The Daily Mail Seduced By The Dark Triad Man

The Daily Mail Seduced By The Dark Triad Man

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The Daily Mail in Britain heralds our immortal archetype.

In an article published today, The Daily Mail explains in their Science section how research once more proves the preference of women for the sexual desirability and reproductive prowess of the Dark Triad Man.

Why women are attracted to bad boys: Brooding looks reveal Dark Triad traits that suggest the men will be strong fathers was written by Sarah Griffiths. Her article in The Daily Mail explains how recent research findings demonstrate that the dark triad of personality is once more highly correlated with sexual and mating strategy success.

More than 2,300 women were tested on their sexual preference for men who presented as possessing features of the dark triad of personality. The results were extremely clear.

The Dark Triad Man once more rises to the head of the pack.


“Women really are drawn to men with the dark, brooding looks that suggest they are mad, bad or dangerous to know, according to a new study.

“From the moody Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights to dangerous James Bond, women are attracted to their facial features, psychologists say.

“It’s thought this is because of a primitive desire to find a mate who appears mentally strong and confident to make a good father, with women drawn to narcissistic features having larger broods.”


The study was conducted by the University of Liverpool and in conjunction with the University of Turku in Finland and Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland.

In the study, women’s preferences for men who presented with the dark triad traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy was assessed.

Unsurprisingly, it was found that the highest preference was for men with narcissistic traits as exhibited in facial features.

Men with larger skulls, penetrating eyes and well defined bones scored higher on mate desirability and presentation of power.


“And women who want children, show a clear preference for some of these features because, like natural selection among animals, it indicates strong genes and good mental as well as physical health.”


The correlation of these physical characteristics, personality traits and measurable real-world success is well understood in both the scientific world and across social media.

The female of the species may turn to social and political correctness when it comes to public declarations of preference, but the bad boy in fact wins every time due to his innate triggering of deep-rooted and biologically evolved female preference.

Rollo Tomassi covers female hypergamy in some depth in several articles at The Rational Male, as does Return of Kings in an article about this feminine imperative.

The essence of female mating strategy is to attain the best possible mate for the production of offspring. It is an evolutionary feature that is present in all sexually dimorphic species.


The Daily Mail announces real success numbers.

Research should produce quantifiable findings. And The Daily Mail provides them.

Success of the Dark Triad Man in the sexual marketplace of reproduction is borne out by the research, which adjusted for physical health, age and other potential influences.

The results are measurably clear:


“Preference for narcissism was positively associated with the age-adjusted number of offspring born to women, as a 10 per cent increase in preference was, on average, associated with 5.17 per cent higher offspring number.”


Success is attractive. Success carries over into other spheres. The burning drive of vision, brilliant and careful planning and the icy, exacting competence of the Dark Triad Man are deployed in life, in work and in the establishment of new generations.

The weak, the helpless and the incompetent are not desirable mating partners.

They are unable to powerfully secure resources, defend and expand territory, and build the future into a secure place for their offspring. It is a natural outcome that women find themselves drawn to those who unequivocally demonstrate that power.

Power is cultivated, not attained. It arises from the deployment of authenticity in life, from each manifestation of thought, word and deed in grave and terrible alignment.

Empires are built, not stumbled over and pocketed. They are founded on glittering vision and serious, unflinching performance that demands the utter transformation of lazy self into a grave and committed man who prizes achievement above comfort and puts enormous success ahead of trivialities.

The future belongs to men who shape it. Those who are merely along for the ride, who dwell in mediocrity and unimaginative torpor, are never the inheritors of the best the human race can offer.

You already chose the life you are living.

That choice remains yours to accept or change.

You must understand that the Dark Triad Man is not a slothful creature who relies upon looks and charm.

His ferocious and grandiose vision is matched by his determination to achieve it.

He employs practiced and enormously skillful positioning to facilitate it.

With ruthless, detached determination he forges his freedom and his empire.

And in that process, the reward of high quality female attention is an inescapable side effect.

Researchers, as well, understand why:


“They concluded: These findings suggest that in modern society, women’s preference for some of the dark triad traits in men may be related to their reproductive success.”


Success is seductive. Seduction is engagement. Engagement is the key to power, profit, performance and every other aspect of a life of grand and awesome fulfillment.

In his engagement with the world, the Dark Triad Man seizes the throne.

Follow his matchless and subtle path to success.

Follow the Way.


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The dark world is an unforgiving, cruel and merciless arena where stumbles of the weak are met by the jaws of the predator. The grim and bloody aspects of Nature are often hidden behind the veil of civilization and technology, but the inherent nature of things does not change.

You must be equipped for the reality underneath.

That means more than simple physical strength, book knowledge and conversational skills. It means moving from practice of methods into the heart of the practitioner. It demands transition from simple study  into the focus of scholarship.

Mere skill must be transformed into the vast depth of mastery.

Opportunity rarely knocks. More often it only quietly approaches, then silently slinks away. Understand the necessity of awareness and perception. Embrace the potential within our illimitable archetype and bring yourself forward into greater power.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

It is with brutal honesty that I speak the truth: you are responsible for your own outcomes.

You own the results you bring to the tables of the world. Your value in the markets of humanity is determined by you alone.

Read, absorb and apply The Nine Laws to your work and life.

It will drive your vision higher. Your planning will become more accurate. And most of all, your execution will expand in competence and profit, and you will hurdle ahead of the pack.

Seize this opportunity of power.

And drive your path to the throne.


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