Male Insurgency And Hot Social War

Male Insurgency And Hot Social War

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It is time to blow up the social order.

When meetups for men were recently announced around the world the reaction was furious.

Triggered social justice warriors spilled over with frothing torrents of livid, harridan rage. Government officials across three continents transformed into breathless concern trolls and deployed anxious paramilitary forces in response.

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, creator of and the organizer of the meetups, was subjected to massive hatred and confused hysteria not seen since the 1729 publication of Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal.

The meetups were canceled. Mr. Valizadeh was threatened with death. The social war has gone hot. Male insurgency is now brilliantly unshackled, precisely as intended.

In this post we will discuss this crucial opportunity.

And you will inflame this within your huddled brothers.


Why this furious global reaction is a strong sign of success.

Following the cancellation of the February 6th, 2016 meetups over absurd and hateful intercontinental hysteria,  vapid, silly mobs of “journalists” subsequently created a spectacle of incompetence at a press conference held by Mr. Valizadeh.

The press conference was a meltdown and Mr. Valizadeh eviscerated them.

Jack Murphy was present and his terrific article on the public dissection of the triggered media hordes is a must-read.

Subsequent media misconduct even spurred legal action announced today by Mr. Valizadeh.

Why so much incandescent furor, such blithering hue and cry from the these cultural Marxists, over a bunch of guys having a few simple rounds of beer to talk?

The reasons are crucial.

The posture of ideologists has overextended and they are now being bitten in the face by restless hounds of blowback. Men of the West have finally reached the tipping point of frustration.

The willingness of brave and infuriated men to fight back against the soul-murdering tide of nonsense they daily endure has reached critical mass. And they now have both momentum to bring the fight forward, and leaders who demonstrate initiative.

We will introduce you to several of them here. Some of them will be familiar to you.

Men like Mike Cernovich, attorney and bestselling author of Gorilla Mindset.

Mike is currently producing Silenced. Our War On Free Speech with Loren Feldman. They have already raised half the Kickstarter funds and pledged that even death will not stop release.

Men like Milo Yiannopoulos, flamboyant arch supervillian of the Internet.

Milo is so hated by social justice warriors that they actually paint themselves, shrieking and gibbering, with menstrual blood in public. And his fabulous social power only increased after being the first celebrity to be “unverified” by Twitter in their fit of leftist angst.

Men like Victor Pride, inspiring his brothers with the power of action.

Victor is proprietor of Bold and Determined. He provides powerful, unapologetic and crucifyingly direct advice to men. It transfixes, motivates and hardens them into achievers who stride forth in the dark world with joy at the prospect of battle.

The cumulative result of these influencers is horrifying to collectivist harpies and their traveling cucks who believed their ideological supremacy was secured, and that they had long since knocked the heart out of men of the West.

Men like Roosh, Mike, Jack, Milo and Victor are pushing that heart back into the chest of men and setting fire to it with passionate language, powerful laughter and brilliant, incisive delivery of reality.

All of this is horribly provoking to the ideologists, cultural Marxists and “intersectional feminists” who proclaim Western men to be proponents of a “patriarchal rape culture” but who insist on “tolerance” for Muslim hordes who viciously scrape the genitals off of little girls and sell them from cages in the open market.

This provocation of social tyrants by Western men is a good thing.

It is good for men. It bolsters them to see that the enemy is afraid.

It returns passionate heart to the culture. It is powerful and restorative.

It is critically important for Western civilization, which faces the horrible prospect of cuckolded collapse and death at the hands of suicidal eunuchs who put silly, masturbatory leftist ideology over reality and who truly do not care if you and your sons are beheaded.

There is evidence of multiple levels of this provocation taking place.

Flustered indignation and manufactured outrage from those who failed to appreciate the nature of satire and how Mr. Valizadeh employed it in his bitingly satirical article How To Stop Rape is one level of proven provocation.

The open challenge to the prevailing order by Mike, Jack, Milo, Roosh and Victor has highlighted with excruciating and lancing accuracy the hypocrisy of social justice warriors in the West . They starkly expose how these silly creatures merely postulate and blather, snarl and harass on social media rather take real action in the dark world.

