Fatal Charm Formulas From The Dark Triad Man

Fatal Charm Formulas From The Dark Triad Man

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Deliver fatal charm or lose to the man who masters it.

You’ve spent hours cultivating her interest and attention. Every possible avenue of approach has been covered. You’re utterly certain you’ve left nothing to chance in your plans.

But right before you close, another man steps in.

He works with the fatal charm of a rogue, and effortlessly and instantly mesmerizes her. You watch with uncomprehending hatred as he walks off with your prize, and you know with bitter envy what they will be doing next.

Don’t be that hapless fool. Master the fatal charm of the Dark Triad Man.


Fatal charm dominates through parallel overlaps.

Charm is the magic ingredient that opens doors, drops skirts, builds alliances and even saves lives at crucial moments when life and death are in the balance.

Fatal charm doesn’t depend on striking good looks. It doesn’t require money or power and it’s amazingly simple to generate with practice.

The very first thing you must do is drop the idea that charm is magical.

Charm can be learned just like dancing, literature, typing or welding. It is a crucial “soft skill” that simply depends upon conscious, deliberate and attentive practice to master.

To develop and use charm with superior fluency you must understand its nature, how it deploys within human perception and the winding, multiple paths it takes through the target.

Before we begin, understand something important.


Fatal charm is both subtle and dominant at the same time.


Subtle implies the dark, soft, covert, liquid, accommodating aspects of energy. Domination occurs through radiance from within and not by crushing, through infection and not by blows.

Light dominates a lamp from within.

Love dominates the heart from within.

Fear dominates the spirit from within.

Learn this well or you will fail to charm. Without a subtle, organic and blossoming approach you will raise hackles and indignation by your clumsy, graceless attempts.

I cover energy in detail on this site in The Way Of Deep Penetration.

Read it carefully and contemplate the transformation and interruption of energy.

Charm does not insist, but invites. Fatal charm does not force its control over the target. Rather, it empowers the target to seduce itself by activating multiple and parallel channels of input, and overlays them to cause structured arousal that accords with your intended purpose.

That sounds complicated. What does that mean in simple terms?

It means that charm tugs at several different things at the same time, and brings them together for effect. Charm thus embraces many areas of contact.

Let us define, dissect and deploy them.


Authentic connection is the heart of fatal charm.

Begin your deployment of charm from the inner heart of purpose.

Purpose is the third of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man and it is essential.

From the true heart comes sincerity, and sincerity delivers authenticity.

This is inestimably important, for the primary ingredient of successful charm is authentic contact. It is in the meeting of hearts that charm finds its infinite power.

I do not say that the surface purpose of your charm must match its hidden motivation, or that the recipient of your charm must believe in the authenticity of your ultimate intentions. Those are entirely separate aspects of engagement.

Authentic contact means that penetration has actually been achieved.

Authentic connection means that the spirit of the target feels the contact of your own.


Without authentic connection charm has no power.


Understand that people are lonely in their inner hearts. It is a part of the nature of human existence, and results from the presence of ego. This sense of separateness of self from the universe drives nearly all of what human beings do.

When you touch the spirit, when you engage it with an offering of recognition and subtle openness, you briefly lift that loneliness on the part of your target and you create a seductive opportunity for hope, for interest, for attraction.

It feels good because it lifts pain.

Thus charm must be gentle and inviting, a soft caress that momentarily soothes the existential pain of the other. On a surface level, this is a profitable experience for the target.

They feel recognized. They feel that they have the interest and connection of another human being. The universe feels less cold.

It feels good. Pleasure infects. Thus the target opens, relaxes, hopes for more.

And, assuredly, wants more. They are drawn to it, and receptive to your engagement.

You have opened the doorway with authenticity and you are now nestled in the heart.

Thus penetration is achieved, and your purpose is empowered within it.

Learn this well.


Charm lubricates movement of the heart and mind.

Authentic connection creates momentum, for the spirit is a living thing, ever in motion.

In the opening of the target provoked by from the stimulus of pleasure, the Dark Triad Man enters and actively engages the mind and heart with reassurance, intrigue and amusement.

These are the ingredients that present with compelling attraction to the target.

By engaging with the quality of reassurance, fear of vulnerability is assuaged and comfort is introduced as a companion to penetration. Penetration of the imagination, penetration with offered potential, penetration of the self into the other.

Through awakening of intrigue, the imagination is enabled to unflower and the target creates their own tapestry of expectation to overlay upon the arousal generated by your initial charm. Their own fantasies and preferences and hopes are projected upon the vehicle of authentic engagement, for the subtle nature of charm is to act as a carrier.

