Uncuck Your Bloody Country

Uncuck Your Bloody Country

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Dark war thunders down roads to the West.

Ruthless mentoring for a dark world requires brutal honesty.

This is especially true in time of war, where chaos and change are intertwined, the purposes of nations clash and civilizations themselves collide.

The Dark Triad Man does not hide his eyes or heart from the reality of war. He knows that the approach of conflict is not a sudden instance but merely an increase within an existing continuum.

You have a grave responsibility in this coming time to foster and promote the survival of your family, your community and your culture. Uncuck your bloody country or you will see it swiftly murdered. The terrible duty of manhood in war has descended upon you.

Uphold that duty and deliver grave ferocity like a true man of the West.


You bear personal responsibility for the survival of civilization.

The civilization of the West will not withstand the encroaching, savage tide of Islam and its ferocity of conquest and slaughter without your direct and active role in pushing back that scourge of bloody evil.

Without your voice of challenge the West will fall and be swept forever away.

Your culture will not survive the influx of invading military age men who bring rape and shari’a and cultural annihilation. This horror is a deliberate and intentional method of existential war and will succeed without your presence on the front.

Without your risen spears you will see your people conquered.

Your community and family and loved ones will not give birth to a new generation of men of honor, duty and purpose while your leaders quiver and tremor and offer appeasement from palaces of sociopolitical idiocy.

They will be raped and cursed, and killed.

In this post we will examine your role and responsibilities as a man and the steps and methods at hand to stiffen the spines of your brothers, harden their resolve as men and equip your culture and country to survive.

The survival of his country and his culture are the duty of the Dark Triad Man.

His narcissism is burned into an immortal vision of the survival and continuation of his people.

His Machiavellian brilliance is entwined into the strategies and tactics of conflict and power.

His psychopathy is harnessed and deployed with icy, ruthless competence for victory.

You have a grim and eternal duty to preserve the survival of your nation and your heritage against the invader that seeks to crumble and smash them. You must stand as a warrior for the continuance of your culture and community. Your family and your home, your life and your legacy are your personal responsibility and there is no safety or security in appeasement, hesitation or weakness.

Grab hold of yourself.

Uncuck your bloody country!

Identify your lines of power and action. Take deep and serious note of men who stand forth with bold and determined voices in this time of weakened, disgusting and emasculated surrender.

Speak, share and connect. It is your duty.

Drive relentless, ruthless competence and passionate commitment to purpose into the work of your days and nights. Admit no moments of hesitation. Adhere strongly to the sacred mission before you.

It is that, or the cuckolded humiliation of your bloodied country and the prostrated, rutting death of it in the new age that sweeps the world.

You have a choice to accept your duty and seize the moment upon the road of power.

You walk that involuntary road. You can surrender or fight, but you cannot avoid. The survival of civilization and the securing of the human race from the butchering cruelty of Islam will either spring forth from your leveled spears, or the passing of the West into mortified ashes will ensue.

There is no middle ground in negotiation with death.

You cannot coexist with shari’a.

The conqueror has no respect for your tolerance.

Understand this well.

You will stand, you will fight, and honor your duty – or see the West pass away.

The first duty is to connect with your brothers.


Embody the heart of the roaring lion.

The defense of the West begins in the home, the tavern, the road. It begins with the power of open acknowledgment and the daring of men who no longer fear voicing the terrible truth that curls in the mind.

It is your duty to share what you see. It is your duty to share with measured intent the passion of the heart, the call of the spirit. It is your solemn charge to personally manifest the great will of your civilization. To enable its survival by giving it urgent voice.

There is no profit in dying silent from fear of censure by the politically correct.

There is no manhood in denying the truth that you see with your very eyes.

There is no honor in seeing your brothers muzzled, defeated and shamed.

You must take it upon yourself to seek out comrades.

Men with strength and determination and will.

You will seek them and you will find them.

You will begin to speak out.

Chance moments provide opportunity. A bumper sticker on the car beside yours can prove touchpoint for a discussion that births alliance. Recognition of tattoo on a man’s forearm provides ready made brotherhood and bond for connection.

Insignia on a ball cap or even a noticed turn of phrase are your open doors for finding a brother who will stand beside you when the time of decision arrives.

Take that chance of mere social discomfort and forge through. Your consistent effort is the only hope of survival for your nation.

It will not uncuck itself.

In the halls of veterans and the stadiums of the people, speak.

Connect. Take numbers. Get names. Make plans to meet, to speak, to join others.

You must form these bonds and bring hope of common voice and power. Help your brothers find it. Train each other in methods of contact. Begin to inspire, to talk, to stand up for those who are criticized and patronized and subordinated into silence by intimidation and threat.

The Dark Triad Man does not hesitate, or fear. He is subtle and strident, dark and light, and in each moment of encounter there is the decision and outcome of engagement for the advancement of purpose.

The first of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is survival.

Your duty is to ensure that this survival encompasses your brothers.

For without them there is no defense of the West, no advance into the ranks of the enemy, no penetration to the heart of the kingdom and the toppling of cuckolded, pandering ministers and the restoration of power to the throne.

Build your army.

Raise spears together.

And train not just comrades, but family.

For the defense of the nation may at last fall at home.


Train your women into deadly skill.

Your women are the deliberate prey of the enemy who seeks to mortify and shame and defeat you. It is the marching order of Islam to humiliate and dominate through rape and abuse, through beating and terror.