These men rightfully mock the idiot fools of postmodern angst for their weak and piteous whines about triggering Facebook posts and collegiate safe spaces. They properly hold them in contempt for their refusal to pick up a rifle and start killing the Islamists who whip, stone and traffic in their sisters.

And we love these bold brothers for it.

In that acclamation of the heart, the roots of devastating insurgency are planted.

Male insurgency finds its opportunity as this social war grows hot.

It is time to advance it with determination. It it time to form ranks.

It is time to put the ideology of social justice warriors to blazing death.

And raise spears of the West as brothers, side by side.


You will read and know how to put shoulder to wheel.

The purpose of this post is simple. I am going to deliver three things.

I am going to advise you of some natural reservoirs of brotherhood. I am going to teach you how to meet and secure alliance. And I am going to give you individual steps of action, with a small primer in tradecraft.

I am Ivan Throne. I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you mere lifting weights, chasing girls and reading on the Internet will not save your country or our people from the hacking blades of Islam or the collapse of civilization.

Your hardness, your power, and your utter belief in yourself and your brothers must be put into action or you will see it all butchered before you and your sons become the slaves of an invading culture that sloughs misery like bloody rain.

Let us begin.


Insurgency springs from reservoirs of male bonding and alliance.

In the dark world of reality where metal meets the meat you will find the serious, no-nonsense regard of men who understand the gravity of risk and death and the frightful speed with which both present.

It is among men who form tribal and military bonds that you will discover brothers with understanding and appreciation of culture, and the serious and terrible aspect of eye that is required by our movement.

You will find them among the veterans of your countries, who have seen nearly two decades of intermittent war with a harsh and ugly foe and suffered under political leadership that treats them like beef in a grinder and foully abandons them upon return.

You will find them in the ranks of those who ride in iron packs, who wear the three piece patch of a traditional motorcycle club. They have long experience with the oppressive, lying and tyrannical hand of the State and in free movement and organization.

In the ranks of patriots and Oathkeepers and Three Percenters you will find men who are already on the edge of cultural frustration, who have seen with their own eyes the descent of their nation and culture into pseudointellectual cuckery.

Men who live within these reservoirs will not take kindly to empty posturing, braggadocio or inflated juvenile ego.

To display either will earn you, at best, their silent contempt.

At worst, you will suffer physical consequence for your idiot arrogance.

Be worthy of their time.

Be respectful of their skill and power.

Be simple, sincere and truthful in your words.

Your purpose is not to impress, to joke, to make buddies and have a great time talking smack.

Your purpose is to identify brothers, and to form alliances in the dark world.

Each reservoir has its power.

Veterans, especially combat veterans, understand the first and last of The Nine Laws. Survival is the first law, and the grim reality that there are no laws at all is the foundation for the still and deadly center of self they possess.

They have seen it, they have delivered it, and they have survived it. That resulting centering of self is a pool of enormous vitality and strength.

It is in direct opposition to the wild theories and crazed social pronouncements of the ideological enemies of the age.

It is reality. It is an understanding of it, an acceptance of it, and the capability to deliver it.

Motorcycle club members have undergone the persecution, harassment and surveillance of State authorities for decades. Despite the fearful resources of the State continually leveraged to trick, entrap and destroy them – in some cases, butchering them – the clubs remain a crucial source of competence.

Men who ride like proud and arrogant fools end up in shattering crashes of chrome and blood.

Men who understand respect, love of brotherhood and tribal devotion survive.

Of all sources of alliance, they are among the most powerful. They believe in brotherhood, more than most men can comprehend.

Injure one, you injure all.

Attack one, and all descend upon you with remorseless fury.

They are strong allies, and bad enemies, as men should be.

You will also find natural alignment with the men who form the ranks of patriots.

Oathkeepers, who uphold their solemn vow with utterly serious charge of purpose. Three Percenters, who have a deep and fundamental understanding of the nature of freedom and tyranny and the deadly will to preserve the former from the latter.

