Vengeance, Revenge And Consequences

Vengeance, Revenge And Consequences

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Delivery of justice is the prerogative of the powerful.

Justice is the human delivery of karmic consequence by means of determinative force. Revenge is not justice, but the screamed impotence of weakness and failure.

Your ability to discern the difference between the hot and ugly impulse of revenge and the inexorable weight of vengeance is crucial.

Revenge is a putrid, gratuitous and uncontrolled writhing of a tortured psyche.

Vengeance is the sacred and solemn prerogative of the dread lord of the dark world.

Know the deep and fatal difference. Incorporate this understanding into your scholarship. Master these concepts as practitioner of the ways and paths of power.

For vengeance is a severe and necessary embodiment of the thundering consequence of fate.


Warning to readers: Level III post.

This is a Level III post, the first of its kind. These posts at Dark Triad Man will be rare. The majority of readers are ill-equipped to easily and productively absorb the lessons within.

I explicitly warn you that you may find this post troublesome, even concerning. In this post we will be reviewing concepts that will be foreign to those who do not possess power, who have not cultivated it, who have not advanced their ability to deliver grave and terrible consequences in the human world.

Created with the scholar and professional operator in mind, Level III content is potentially dangerous to the inexperienced and demands the groundwork of real life experience and encounters of grave risk within the dark world.

You may be better off reviewing more easily consumable content:

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Be prepared to understand vengeance.

No more discussion.

If you are ready, let us begin.

The curtain draws back on the dark world.

Let us step into the brutal truth.


The root of both revenge and vengeance.

Frustration is the source of both of these directed channels of delivery in the world.

This is a specifically chosen word, designed to both strip away the shading of positive or negative connotations in language but nonetheless retain the elements of the spiritual experience.

Frustration comes from the forestalling of impetus, from the derailing of expectation. It is the continued attachment of the mind and heart to an outcome that is no longer manifested in the universal totality.

Within that frustrated expectation is desire, clinging, and inappropriate refusal to seamlessly accord with that manifestation and the mirror-spun accommodation of fact that is delivered within the posture of the master practitioner.


Mental and emotional attachment to frustrated outcomes results in suffering.


Acceptance of that suffering moves the human being beyond that frustration, and into a space of regard for reality that does not admit the prongs or claws of disordered perception and posture.

Vengeance also has roots in this frustration, but transcends the temporal realm and serves as a conduit for the grander, infinite response of karma manifested by the law of natural order and the immortal will of Heaven.

It is not personal, and hence it possesses infinite mass and inexorability.

It is not conscious, and therefore it cannot be blinded or misdirected with foolish pride.

Vengeance arises from accordance with sacred principles of momentum and power, and therefore vengeance is not the act of a man or of Men, but the retributive working of Fate in accordance with the will of the universal constant.

Understand this disparity well.

Vengeance is impersonal and sacred.

Revenge is tawdry and stupid.


Revenge dissected is identified as weakness.

Revenge is the ultimate refusal of reality, the most gratuitous exercise of will in rejection of the dark world. It is an effort not to bring justice, but to punish the dark world for being what it is.

It is thus futile and empty.

The hollow laughter of the gods follows those who seek revenge, and the dark world gnaws on the rotted bones of those who attempt it.

Revenge is an active pursuit of profitless and disordered destruction, a bitter and incongruent wrecking of momentum in order to assuage wild refusal to accept that which is unacceptable.

Thus it is said, he who seeks revenge should dig two graves.

The dark world does not reward revenge. To engage in its pursuit is to invite the conscious and malevolent attention of the dark world upon your designs, and the dark world delights in overturning and shattering them when poorly aligned.

This is, in truth, why all religious traditions warn that the name of a demon should never be voiced aloud.

That resonance of naming calls it, and invites it to feed.

Revenge is no different.

It is the weak scream of the trapped rabbit, thrashing and bleeding in the snare.

It is the shambling, crippled gait of the wounded fawn, staggering in the vulnerable open.

The Dark Triad Man does not engage in revenge.

He does not invite his own death.

The impulse to revenge is a crucial signal that you are ill-postured in mind and heart. It is a deadly warning that your thought, your word and your deed are spun off in a crazy tangent from balanced stride.

You must let go.

You cannot bring back the dead with fire.

You cannot erase betrayal with murder.

You cannot punish God through infliction of harm.

The universe does not see you. It does not feel you. It is immovable, infinite, and your most rapacious screams of incandescent agony go unheard in the vast reaches of the eternal deep.

Resistance is not the Way.


The Way is to accord with justice.


Justice begets karma.

And karma is unfailingly accurate.


Follow the Way of Heaven for accuracy.

In order to present these concepts with accuracy it is important to understand how the term “Heaven” is used in this post. I do not speak of the Judeo-Christian concept of heaven. Nor in passing do I pass judgment or assessment of that concept.

I speak of the way of the universe itself, the order and law and truth that underpins the entire manifestation of existence.

Deep comprehension of this is vital in order to align with the Way and in consequence, attain power.

What are these laws? What are these lines of truth that weave the fabric of reality into being?

There are structural laws, governing the interaction of mass and matter, of their formation and momentum. These are expressed through mathematical formulas that explain with predictable success the absolute fabric of time and space.

There are broad and determinable laws which relate to the “nature of things”. We live in an entropic universe, where degradation and decay are the natural progression of order and its ultimate, inevitable breakdown.

There are also more subtle laws that as conscious creatures we can perceive, rely upon and employ. As human beings we can feel them at work, we can recognize them when we see them, and we can build empires of iron and gold upon them.

But a physicist cannot derive an equation from them.