Amusement is the gentle precursor to laughter and enjoyment, and thus lures with hint and promise of fulfillment. It is the cement that adheres the vision and the purpose of the receipient of charm to the vehicle of delivery.


Reassure, intrigue and amuse to deliver charm.


Parallel application of these subliminal offers works to dilate the doorway of engagement and provides the Dark Triad Man with access to the levers of motivation and action.


Reassurance is powerful and prepares invitation.

Successful charm, by its very nature, is disarming. It gently wraps the recipient in a cocoon of reassurance which defuses suspicion and diffuses concern. This is integral to the success of charm, for suspicion and fear are not pleasurable states.

Understand that the recipient of charm intuitively perceives that the Dark Triad Man is a step ahead in awareness, information and purpose.

That perception inexorably triggers both sensation of threat and an automatic, unavoidable assessment at the most basic level of the organism of the validity of that threat.

It opens the doorway for penetration. For when this assessment is conducted, your provision of reassurance works to radically lower the vigilance of the recipient.

Again, we will simplify an explanation from this potentially difficult language.

Your engagement of charm engages with the heart of the target. Arousal takes place as the unexpected penetration is scanned for threat. When the level of threat is perceived to be low, the defenses are dropped. Yet the arousal remains high.


An aroused target with lowered defenses is easily engaged.


It is now receptive.

Receptivity is an open door.

Understand the inviting path created when you trigger a survival response, then quickly replace it by a perception of safety.

It is the subtle path of fatal charm.

Follow it with intrigue.


Intrigue develops the desire for pursuit.

Curiosity, interest, attention, excitement and other forms of awakened desire are the next step of developing fatal charm in your subject. You have authentically connected, created reassurance of a reduced-threat frame, and are able to now provide lure.

Lures propel action on the part of the target, and thereby shift the momentum of initiative on the part of the target from questioning your motive, to pursuing their own – but through you.

This is subtle but fundamental to fatal charm.

The target is not aware that their pursued objective is of your own creation, for they have overlaid their perceptions of engagement with their own desires and hopes, their own goals and ideas. They see reflection of desire.

They inevitably chase after what is presented, for they are already attached to it.

The Dark Triad Man knows this well. His detached competence enables him to measure with minute clarity the overextension of others.

Pace the outcome. Modulate the flow of the chase with small successes and even smaller surprises. It is not the reeling in of a fish, but the seduction of a cat into playful ferocity towards an outcome determined by a greater intelligence.

Intrigue is created through subtle means.

Blunt is not charming.

Crude is not gentle.

Tease rather than taunt. Imply rather than suggest. Expose value rather than offer it.

The recipient of fatal charm believes that pursuit is their own idea, and they will own that pursuit with intensity.

Maintain the chase through amusement.


Amusement is the fuel of directed outcomes.

The gentle process of mutual amusement creates a moment of pleasurable shared experience.

This is an utterly irreplaceable aspect of fatal charm, for it is what fosters and secures the heart of the encounter.

Shared experiences create bond, on every human level.

It matters not how tiny or transient that shared experience is.

Bonds develop, even if only for the moment.

It is upon bonds that relationships, outcomes and successes are built.

You must absorb this well.

By flavoring the encounter with gentle amusement you infect the entire encounter with pleasure and the engagement itself with satisfaction. For amusement and laughter are happy moments, and being happy is the most satisfying of life’s feelings.

Shared laughter erases the barriers between human beings and brings them together in a single delight of infinity.

Why, then, do I say you must cultivate amusement rather than go for the laugh?

For several reasons. Laughter, by its very nature, arises from the jarring presence of the unexpected. Any comedian will tell you that surprise and incongruity are essential to provocation of laughter.


Provocation through jarring encounter is not the path of charm.


Amusement is gentle, and where amusement glows the heart becomes receptive to more intake of encounter.

Let laughter spring unforced, and the genuine outgrowth will reinforce the authenticity of the target’s experience.

And thereby the circle is completed, and can begin again in concentric expanding circles of competent engagement.

Thus is fatal charm eventually expanded and deepened into enthrallment.

But enthrallment is an advanced concept, and reserved for another day.

Let us move into your methods of training.

Fatal charm requires practice.


Cultivate fatal charm with scientific training.

Skill requires training. Training requires scenarios.

The Dark Triad Man looks to training with a grave and committed eye, for it is well known that in the dark world the human being fights the way he trains.

Identifying scenarios for your training is important. Actual study in the dark world is required.

We will provide two basic exercises for your training and study with assessment points for your success. Revisit them and practice them.

There will be no small discomfort in your training exercises. This is by design.

That discomfort is the stretching of your personal envelope.

Let us begin.


Fatal Charm Exercise 1: Authentic Connection.