In recent years their competence and capability has skyrocketed.  And their bold, open defiance of the leviathan of the State has been proven with loaded rifles and occupied land.

Understand this well.

I bear zero respect for the idiotic, silly and impotent commentators that are rightfully mocked as “cuckservatives” by men who see through their foolishness.

I do not speak of finding brothers within the social crowd at your local happy hour.

It is useless and stupid to seek dread power for social dominance in the next office cubicle.

You must find brothers that believe in the primacy of culture with the passion of life and death.

You want men who will walk the dark street with you unafraid.

You want a band of brothers. You will find them.

And you will fulfill your sacred duty.


You have a profound obligation of duty.

There is grave importance in the correct understanding, approach and cultivation of insurgent relationships. Without it your efforts are doomed to failure and your competence in the realms of shadow power is crippled.

The most important thing to understand in the tradecraft of insurgent recruitment is the absolute necessity of human connection.

When this topic of finding men of like mind, heart and similar will to purposeful action is raised, the default discussion frequently centers on the security of Internet communication. And there it dies away.

Encryption, secure PGP keys, Tor servers and other digital cutouts and concealments are proposed and critiqued, and the crucial foundation of revolution is ignored.

Men do not die for a digital signature on the other side of the Internet.

Men do not stand and fight for those they have no human connection with.

When steel is drawn and you are circled by men with fists and blades, it is not the man who has your PGP key who will stand there shoulder to shoulder with you and fight until there is nothing left but blood and bone on cement.

It is the man who has walked through fire for his country, and knows you have eaten the same sand as he.

It is the man who has a patch on his back just like yours, and who calls you brother on the road.

It is the man who wears the white thirteen stars on a black background who will hide you in his basement or put a rifle barrel through a car window in order to preserve your freedom right along with his.

Understand this well.

You must form these human relationships. You must cultivate the heart of another man. You must look into his eyes and speak directly and with candor about the terrifying collapse of our culture and the existential risk faced by the West.

“But they could be informers,” you cry, and worry about those who have twisted purpose.

Life is dangerous. And do you believe that those who have dual loyalty are no longer men?

The time is not ripe for worry about informers or agents provocateur.

It is too early to be concerned about double agents masquerading as true believers.

The purpose of our movement today is simple, clean and clear.

It is to grow.

It is to unfold before the world and spill men into the streets and cities and taverns and homes of the land. To bear witness to the truth they see, to capture the spirit of a new age where men of power and purpose and unapologetic manhood burn their achievement into reality before the eyes of their brothers.

You must embody the momentum of this new age.

You must stand proud as an example of a man!

You must strip groveling apology for your beliefs from your heart and never back down from the hard and terrible reality that it is your privilege to witness in these days of terrible upheaval.

Consider the immense and deadly threat that Islam brings to the West. Rape, murder, pillage, bombs, blood and horror. The shattered, appeasing idiots in high offices of the West are useless, contemptible weaklings.

And you know it with savage disgust.

Look well to the man who steps forward to seize the dangling reins of the American stallion and mount it as a leader in business and war, in culture and in executive competence. Look at the fervor and triumphant spirit Trump brings to the staggering nation!

Do you dare ignore your personal duty to stand forth as a man in this pivotal day?


“Duty is the most sublime word in our language.” Robert E. Lee


You have a personal responsibility and duty to your culture, your country and to this precious and ancient civilization, born in the heart of Rome and which has spread freedom and rule of justice and law to the far corners of the earth.

It is threatened today by the solipsistic, disgusting and mortifying absurdity of ivory tower intellectuals who would not recognize death even as it hacked off their children’s heads to the resounding cries of Allah’s mudajideen.

Learn the techniques and methods of recruitment.

Learn the tradecraft of discussion and recognition.

Learn to spot the indicia of men of action.



Tradecraft in communication is your vehicle.

As with any vehicle, driving it often in the roads and highways of the cities and countryside is absolutely essential to the development of skill and expertise behind the wheel.

