Nine Laws and he does not tremble in denial.

He comprehends and accepts reality.

Things are what they are.

See clearly the lessons of history. They unmask the forbidding reality of six hundred million dead. Those dead have piled ceaselessly from the dawn of history.

Grasp the brutal truth that war will not be eradicated. Know that it is present here today, and that it thunders towards you with howling madness.

That is the path of the human race.

It is the nature of the world.

It follows a clear and simple cycle of contraction and expansion, of recession and approach. It is an endless tide, an inexhaustible bellows with a rhythm that can be identified, assessed and aligned to.

It follows the cycle of energy.


Absorb the knowledge I share with you.

The Way Of Deep Penetration explains this cycle of energy and how to master it.

Read and align that teaching to the current state of human ambition and war.

The trends and times have condensed, and ideology and culture now give way to the accelerated spiral of nationalism and preparation for conflict. The political realms of the era have become brittle and will inevitably crack and shatter.

Artillery and aircraft roar and blood again gushes down through the gutters of ruined cities.

Dread lords arise in the Middle East and men swear savage oaths of feudal bay’at allegiance.

The West begins to slowly awaken – and most of all, to see.

It sees death coming under the bloody banners of Islam.

It hears the declaration of total war and Islam’s open promise of annihilation.

In these days of pivotal decision on the fate of civilization, the Dark Triad Man must form, shape and deliver his decision of allegiance.

He does not go quietly into the ignominious pits of the innocent murdered.

You must survive. You must bring to bear all the power and endurance you possess.

It is the Way to engage with utility and determination.

You must know, explicitly name, and swear fealty to your sacred purpose.

There are many bloody banners rising in the coming storm.

Those without allegiance become spattered froth on the crimson surf of suffering and death.

You have a responsibility to face squarely what arrives on the road.

You have a grim and terrible duty to recognize the incoming tide.

Or die in ignominious, disgusting defeat.


Bloody banners of Islam soak the world in unrepentant gore.

Today it is unmistakably clear that conquest is hotly pursued. The legions of Islam butcher scores on the beach, burn men alive from the swing sets of children and advance with virtually no opposition.

No longer at the gross and tawdry edges of culture, today holy war burns in the cities and towns of the West. It is brought by those who march under the sharpened crescent of Islam and the black and white flag of its resurgent Caliphate.

Detonations of vicious bombs and the screams of the cruelly murdered echo from the plazas of New York to the halls and streets of London and Brussels. Savage gunfire chatters through the offices and theaters of California and Paris.

Heads fall under hacking knives and bloody threats are pointed at the heart of Rome by an invader that does not have pity, remorse or gentility.

If you believe that Islam will give up and go home you are an unforgivably deluded, sickeningly castrated eunuch.

Do not be a fool!

Do not be one of those craven, hideous cowards who refuse to face the enemy!

For over a thousand years Islam has proclaimed with singular ferocity its determination to subjugate and conquer all lands not under the rule of its foul ideology of death.

Dar al Harb, the “House of War”, is the term of Islam for those not yet prostrate in submission.

You live in that house. The front door has been opened by idiots who wrap the death of the West in the bloody banners of multiculturalism and tolerance.

Make no mistake. The blood on those banners is that of your own people.

The hands that hold them aloft are putrid, treasonous fools who have subordinated the dignity and survival of the West to their own stuttering, malevolent and suicidal cuckoldry.

How does the Dark Triad Man form his allegiance? How does he determine his duty?

He understands that the House of War is his house.

He does not hesitate to defend his home.

You must follow this path.

Take personal responsibility for survival.

Fight with savage, unrelenting focus.

Raise the bloody banners of your nation!

Your culture demands that you choose sides. Your civilization will die without your allegiance. Swear it with unflinching, mortal determination.

You must understand and make this choice.


The fate of Western civilization depends upon you.

For generations now the very essence of culture has been under unrelenting attack by the foolish ideologues of the Left who believe that all things are relative, including manhood, honor and civilization itself.

They have shamed you and castigated you and viciously denigrated the very fact of your national and cultural existence.

I instruct you here with brutal honesty and you hear in your heart the bleak reality.

The bleak reality is that you and your brothers are scattered, detached, disorganized and out of touch, and as consequence you are divided and falling.

You do not meet as men in the dark world and plan survival of the West.

Your soldiers are butchered with knives by jihadists in your streets.

You fail to uphold heritage of a thousand years of gallantry and honor.