The intuitive, the profoundly pervasive yet esoteric aspects of some laws are vivid and appreciated even by the uneducated and the unintelligent. We rely upon them and cringe at those who declare intent to cross them.

Those laws fall into the province of the priest and the warrior to explore.

Universal justice or karma is a law that is well known. It is not something with the structurally identifiable and predictable nature of chemical formulas and interactions, but nonetheless a sense of justice is imbued into the fabric of things.

Justice rarely about what is “right” and only accidentally related to what is “fair”.

This is a dark wold. Those who have lived long, those who have lived hard, those who have stalked with arms through the screaming bloody places of metal and detonating clouds of dust and confusion and death, understand this well.

Capriciousness is a law of the dark world, and random chaos is deeply entwined into the very fabric of it.

To straddle the realms of light and dark, of life and death and to live where sorrow and joy are merely shades of the singularity of truth, the scholar and master practitioner develops a deep understanding of the Way of Heaven and accords with it in his thought, word and deed.


Ten 天 is heaven, Providence, the divine will

Do 道 is way, path, route, a moral principle


In this we find the lessons.

Accord with the moral principles of divine will. Follow the path that Providence has laid into being. Take the route of moral principle.

How is one to identify the correct path? How is one to drop the incessant tumble and turn of ego and free will that dirties and corrupts the intention and in consequence, the manifestation of outcomes by a human being?

The Dark Triad Man knows that the answer is within three realms:

Narcissism enables his willingness to bear forth the banner of the infinite, an acceptance of a sacred role as the manifestation of Heaven’s will deployed with conscious intent into the dark world.

Machiavellianism and the mastery of ego and power, of expression and intent, of concealment and revelation equip him to separate his own free will from the way of Heaven through turning it upon himself with ruthless skill.

Psychopathy is the immovable spirit, a bottomless detachment from self, the annihilation of ego and the infinitely complete diffusion of free will so that the vessel of the spirit is filled only with the purpose of inevitable consequence.

Justice is about consequence. Consequence is about inevitability.

What is inevitable is invincible.


Match the Will of Heaven for invincibility.

The paradox of free will and invincible power is that in order to attain the latter, the former must dissipate and disappear.

It is not in the will of the individual that invincibility is attained, but in your forbidding and unstoppable delivery of the will of the predetermined and inexorable outcome of Heaven.

Thus it is surrender and acceptance that deliver competence and outcome, and not resistance and frustrated refusal of reality.

The warrior or priest who is in accord with the Way of Heaven, who is in full obeisance to the divine prerogative and who is merely a vessel for the pouring out of the manifestation of the divine, is the delivery vehicle for the Will of Heaven.


Ten 天 is Heaven, Providence, the divine will

I 意 is intention, mind, meaning, will


There are subtle shadings to this, a tumble and turn of concepts and realities across cultures and traditions. Reflection upon these, contrast and comparison, integration and alternation of them bring insight.

Consider well the plea of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane from Luke 22:42:


 “…not my will, but thine, be done”.


Know the words of the Tao Te Ching that reveal the flow and perpetuation of the very laws of nature itself:


“It is called the virtue of non-contention
It is called the power of managing people
It is called being harmonious with Heaven
The ultimate principle of the ancients.”


Absorb the teaching of Shinmen Musashi, the immortal psychopath who faced threescore duels and walked away while his adversaries lay dead upon the field of contention:


“In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom exists, principle exists, the way exists. Spirit is Void.”


Contemplate deeply the terse instructions of Takuan Sōhō, master abbot, to sword instructors of the Shogun:


“…I do not fight for gain or loss, am not concerned with strength or weakness, and neither advance a step nor retreat a step. The enemy does not see me. I do not see the enemy. Penetrating to a place where Heaven and Earth have not yet divided, where yin and yang have not yet arrived, I quickly and necessarily gain effect.”


You must learn this well. Through deep penetration of the great fountain of Heaven, the abandonment of ego and the restoration of the original self is found and the infinite engine of ultimate universal power is expressed within singularity moments of life and death.

It is simple and profound. It is seamless and eternal. It is deep and subtle.

It is the Way of Heaven that you must understand.

It is the Will of Heaven that will work through you.

From the Will of Heaven comes power.

Power includes prerogative.


Vengeance is a prerogative of the powerful.

There are grave warnings throughout history, religion and culture that proclaim the grave error and sin of assuming unwarranted mantle of prerogative. Where revenge and vengeance are concerned, it is utterly clear in Romans 12:19:


“Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.”


Where does this leave the scholar, the practitioner, who is in accord with the Way of Heaven and is an instrument of Heaven’s will, when vengeance is at hand? What is the process by which vengeance comes forth from the fountain of the universe, and thunders hard through the dark world with immortal and permanent remonstrance?

It lies in the empty vessel of the human being.

It is enabled by the self as conduit and instrument of the divine.

It is actuated by the motivation of the sacred purpose of divine. The prerogative to deliver the descending power of universal consequence is possessed by those who are the chosen hand of Providence.

The East proclaims the mandate of Heaven and the “Son of Heaven” is the ruler who brings that will into being.

The West brings forward the more explicit command to observe the natural law in Mark 12:17:


“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”


Correct accordance of prerogative is the Way of Heaven.

Appropriate delivery of power is the Will of Heaven.

Selfless absence of ego brings forth the mind and eyes of God.


Thus vengeance and prayer are identical.


Consequence and worship are the same.

Tumble and turn.

Learn this well.


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I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

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You will not gain from fear, from hatred, from resentment or bitterness.

You will profit and advance from vision, planning and competence.

They open your road to the throne.


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