Ferocious Plans With Dark Triad Man

Ferocious Plans With Dark Triad Man

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Significant work is underway.

Dark Triad Man is exploding fast. Over 34,000 visitors have consumed more than 88,000 pages in less than five months and it isn’t slowing down.

Emails, social media, writing and researching and all the background work that goes into production of the blog is simply an extraordinary process.

As I write these words I am looking at Twitter statistics for the last ninety days:


Over 3 million impressions and closing in on 2,000 followers!


There is a reason for this phenomenal growth for a brand new men’s blog. It is more than just about immense hard work on my end and traffic on yours.

It is about the dynamic and very personal connection.


Ferocious plans meet incredible engagement.

Your enthusiastic and nonstop engagement with the content at Dark Triad Man has been simply overwhelming. Email has been coming in every day with testimony to the impact the material here has had on your life.

Dangerously empowering articles. Vital ebooks for men in crisis. Thoughtful, sometimes sharp and always interesting rapid-fire dialogue on Twitter that brings incisively forward what I see, what I think and what I know.

It is exhausting but exhilarating work.

The last two months have been consumed with writing.

Escape Plan From The Damaged Woman was finished, proofed and released.

Sales are already climbing.

Each day I am aware that there are men out there who are using it to help themselves and their brothers to make radical, powerful and permanent transformations in their lives.

I can’t begin to describe the fulfillment that brings.

It isn’t just gratification of traffic statistics, a clever tweet or a great article. Those are fun, but the real work of Dark Triad Man takes place in the very serious life changes at your end.

It comes when you decide to drop your illusions, harden your mind, and sharpen your focus until it is a spear that pierces the wide world.

It arrives when you step forward from a crucifying, miserable relationship and slam the door shut on it behind you forever.

It reverberates through your life as you realize each day that your expanded perception and understanding are bringing you to places that you had struggled to find the doorway to.

Ruthless mentoring is what men need, not the weak and simpering idiocy of politically correct emasculation. I cannot tell you how much I loathe the disgusting destruction of manhood and culture that is used to deliberately infect men of the West.

It is portrayed as sensitive, multicultural diversity but is truly surrender, defeat and death.

That is why I write, and that is why I teach and mentor and urge you to take my tools and use them to blow the locks off the doors to your success.

It is working, and you are consuming it as rapidly as I am able to produce.

And there is much more coming.

A full-length interview has just been completed for RedPillReviews.com and is being polished for release.

More Level III articles like Vengeance, Revenge and Consequences are in the works.

I’m developing podcasts and preparing for the release of a full-length print book early this summer. All these and more are driving even more valuable content into your hands, your head and your heart.

Dark Triad Man is for you.

That is why I want your input on additional content.

Read below on the proposed upcoming topics, and share with me what you need to see.

Your input matters enormously. And we’ll continue this journey together with heightened alliance of results.


Charm in the Dark World

“Bond, James Bond.” And that fatal charm and irresistible lure is what we’ll review in this post. What is the root of charm? How do you cultivate the power of charm? Why does charm work? How can you move from charm to enthrallment to seizure of the goal?

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Intervals and Machiavellianism

Timing is one of the most important skills to master. When the master succeeds in a subtle moment, it is because of timing. But how to you break timing apart and embody that mastery? This post will take you through the concept of interval and teach you how timing works.


Patience of the Dark Triad Man

Patience may be a virtue but it is also at times an annoying and frustrating thing for men of achievement to deploy. How do you cultivate patience? How do you withstand the frustrations of the pointless in order to remain coiled until the time is right? I’ll explain how.


Resurrections After Murder

Failure is going to happen. No one wins every time. But unless it kills you outright, failure is simply an opportunity to roar back stronger with the heart of a valiant lion and seize the throne with bloody talons. We’ll look at the concept of resurrection and I’ll teach you how to use it.


Enthrallment by the Dark Triad Man

We will take charm one step further and discuss the principle of enthrallment. What is enthrallment? How does it work? How do you drive charm into a heart and swell that lovely spike until they are mesmerized by the vision you provide? Enthrallment is a key technique to master.


Danger in the Dark World

The dark world is a place of realities. There is no safety net, and even when things seem stable and safe the detonation of the normal is always a singularity away. We’ll look at normalcy bias in this post and how to maintain the correct mindset to stay ahead of danger.


Concealment and the Nine Laws

Secrecy is a word that is used by those who are uninitiated in the use of worldly power. Keeping secrets and concealing truths are not the same. The difference is what empowers successful outcomes, builds empires and enables the mind and hands of the subtle to win.

Read it: The Nine Laws


Brainstorms of the Dark Triad Man

If you’re not using your brain, you’re an idiot. That’s not a joke but a serious statement. We’re going to look in this post at how to brainstorm, and I am going to show you the way to tap into your fullest capacity. You must not just think outside the box but stand on top of it.


Reality and the Dark Triad Man

We’ve heard that everything is illusion. But you’re looking at a physical screen right now. What is real? What is not? How do we tell the difference, and how can you properly align yourself to effectiveness? In this post I’ll take you through exercises designed to determine reality.


Tools for Seizing the Throne

Approaching the throne with empty hands is never a good idea. In this topic we will explore the tools you’ll need for the pursuit of empire, and the training methods you apply to yourself to in order to wield them with Herculean competence and success.


Goals and Seizing the Throne

Wanting the throne isn’t enough. You need a plan to get there. And the goals that lie at the end of your plans are not going to happen unless you know how to create success paths through the dark world. In this post I’ll teach you the most direct method to blaze them.


Satisfaction of Seizing the Throne

It’s not all hard work. There are moments when the ruler pauses, and surveys his domains, and spends a blissful moment of appreciation in the savoring of his power, success, wealth and dominance. We’re going to get you there, and in this post I’ll show you how to recognize arrival.


The Crucial Role Of Pain

Being a man hurts. Sometimes agonizingly so. Our race depends upon men to go to war, men to build the empires, men to solve the problems and in far too many cases for the man to shut up and suck it up and simply sacrifice without appreciation. I’ll show you how to turn pain into power.


Quick, Fast and Impacts

Men are competitive animals. Being bigger, stronger and faster than the next guy is a normal, healthy and even mandatory part of growing up and entering into manhood. But diminishing returns eventually arise. We will explore here how to extract victory when the margins shrink.


Power of the Dark Triad Man

Power is an elusive thing. There is direct power, referent power, physical power, emotional power. We will look at each type from the dark triad of personality, and how to cultivate, seize and deploy power throughout the dark world with competence, achievement and success.

Read it: The Nine Laws


Marriage with the Dark Triad

Narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy are extraordinarily powerful traits, especially when their vision, brilliance and competence are weaponized into the power of thought, word and deed in alignment. Being married to it is tough. We’ll look at how it feels from the other side.


Gradients of Machiavellianism

Gradients are a fundamental and powerful part of Machiavellian skill, and learning how to apply the concept is essential to mastering the subtle art of human and personal power. In this topic we will take gradients several steps deeper and look at how they interact.


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you your success, your victories and your survival are dependent upon what you bring to the table in life.

Live a life of fundamental, satisfying significance.

Accept no limitations on what you can achieve.

Burn through the barriers of sloth and casual weakness.

Bear down on the road ahead with ferocious plans.

Thrones are waiting, panting for your arrival.


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