"Narcissist" Attack Label Of The Left

“Narcissist” Attack Label Of The Left

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“Racist” is worn out. Now the Left has found a new attack.

There is a vastly dangerous new tactic that is trending hard in use by leftists, especially during this election cycle. It’s effective, it’s dangerous, and it hurls the cultural dialogue down a slippery slope to the gulag and the ovens.

Leftists cannot handle actual debate. They must shut it down or their worldview risks annihilation. Their use of attack label is crucial for them to quickly silence opponents.

“Narcissist” is now being used to replace “racist”. I will teach you how to hijack their fear and win.


The Left uses an attack label to shut down discussion.

When presented with facts to face their feelings, the left responds with rage. Oppose their idiotic economic and military fantasies with indomitable words of strength and character and the left is typically reduced to insulting non-sequiturs.

Their smears, accusations and nasty diatribes are typically delivered in the form of attack labels: pronouncements that transfix, wound and cause uproar.

Attack labels serve two purposes. They serve to demonize the opponent and to rally the troops of the Left behind a bleated refrain, one that reassures them and supports their adherence.

“Two legs good, four legs bad” is the priceless dissection of this process from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where the sheep would bleat and bleat and bleat to drown out the words of those who questioned the ruling regime.

Here in the United States, “racist” has been  the preferred label for some time. In the aftermath of the domestic civil rights movement and with the brutal memory of the Second World War still fresh in human minds, it worked quite well for generations.

Call a man “racist” for opposing a collectivist policy and you have castigated him as an evil, a scourge, a thing to be hated and loathed and above all, disregarded as a defeated relic of a past age.

Yet attack labels wear out, and new ones arise. This is the nature of the extremity that attack labels bring to political discourse.

It is similar to the addictive spiral.


Attack labels follow an observable process of development.

These labels grow through a process of exploration and trial, resonance and pursuit, and then declining utility followed by replacement.

It is the same pathway through which a high-producing chemical substance is sampled, found to be powerful and pleasurable, and then relied upon until it becomes a destructive and numbed dependency. More and more substance is required to produce ever more transient highs, and the body eventually cannot sustain it.

The addict then seeks a new drug, one with more power and ability to bring that feeling of ridiculously satisfied ease.

Attack labels are no different.

Attack labels inexorably move towards increased and more extreme use, just as an addict seeks that deeper high. It is a predictable, observable and inherent process.

Addiction is a way to avoid reality through compulsive, intoxicating denial. The attack labels of the Left are the same.

With “racism” now exhausted and ridiculed, the addict of the Left casts about for alternatives. “Phobic” was bandied about and attached to all sort of ridiculous ideological constructs.

Most have been entirely ineffective.

“Islamophobia” does not work when the absolutely appalling, horrific and catastrophically savage butchery of Islam is unavoidably obvious.

“Homophobia” does not work when the majority of Western citizens simply no longer care who sleeps with who.

“Transphobia” is probably the most useless of all, for it is not fear with which the ridiculous subculture of Bruce Jenner is viewed. Rather, it is received with exasperated distaste and annoyance.

“Phobia” is hollow. And therefore the Left has picked up on a trending term, one that is in very common use and attached to a exponentially powerful technological shift of culture that is taking place.

The new attack label is “narcissist”.


The “narcissist” attack label attempts to destroy culture.

“Narcissist” turns inherent American cultural principles inside out. It uses those principles, reversed and sharpened, as swords to cut through the spirit of human freedom.

The fundamental basis of human freedom is the belief in self. The eternal desire of the Left is to sicken and kill the self and instill their demeaning and collectivist hive mind.

Understand well that the Left does not seek dialogue. It does not brook deviation from ideology, it does not compromise or discuss. It attacks, it demonizes, it slanders and incarcerates. It murders, exterminates the innocent and crashes nations to the ground.


“You’re a narcissist if you really believe you deserve to be wealthy!”


Through this attack label the American dream is brought one step closer to extinction. The very concept of achieving success, of creating value, of embodying that value through delivery of your own worth is degraded.


“Got a business? You didn’t build that, you narcissist!”


Industriousness, determination and perseverance of dreams are castigated and slandered. The bedrock principle of American quality and competence are discarded and ridiculed for opposition to collectivist idiocy.


