Fantastic Ivan Throne Interview by Troublesome Radio

Fantastic Ivan Throne Interview By Troublesome Radio

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A fantastic Ivan Throne interview has been released.

This compelling session with me covers the nature of the dark world, weaponizing yourself for success, my personal history and more. It was just released this morning and is already reaching hundreds of listeners in the first few hours.

Kyle Trouble of Troublesome Radio did a superb job of leading a terrific recording session.

We covered very powerful ground in this podcast:

  • Personal questions about the most Dark Triad Man thing I’ve done.
  • Ruthless words of truth about men and their duty to connect.
  • A discussion of Donald Trump and his masterful approach.
  • What three giggling stewardesses taught me behind a first class curtain.


Listen to the interview with Ivan Throne on Soundcloud.


A quick note of thanks to Troublesome Radio.

Kyle showed utter professionalism in his handling of the interview. Because of my enormously busy schedule, we set our recording appointment at 5:45 A.M. He showed up prepared and one minute early.

He was responsive, quick and competent – and clearly will be a rising influencer in the manosphere. If you’re considering whether to be a guest on his Troublesome Radio podcast, I can’t recommend him enough. I encourage you to connect with Kyle.

Make sure you follow his ongoing career and personal adventures of investigation and writing across the wilds of Eastern Europe. And follow him on Twitter at @TruthfulTrouble.

You can also get the transcript of the interview at his site.


Terrific personal impact of The Nine Laws in action.

My notoriously powerful ebook is discussed in the interview. We talk about the content, about how it came about, and why it is so important as a resource for men in the dark world.

Kyle also writes about the impact my book has on him at his site. You can read that review here.

His words of praise for The Nine Laws classic edition are stark, profound and resonate strongly:


“The first thing that jumps out at you is a major WOW factor – the graphics, artwork, and formatting of the book is absolutely incredible.”

“With that being said, you certainly never should judge a book by it’s cover, and once I opened the pages of The Nine Laws, I wasn’t disappointed – the quality of the content inside matched the artwork.”

“The Nine Laws is a deep read, and I mean it. It’ll make you truly think about your position in the world, the realities of being a man in modern day society, and make you question a lot of things.”


But that’s not all:


“The Nine Laws is simply one of the best freebie giveaways that I have ever seen on a blog, hands-down.”

“The quality is outstanding, it’s beautifully formatted, and it makes you think. I personally think Ivan is insane for giving this away for free, but from what I gather – it’s not going to last forever (up to 1,000 subscribers). So go check out his blog and grab it.”


Kyle is correct.

The Nine Laws is being offered free to the first 1,000 subscribers.

That window is about to close within the next couple of days.

As I write this there are only about 30 left.

Take advantage of the opportunity.

The Nine Laws classic edition free ebook is still available in our Library of Ferocity in the ebook module section.


Subscribe today.

Take ferocious charge of your future.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

With brutal honesty I tell you that the dark world is real, and it has no pity.

You are responsible for your own outcomes of survival and power, freedom and endurance.

And you have a responsibility to your brothers.

Men do not leave each other behind on the field of battle, and in the grave days ahead the bloody tide of the dark world laps harder with a growing roar against the edges of the West.

Join us today, and stand with your brothers as they face the future with resolve.

That is how thrones are preserved.


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