5 Ruthless Life Hacks From A Psychopath

5 Ruthless Life Hacks From A Psychopath

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If you seek ruthless life hacks, ask a psychopath.

The psychopath has no time to waste on worry, hesitation or fear. He moves with brilliant competence through the dark world.

In this post we will define, dissect and deploy five ruthless life hacks that will charge your competence with ferocity. They relate to gravely important realms of the human experience.

These realms are wealth, power, sex, danger and freedom.

As a human being you will inevitably struggle within these realms. If you apply the lessons here with the indomitable, immovable spirit of the psychopath, you will blow the locks off the doors to your success.

Read on, and let us begin.


Introduction to Dark Triad Man and its content.

I am Ivan Throne. I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

This mentoring flows from serious lessons and through provided examples of how they are cultivated into the roots of predictable and profitable engagement with success.

The dark triad personality is gaining greater and more prominent recognition across the world for its severe and enormously powerful nature.

Media outlets such as Salon, Huffington Post and Harvard Business Review all announce the higher earnings, sexual success and career advancement of our illimitable archetype.

You can conduct a casual assessment of the presence of these traits in your own personality at this external link.

The content here at Dark Triad Man is designed to provide you with a vital source of actionable intelligence, introduce you to determinable skills and open wider paths to personal achievement through your expanded comprehension and deliberate cultivation of these traits of personality.

Lessons in psychopathy that inform your understanding of icy competence.

Skills of Machiavellianism that guide you in brilliant shaping of outcomes.

Vision by narcissism that structures the matchless future you demand.

For the purposes of this article we will not be reviewing these traits in depth.

Follow the links. Be responsible for your education. Take action to pursue knowledge, seek power and secure the results of life that you desire.

I do not have pity for your weakness or failures in life.

I have respect for those who invest the time, effort and intensity of great focus to improve themselves. Learn to train yourself to rise to challenges and overcome them.

Study the content on this site. Read through the offered material.

It will help to understand the framework of the lessons here.

The Dark Triad Man is a psychopath. His psychopathy is the cold steel of war. He is Machiavellian, and the tumble and turn of subtle reality is the skill with which that steel is woven into a living net of frightful power. He is a narcissist, and the grand vision of his purpose is the crimson banner that flaps above the determined warrior.

In this lesson today we look at the singularity of the psychopath.

We will examine how he engages wealth, power, sex, danger and freedom. How he fosters them, cultivates them, penetrates and withstands them. How he ultimately masters them, and in so doing brings his life forward into the satiety of fulfillment.

These are necessary practices within the dark world.

The dark world does not pause or hesitate, and the beating heart of the psychopath does not skip or falter in rhythm at his encounters or in his engagements. Learn these life hacks of the psychopath. Explore them with strong intention. Test them through experience in daily life.

You must train for results. The desired manifestation of the psychopath is competence.

Detached regard for and acceptance of truth brings this competence. Dispassionate assessments of reality, both emotional and intellectual, fosters it. Precise and razor-sharp identification of reality without the illusion of the fool, cultivates it.

Competence produces results.

Embrace the utter competence of the psychopath and deliver immortal outcomes.

The dark world accepts nothing less, and demands everything.

Stand with power in the dark world. Dwell within it not as prey, but as the utterly primal winner who takes full responsibility for his life, his success and his delivery.

These ruthless life hacks are designed to enable your skill to do precisely that.

We will start with the psychopathic approaches to wealth and power.


Bold action is essential in pursuit of wealth.

Wealth is not merely money, although it absolutely includes it. Wealth is many things, but ultimately is rooted in and flows from the concept of abundance. This is an important concept to grasp and the psychopath understands it well.

Wealth does not come from hoarding and counting with bitter, miserly greed. It arises from the encouragement of rivulets, then streams, then continuous flow. Income is built, it is cultivated, it is nurtured and developed into a roaring torrent.

The simple and ruthless method of the psychopath towards wealth is in his mindset.

He knows that what one man can do, another can do. And the only thing that drives a dollar into your pocket is action.

The psychopath founds his wealth upon committed, decisive, continuous action.

There is no substitute for action and there is no alternative to deed. There is no gift of manna from heaven relied upon by the psychopath, who determines his outcomes personally and extracts profit, victory, and wealth from his encounters in the dark world.

Bold action has power and magic in it.

You must act. Action brings vision to life. Action is the sacred movement past the threshold of the present moment and shepherds delivery of purpose into the future world. It is the seizing of the throne, the march of the army, and the great manifestation of decision.