It is no different in the identification of sympathetic men and the recruitment of their heart and fist into a cause.

You must encounter, you must assess, you must engage and you must secure.

Place yourself into environments where encounters are high in probability.

The nightclub, the social happy hour, the office – these are poor probability environments. They are too distracted, too purposeless, and too suspicious of venues for productive action.

The shooting range, the sports arena, the football game party at a private home – these are poor probability environments. They are also distracted, with consuming purpose that inhibits the deep connection of heart.

The most important path for securing your brothers is through that heart to heart transmission of belief.

Find your skill in those ready made environments.

Raise the topic with subtle skill at a restaurant brunch after church, when men are fed and reflective and already spiritually limbered for contemplation of the profound.

Declare that you wish to share honest belief at the campfire with your brothers in the mountains, where the glow of the fire throws back the night and the comradeship of hunters that kept ancient man alive returns to bond you in discussion.

A man who pensively smokes outside a cafe with a thousand yard stare in his eyes is deep into the inner searching of the heart. Notice this and develop the skill to move close, to open discussion, and give the intimacy of strangers the opportunity to break into open voice.

Is this is Machiavellian perception of opportunity?

It is effective, purposeful leadership.

Remember the power of human connection.

Strive always to intrigue the mind, but never let the heart remain undecided.

Create an enemy or bond with a brother.

Each day that dawns, you must look for opportunity to share.

Each encounter that offers promise, look for steps of profitable engagement.

You are not selling vacuums door to door.

You are enlisting brothers for the most fundamental and sacred purpose of duty: the preservation of their culture, their country and their civilization.

Build it with sincere heart!

Connect it with authentic revelation.

Day by day, brother by brother, do your duty in the world.

Build your nation. Vote for men of competence and personal achievement.

Lead, follow, and pull your brothers with you.

Hand them spears and stiffen spines with your words and spirit and example!

Worry about Internet security and encryption later. There will be time enough for that, when you are coordinating teams of men in response to social events and leading others in action.

Use the present to build alliances.

Meet with each other in the company of men who embody deadly skill and capacity.

Be prepared to fight for your dignity, your truth and your belief. You will be challenged. There will be casualties, and there will from time to time be blood. For the social war grows hot, and male insurgency is demanded by the legacy of a thousand years of civilization.

It depends upon you to survive.

The invader stalks forward in howling legions, and your sackless leaders raise her skirt and kick her naked bottom skyward with a toothless grin of hopeless appeasement.

Turn the bloody tide.

Do your duty to your heritage.


Take steps to learn the Way.

Your duty and responsibility demand that you educate and train yourself into competence as a fighter, a leader and a manager of men.

You must take active steps to increase your knowledge, hone your skills, practice your methods and become an expert at the capturing of hearts.

My brothers, there is little time.

It is not yet midnight, but the dark world hears the hooves of messengers, passing to and fro in the night.

They speak of an emerald crescent, bearing down on the cities of the world.

Plots and plans, weird arrays of power and political factions drift and spin with dizzying intent.

The way through, is to penetrate with legions of men who share single heart.

If you are trapped in a bottle or ensnared with chemicals, kick it this very moment. Learn to stop, redirect and drive your compulsion and your brothers will hail your return to ranks.

Before cementing a marital contract consider well the calculation of value. Your due diligence is the most important step you can take in establishing a marriage that perpetuates civilization.

If you are fearful of personal exposure to danger, learn how to fight like a psychopath. It is not to the strong or the swift that the battle falls, but to the man of cruel and brilliant determination.

If you despair in the shallow experience of manhood, learn well the steps to gladiator power. Turn your face to the reality of the human race and train in the lessons provided.


Subscribe today.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

In return for your comradeship, I offer you a free instant access to my ebook modules.

The bloody West uncucks itself, and a terrible new age dawns with grim ferocity. There is no middle ground, and war does not respect neutrality. Fall and die, or seat yourself on the throne of brotherhood.

Come! My hand beckons, and time grows short.

Embrace your fearsome duty.


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