“Only a narcissist proclaims their ability and intelligence!”


The use of “narcissist” as an attack label is a deliberate transformation of individual vision and pride into source of shame and silence. Correctly translated, this bleated mantra of insidious attack is very clear.


“You are sick for believing in your own destiny.”


Your destiny as a free man of the West is your own right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is the right to your freedom, the fruits of your own achievement, your entitlement to full possession and disposition of your rightful private property.


“You can’t even tell how sick you are. You need to be managed.”


“Narcissist” demonizes your belief in self achievement and rights.

It is a return to a particularly foul chapter of the Soviet playbook.

It is a slick and deliberate return to the walls of the psikhushka.


Political abuse of psychiatry returns.

Psychiatric incarceration of dissidents in the Soviet Union was a notable and disgusting feature of that tyrannical nation-state. Tens of thousands of political dissidents were incarcerated in психушка or psikhushka facilities.

Ostensibly mental hospitals but in fact geared towards the locking away of those who were insufficiently obedient to the ideology of the tyrant, the psikhushka were a convenient method of disposing of disagreement, of shutting down dialogue.

No arrest, no trial.

No representation.

No appeal.

Just rotting death as extrajudicial punishment for thinking.

That is the goal of the collectivist Left today.

Remember that their Alinskyian process is to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it”. “Racist” implies that the target is evil, and should not be listened to. And thus the cynical community organizer or leftist bleater attempts to shut down discussion.

“Narcissist” implies that the target is mentally ill, and cannot think for themselves. More dangerously, this is an attempt to transform the discussion, to turn the target not into an object of scorn, but one of sickness.

Those who cannot think for themselves must be managed by others who are not “sick”.

The inherent message: “You are so mentally ill that you cannot even see how your belief is evil”.

The corollary: “We will manage you for the benefit of the collective.”

The final expectation: “Obey.”

Their enforcement is what it always has been

Killing pits and mass graves.

The Black Book of Communism is grim testament to 100 million deaths at the hands of those who would enforce their ideology of foul and degrading compliance to the idiocy of collectivism.

You have a responsibility to fight it.


Fire on the officers first.

The work of fighting back against this slimy and unethical approach to social politics is simple, effective, satisfying and productive of restored pride in the culture of the West.

The first step is to understand the correct nature of narcissism and its place in the structure of achievement and power in the dark world.

Correctly manifested narcissism is an expression of grand vision backed by actual, deliberate and persevering success. It is not the tawdry habit of duck-faced selfies plastered ad nauseum across social media.

Nor is it an empty, selfish disorder.

Achievement narcissism ranges from the simple belief in oneself all the way to the divine right of kings.

Do you believe in American exceptionalism, in the shining city on a hill that represents the last, best hope of humanity?

Are you the proud heir to thousands of years of Western civilization, of the glory that was Greece and Rome and the intellectual heritage of the Enlightenment?

Are you a man of the West?

Are you ready to raise spears in the defense of your culture and nation?

I stand as a proud son of the West, and the rightful inheritor of its glittering legacy.

Fight hard. Take advantage of this knowledge, and exploit the terrible weakness within this new attack label that seeks the death of your dreams and culture.

Tear that weakness apart and humiliate it with the ferocity of the Dark Triad Man.

With mocking laughter, expose it and destroy it.


Immediate handling of this attack label.

The best and most powerful response to this insidious and soul-murdering attack label is to meet it head on. And proclaim two important things to the labeling idiot and any present audience.

The first proclamation is agreement and expansion:


“I am absolutely a narcissist. I utterly deserve the very best in freedom, wealth and private property.”

“I am entitled to possession of lethal arms and the right to spread my vision of purpose through the world.”

“Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself. This age demands champions and I deliver.”


Never, ever back down.

Understand that you have a solemn and sacred duty to promote, advance and secure the survival and prosperity of the West, especially during these critical times of existential war.

Adhere to The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man.

Drive their reality into the situation. Deliver their power with full and unhesitating resolve.

The survival of your purpose depends upon the endurance of your posture in the face of this preposterous assault upon your freedom.

Speak strongly and with ringing voice.

Speak with direct, cold and unflinching eye contact.

Resonate your full determination directly through the idiot before you, for he represents the fetid death of dreams.