You must act to crack open the floodgates.

Today, take action.

Even the smallest commitment of the spirit, expression of the heart and execution of deed creates immortal ripples through time and space.

Act with ruthless and pitiless regard towards any uncertainty, fear or doubts that linger or coil in the recesses of your mind and heart. The psychopath does not hold pity towards himself, nor gentle tenderness towards weakness when he spots it.

Move decisively with determined and unforgiving demand for traction, results and reward.

The psychopath does not wail and tremble in his inner heart. He does not crouch terrified, listening to whispers of doubt. The psychopath brooks no interference in his purpose by the useless.

Embody this absence of emotional hindrance and act with severe and terrible intention.

As you incline yourself towards ever greater movement and bolder action you will find traction in your results and reward beyond your fears. Through the cultivation of repeated, consistent action that admits no hesitation or incompetence or uncertainty of heart you will find the limitless direction of the world.

If believe your destiny is to earn millions, then this living day is your moment.

Those millions are out there at this very second, glittering.

Stride forward. Seize outcomes.

When in doubt, act with decisive and ruthless commitment.

Action is the Way.


Power is the prerogative of the authentic.

Prerogative means “an exclusive right or privilege” reserved to a specific individual, class, group or organization. In human beings the presence of power is the prerogative of those who embody authenticity.

The authentic is real.

What is authentic is powerful.

This entwining of the two concepts is of vital importance and the psychopath assiduously works to advance and grow his power through the cultivation of authenticity in his thoughts, his words and his deeds.

Authenticity is truth.

Authentic thought is absent the illusion of whining preferences, calcified dogma, rutted habits and twisted compulsions. The authentic mind perceives without the interference of chattering and useless attachment.

Authentic words are concise, correct and truthful. There is no shading, there is no pity, there is no coloring of fact or sinuous wreathing of hint and suggestion to interfere with the communication of direct reality.

Authentic deeds are clear, unmistakable and divine. Authentic performance is self-evident to the observer, to the receiver, to the competitor. Authentic deed by its very nature is clear, and sublime and pure.

The psychopath is detached from the shudder and tremor of shaded spirit that forces stutter of words and meaning.

Truth falls from his lips and clangs like iron on the stones of the human world.

The psychopath does not deny or dissuade himself from icy, observant perception during his encounters.

Accurate understanding becomes the path of his mind and his lance through the heart of living.

The psychopath does nothing which is of no use. He adheres to no concept which does not accord with reality.

Permanent and profound impact upon the wide world is thereby the inevitable outcome of his deeds.

From this authenticity of human power is derived the prerogative of the Dark Triad Man. It is in this authenticity that his existence finds resonance.

For acceptance of reality is the heart of engagement.

Authentic engagement is the way of penetration and creation.

Our next examination of ruthless life hacks involve these glorious modes.

We turn now to sex and danger, the birth waters of life and death.


Depth is the heart of sexual fulfillment.

Inherent to the ecstatic and blossoming roar of sexual engagement is the desire for fulfillment.

There is physical fulfillment, the climactic and shuddering release of orgasm. Emotional fulfillment, the chemically intoxicating rush of pair bonding between two pounding emotional beings. Mental fulfillment conjoins as well, the great mutual appreciation, comfort and excitement that are integral to the satisfaction of the human animal.

Depth is the core demand of fulfillment and it is in the attainment of depth that the psychopath brings his competence and penetrates to the fathomless center.

The psychopath understands the way of deep penetration.

Penetration is the goal of competence.

Deep penetration is the task of the practitioner.

Total penetration is the realm of the master.

Penetration is the path of sexual prowess from the very beginning of encounter to the collapsing, exhausted glow of aftermath.

At first glance, the intention of a potential lover penetrates the interest of another.

The psychopath brings his competence to the encounter and his engagement is direct, transfixing and enthralling. There is no hesitancy in his gaze. There is nothing frivolous in his regard. There is no excess, no pleading, no wave of uncertainty or desperation within it.

This brilliant spear of regard passes through shield and armor of the mind and heart, driven with the passionate goal of depth. And the promise of depth excites human beings with the breathless anticipation of ultimate joining.

Depth in engagement demonstrates the vast and unlimited potential of partnership. When inspiration is awakened, when deep passion that sweeps away with astonished joy is borne within the rise and fall of the swollen heart, the psychopath raises banner and drives home the fulfillment of that promise.

It is in this depth of competence that fulfillment is achieved.

It is by reaching those great and awesome depths that satisfaction is delivered.