Your women are groped and beaten and raped in the streets of your cities and your political leaders mock and insult you as fearful haters who cannot accept some imagined responsibility of groveling to an invader.

Your children are taught to “explore” Islam in school and expelled for questioning or challenging the idiocy of cultural surrender. Your daughters wrap themselves in headscarves to proclaim solidarity with a murderous enemy that would rape them to death where they stand.

For each day of this that continues you are at fault.

For each rape and bomb and bullet that goes unopposed, you bear fearsome responsibility.

Men do not abandon their brothers in the dark world!

Men do not invite the conquerors into their homes and watch the subjugation of their wives!

Men do not give up their children to instruction in surrender and appeasement!

I tell you now that the longer you wait the more horrific your outcome will be. Turn from this disgusting and execrable sloth of fear and hesitation. Stand as a man and throw off with disgust the shackles of political correctness.

You are not alone in the dark world and your brothers seek you this very day. Learn to reach out with secure and competent communication. Master the methods of tradecraft and insurgency.

Build your networks of alliance and brotherhood.

I speak with icy reality when I say that you will need them.

If not to defend your culture, then at the end to make its death more expensive.

You must choose your allegiance.

The sacred heart of your immortal purpose must be proclaimed.

Delve into your inner purpose and find your tongue to swear it.

Stand as a proclaimed man of the West. Stand loyal and fast with your brothers.

Once more I declare that the man who has no allegiance or adherence to the banner of his culture is a craven, despicable fool.

The power and purpose of the Dark Triad Man are not delivered by mere aimless chasing of sexual notches or by listening to ceaseless, clever complaints of feminine hypergamy by those who offer nothing more than bitterness.

The endurance and freedom of the Dark Triad Man are not found in selfish separation from your brothers, but through full recognition, alignment and propagation of the momentum of the age towards determined defense of civilization.

The concealed posture of the Dark Triad Man permits you freedom to move unopposed through the array of adversaries before you. Deep understanding that no laws restrict you in the dark world brings forward the most important result:


Grim, unforgiving, psychopathic survival.

Your survival.

Survival of your family.

Your nation. Your culture.

Survival of civilization itself.

Prepare hard.


Think long and hard about your purpose.

You cannot avoid the coming pivotal clash of civilization and the hungry roar of the beast of military conquest. To attempt avoidance by thought, word or deed and deny this future is to abrogate your own sanity and wallow in the slosh of illusion.

Your vision, planning and competence are the tools and equipment of your national arsenal in a fight for existential perpetuation.

Your narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are the razor edges of your capacity and prowess and the bloody throats of your sons will be torn out in scarlet fountains without them.

Deploy them to service. Observe the bloody banners fluttering in the looming storm of the dark world, and contemplate deeply the purpose you hold dear.

It will be put to shattering, horrific test in the violent, miserable years to come.

Choose your banner. Align your purpose. Take note of dread lords who march purposefully forward, and heed the resonant drums that follow.

Understand that the realm of the Dark Triad Man is not the mere pursuit of trivialities.

I tell you today that if you seek power, freedom and survival you will not find it in cynicism.

I declare that you are a fool if you belief these capacities are only for silly social advancement.

You must be a warrior who engages directly with the world and achieves victory for his sacred purpose. You must know your purpose to the bottom of your very being.

Hold it fast without shiver. Perceive the transformation of energy that crashes through the heart of the world. Penetrate it hard.

That is the true illimitable Way of the Dark Triad Man.

Know it, live it and prove it.


Your road to competent training and power.

In the weeks and months to come there will be more severe admonition and tools delivered here to facilitate your momentum. In particular, the ability to communicate securely for the facilitation of real world meetings is a profoundly important skill.

We will be examining this, and providing concrete instruction in methods for your review.

Uncuck Your Bloody Country delivers rough instruction for the future.

Rape By Refugee dissects and tears apart the threat you face.

Subscribe today and stay ahead of the drums of arriving war.

You will need these skills for yourself, your loved ones and your nation.

I am Ivan Throne.

I am the Dark Triad Man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you that victory is not a foregone conclusion, and that your nation and civilization is losing this fight without you.

Stand up and shake off your complacent idiocy.

Embrace your savage manhood and the demands of cultural survival.

The thrones of the West totter, and the boots of the invader ring through the very halls of kings.

Draw steel. Find your brothers. Stand together with them and let your full capacity unleash.

And the last bloody banners flying will be our own.


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