Behind him stalks the roaring lion of ideological murder, pacing and preparing.

Drive home through the weakness that is inherent in this trending attack label.

It is a glaring weakness, and utterly exploitable.


To condemn the grand reveals weakness of self.

The attack label of “narcissist” in the political sphere is the moaning accusation of a weak failure who lives in shivering fear. Those who use it reveal themselves as terrified incompetents and unwilling to stand forth with personal power in the dark world.

It is easy to spot these fools. At the very outset, they are expressing envy. They are recognizing a greater capacity, an imagination beyond what they are willing to attempt.

That is why they hate and resent and condemn and criticize.

It is because they are emasculated, sobbing cretins who fear to stand as a pillar of Western values. They are unwilling to harden their minds, they are unwilling to sharpen their perceptions, and they wish to stop all others from exposing them as moral frauds.

Those who seek to limit freedom and success and self-determination are afraid.

They doubt their own power and manhood.

They know deep down inside they are weak.

It is why they strive so ferociously to stop debate, to shut off dialogue, to brutally and permanently silence those who raise voices in opposition to them.

It is why they follow political methods that result in the murderous finality of ditches, gunfire and the strewn horror of rotting bones.

They are weak, and contemptible, and they deserve your lancing mockery.

Especially those who fling this attack label from behind medical credentials.


Actively bring the fight to medical ideologues.

The meteoric rise of Donald Trump towards the Presidency of the United States has proven to be the final straw for those cowards who pontificate and hiss behind their medical credentials, violating the tenets of their profession.

That profession condemns their conduct and you should never permit it go go unchallenged. These writhing eunuchs depend on the false penumbra of academic or social notoriety to weasel and slip their way through the written ethics that should prohibit their behavior.

Psychiatric ethics forbid diagnosing without actually assessing a patient directly. This is explicitly called out in Section 7(3) of the American Psychiatric Association’s principles of medical ethics:


“On occasion psychiatrists are asked for an opinion about an individual who is in the light of public attention or who has disclosed information about himself/herself through public media. In such circumstances, a psychiatrist may share with the public his or her expertise about psychiatric issues in general. However, it is unethical for a psychiatrist to offer a professional opinion unless he or she has conducted an examination and has been granted proper authorization for such a statement.”


Psychologists are subject to the same restriction, as outlined in the American Psychological Association’s ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct:


“…psychologists provide opinions of the psychological characteristics of individuals only after they have conducted an examination of the individuals adequate to support their statements or conclusions.”


Those in the medical field who violate ethics of their profession to advance political opinion are budding tyrants who should be singled out and derided for their elevation of ideology over integrity, and their promotion of medical condemnation to serve the purposes of collectivist masters.

Their disgusting violation of professional ethics is the slope to killing pits and murder of undesirables, as Alexander Solzhenitsyn noted:


“The incarceration of free thinking healthy people in madhouses is spiritual murder, it is a variation of the gas chamber, even more cruel; the torture of the people being killed is more malicious and more prolonged. Like the gas chambers, these crimes will never be forgotten and those involved in them will be condemned for all time during their life and after their death.”


Recognize that the way to handle growing, infectious energy is to pitilessly cut it off with ruthless competence the moment it is identified.

The Way of Deep Penetration explains how this kind of energy transformation and interruption is identified and employed.

Read that article carefully, and understand that energy can be assessed, penetrated, transformed and redirected to the purpose of the Dark Triad Man.

When “narcissist” is used, cut it down ferociously with deliberately precise attack.

Penetrate to the heart of their fear and savagely expose it to light. This will scatter their fortitude, and cause fear and sinking energy. Then consolidate by herding them towards correct direction.

The new age is a marvelously target-rich environment.

Get practiced.


Be aware of the incoming tide of the dark world.

The age grows more grim with each day, and the West itself is under siege.

Islam approaches with the crescent banner, flapping in the bloody wind.

Europe crumbles under the multicultural collapse of appeasement and surrender.

Lords and banners matter. Spears must rise in the West.

Watch for the words and labels that are used to attack and destroy.

Be vigilant and proud when fighting this political attack label.

Spot it. Document it. Share it ruthlessly and broadly.

Hit their officers with the fire of deserved mockery.

Good hunting, lads.


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