Understand this well.

The promise of depth engages. The achievement of depth exults. The satisfaction of depth fulfills.

Embody the man who penetrates to the depths. Understand, too, the nature of depth.

Depth itself creates the potential of loss and risk.

And risk develops into danger.


Danger is diffused through the immovable spirit.

Danger offers similar arousal of the mind and the heart.

It creates similar excitement in the body.

Blood pounds, the heart races, the mind is transfixed with dumb fascination and the spirit shudders with existential power. Yet there is disparity in potential outcomes, for the risk of danger is death.

Death comes to us all, without reservation.

I tell you with brutal honesty that you have a death prepared for you.

You are going to die.

It is through understanding and acceptance of this fate and in the transcendence of it by an immovable spirit that the psychopath moves with detached competence through the realms of life and death.

The immovable spirit is an important and very powerful concept.

It can be challenging to explain to the Western mind, which fixates on the concept of “immovable” and takes it to mean something anchored, something secured, something fixed into place that does not shift.

That is a misunderstanding of the term.

The immovable spirit is one that is completely unhindered and omnipresent. It is as infinite as the sky, as deep as the ocean, as untouchable as the wind that ceaselessly blows across the continents of the spinning earth.

The great expanse of sky covers all things. It is immovable.

You cannot shove the sky aside, nor knock it from one place to another.

The mind of the psychopath embraces all, and thus the presence of danger does not compel him into misstep, misunderstanding or defeat. He rejects nothing and accepts all, and in this acceptance there is no snare which bites.

The deep blanket of the ocean girdles the wide world. It is immovable.

You cannot fixate the seas, nor anchor them to the spot by threat.

The heart of the psychopath welcomes all and does not pause its rhythm or change of tide for danger, and thus does not stumble into destruction. By infinite embrace of reality without crack or falter of spirit, the psychopath is clear and continuous in performance.

Through seamless interplay of posture and response, by acceptance of the tumble and turn of totality, the psychopath dwells unharmed in the center of violence and delivers competent management of danger.

Cultivate this immovable spirit.

Drop restraint and embrace acceptance of reality. Allow the world, as it truly is, to penetrate your mind. Embrace this penetration of truth deeply within the heart. Learn to embody a psychopathy that does not ripple at the profound.

The result is the calm of an enlightened spirit.

The reward is the freedom of infinite living.


Freedom is not negotiable and you must never accept bondage.

There is utter refusal of slavery and servitude on the part of the psychopath.

Freedom is the sixth of The Nine Laws and he follows the Law with unstoppable ferocity.

Acceptance of shackles is for the weak and the deluded.

They are for those who believe the false and cackling lie that the human being is subject to dominance.

Surrender to restraints is for the unimaginative and the uninspired.

They are for those who lack belief in their own vision and drive of purpose.

Awkward limitations are for the hesitant and the fearful.

They are abrogations of your possibility. They are abandonment of your sacred nature. They are ridiculous, besotted, idiotic barriers that you have erected to sabotage and destroy the potential of your self.

The psychopath is grim and terrible in the annihilation of boundaries.

He does not accept external law. His locus of control is internal, a singularity of purpose and vision that has no sympathy or pity for those who seek to chain, imprison or lock down his capacities and capabilities.

The psychopath understands the deep and hungry nature of the dark world.

He obeys the ninth of The Nine Laws.

He embodies its devastating secret.

You must find that source of power. You must dare. You must believe. You must swear to yourself eternal hostility to any tyranny that seeks hegemony and dominance over your life, your vision, your thoughts.

The nature of the human animal is the free will of the heart, the clear prerogative of decision in the mind, and the delivered action that arises from the authenticity of them all conjoined.

We are made in the image of God, and we are not dumb beasts of prey.

The psychopath honors this, and rises to command of the earth.

Your freedom is never to be abandoned.

Your freedom is never to be bargained.

Your freedom is worth more than your life.

The famous words of  Major General John Stark of the Continental Army will live forever in the hearts and minds of the human race:


“Live free, or die.”


Less well known is the second half of his fearsome, immortal lesson, ringing forth from the dark world in his final message to his brothers:


“Death is not the worst of evils.”


Take this to heart. Burn this sacred reality into your heart and mind. Never live as a slave. Keep always the grim and roaring fire of your freedom stoked and hot. It is the ultimate essential essence of your humanity. It is the birthright of your brothers. It is the eternal hope of your descendants.

Savagely preserve it for them all.


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Seize the throne with ruthless desire.

It waits with hunger for your hands.


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