Your goal in this exercise is to strengthen the muscles of genuine engagement with others.

Your arena is any place with a captive audience. The best place is a supermarket checkout aisle, for the encounter has predictable parameters and engagement with you is required of the target.

Select a cashier that you are not attracted to. The less attractive, the better. It is important that this feel like work to you, for it is not about creation of profit from the encounter but in strengthening a skill so that it can be called upon when demanded.

Make eye contact with them prior to collecting your purchase. A half smile and gentle nod, sufficient to register your existence with them, sets the stage for the active part of the encounter.

When your turn at the register arrives, you will practice sincerity in actual engagement. Draw them out. Use questions to elicit information, to bring the person out of the mundanity of routine and connect as a human being.

“How was your weekend,” you ask.

“Okay” she says without looking up.

Incline your body with a posture of expectation, and wait until they realize the disruption of expected conversational flow has occurred.

They will typically pause and look up to see what is going on.

“Not perfect?” you ask, with a slight smile.

You now have engagement. Play with it. Test it. Elicit information. Deepen the engagement with this person. The more unattractive the better, for you will need to work harder to sincerely possess interest and your target will be more hungrily ready for interaction.

Repeat this exercise. Vary your questions and approach. Remember that it should be conducted with different targets each time in order to prevent unnecessary entanglement.

Your goal is to care about the answers they give.

Until you are able to care, you will not have authentic connection.

This is your first barrier to fatal charm to overcome.

Care when it does not matter to you.

Sincere interest is the Way.


Fatal Charm Exercise 2: Arousal and Reassurance.

This exercise is more fun, involves more risk of misunderstanding, and will fine tune your physical skill at presenting a reassuring presence.

Be aware that this training should be conducted with extreme care for boundaries of personal space. Take extraordinary caution not to offend.

Your goal is to instill apprehension, then reassurance through gentle calm.

Through this process you heighten the arousal of the subject, focus their full attention on you, deescalate their threat perception but at the same time engage their interest in your direction.

Your arena is in a busy restaurant, store or other public venue. Your target is a very busy employee of your preferred sex, in order to capitalize on natural affinity of attraction.

Create a moment of mild yet unexpected physical presence. This may be stepping in front of them until they look up, or tapping them on the shoulder with infinitesimally lingering pressure.

The subject must have the immediate awareness that something is out of the ordinary, and that there is an unfamiliar human being intent upon them. This triggers the processing of threat assessment.

The moment you perceive they are in that mode of assessment, deescalate. Retreat to the boundary of confident, yet fully respectful personal space. Soften the eyes with genuine care, then smile with the spirit.

Just as the person on the other end of a phone can hear a smile in your voice, so too the subject of your charm can perceive a smile in the heart in authentic engagement.

Success in this exercise is defined as visible dissipation of apprehension in the eyes and posture of your target, and their shift from a posture of self-protection to one of inquiry.

When who is this becomes what can I do for you then the doorway has been opened and you may enter with confident subtlety.

Practice with consistent attention and work to cultivate graceful withdrawal.

Pick your targets with care.

Be aware that you engage in the dark world, and human beings are unpredictable apex predators. You are responsible for your own outcomes. For this reason, starting small is the most appropriate approach to this exercise.

But ensure you practice it. This method has enormous potential in it, for it activates the most fundamental life-and-death center of the brain. Fight or flight responses take time to subside, and when that mode is still glowing but not heightened your opportunity for presentation of lure is vast.

Study this well.


Moving from authentic connection and arousal to outcomes.

Once you have developed practical, dependable skill in making authentic connection, and you are able to reliably instill exploitable arousal in the recipient, you have the foundation of fatal charm that can be deployed at will.

How does one utilize intrigue and interest, and then move with amusement to lead?

That moves from science to art, and the answer is found in practice.

Ceaseless, continuous training and study.

Beyond fatal charm lies the arena of seduction, enthrallment and addiction.

Those are the grave and serious skills of the scholar and the master, and can be put to the service of grand purpose and to achievement on behalf of banners and to work the will of lords.

Work hard on the fundamentals of connection and arousal, authenticity and reassurance. The rest is derived from the circumstances of the moment, the content of the scene, the depth of education and information you possess.

Therefore cultivate yourself as a man of education.

Work to eliminate ignorance from your character and personality.

Develop interests broader than your chief joys.

Cultivate resonance of intelligence in areas beyond mere practicality.

In growth of self through culture and study, by increasing your depth as a human being of interest, you directly affect your value in the marketplace of communication and connection.

You will enable lines of blended joy, of laughter and common interest.

You will become interesting.

And that, lads, is the promise of charm in the first place.

Fulfill it.


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