You must train your women to be aware. You must teach them to fight. You must equip them with the tools of life and death and instruct them in the ways of determined, savage survival.

When they are face to face with the rampaging enemy it is too late.

When they clutch half-naked at torn and bloody clothes it is already over.

When you are not there and you cannot protect her she must be prepared to defend her life with the ferocity of a woman of the West who knows that she bears either the future of civilization or the bastard impregnation of the cruel and malevolent invader.

Train her well in the skills of gunfire and self protection.

Ensure she knows how to assess, decide and to pitilessly kill.

Encourage her and fortify her spirit. If you are a people disarmed by your political masters and you are reduced to kitchen knifes and sticks, train her. Ensure she has the means to guard her life and virtue and has the grimly determined heart to thrust home steel and drop an attacker dead to the bloody floor.

It is better you teach her than she learn the horrible fate of helpless slaughter.

The woman of the Dark Triad Man is not a dainty and spoiled creature of delicate, useless froth.

She is his complement of power, and the defense of the home and family turns her to a deadly and raging tigress.

Add expertise and practice to that rage.

The survival of civilization is her duty as well.

In the last resort she must die on her feet with dignity.

Never in the dripping chains of the harem.


Educate your children to see, to report and to understand.

The instruction of the young is utterly paramount and the heart of both survival and perpetuation of family, community, culture and civilization itself. Without the growth of the young boy from mindless games into strong and competent manhood there is no future reservoir of national power.

Without the blossoming of the girl from silly vapidity into the passionate and dignified heart of womanhood there is no future bearer of the seed of civilization. It is utterly crucial that in time of war they understand the terrible stakes.

They must know the history of their people.

They must understand the challenges of war.

They must be raised with the strength of chivalry, honor and duty to their people. They must adhere bravely to their nation and culture. In each young heart must beat the passionate purpose of life and death and clear understanding of threat.

Teach them to spot men who wait in cars, idling at the end of the schoolyard. Teach them to notice groups of men who gather, and stare, and seek prey.

Instruct them to recognize propaganda as it vomits from the mouths of emasculated eunuchs who strive not to educate but to indoctrinate, who are not teachers of truth and history but mere carriers of water for those who would turn your offspring to cattle.

Your children must learn to fight.

Teach them to handle arms with responsibility.

Teach them to spot men who carry them.

Teach them where loyalty belongs: to family, to culture, to country.

They must bear witness to the truth in their schools. When the administrators complain and wag foreboding fingers of ideological disapproval, speak louder and mock and ridicule. For they are the standard-bearers of the death of the West.

Your children are the future. If you do not preserve, protect and defend that future it will fail to live past its birth. If you do not teach that future its purpose and power, it will be harnessed to the will of the exploiter.

That is the way of the dark world.

I tell you with brutal honesty that you will never alter the dark world.

You will only accept it as it is encountered and win victory in your engagements as a man, a husband, a father and a leader – or you will never erase the agony of it being torn from your listless hands.

Seize back the momentum of civilization.

You have great and immortal value to protect.


Uncuck your bloody country. Your legions face mortal attack.

You must bring the indomitable spirit of the West beyond your family and community.

It is of vital importance that you replace your eviscerated leaders with men who have not torn their testicles from their belly and embraced the piteous wail of appeasement and defeat. It cannot be overstated that your civilization will survive only under the leadership of men who share moral strength, iron determination and grand vision.

The United States is on the brink of utter and total transformation.

Less than one year from this day there will be a ruthless, competent and brilliant man of enormous personal achievement at the helm. His bold, driven love of country and his ringing voice of brutal truth resonates with the people of the mightiest nation in history.

Be worthy of the task ahead.

Remove the gesticulating fools who preach empty coexistence, tolerance of invasion and shame in cultural pride. Drive them from office and power. Replace them with men who will hold sacred the survival of the West.

Uncuck your bloody country!

Demand your people survive!

Form your bands of brothers. Rank them together in legions. Prepare the bitter lances of war and aim well into the screaming hearts of the enemy. The crescent will not soar over the citadels of your nation if you raise your spears to prevent it.

Fight without regret or remorse for the life of the wounded West.

March together once more for the preservation of the world.

Trample the banner of Islam underfoot and smash forever its ideology of death.

The time is here. The dam is swollen. It takes but a word to unleash the fury of your betrayed and embittered peoples. The new age demands your courage, it demands your heart and purpose and your oath.

There is no grander purpose for life than this struggle.

There is no more noble action than defense of your women and children.

Do not abandon them to rape, beheading and enslavement.

Or your descendants will curse you forever.


Begin today to resist in every possible way.

It is with somber and deadly seriousness that you must appreciate the threat you face.

This war is external and internal. It is imposed on you by the detonating bombs and chattering machine guns of the cruel and vicious enemy who slaughters and explodes in chanting, suicidal fire at every opportunity.

It is infected in you by the inexorable, deadening and putrid propaganda of collectivist ideologues who have no honor, no dignity, no moral character and no stomach for the fight ahead. They seek to delay, not to defeat. These fools bargain away your life and your women and the future of your children on the altar of their position and profit.

You must strip them of power and position. You must tear titles from them and exclude them from public office.

Rise as men and fight with immortal fury.

There is no alternative with honor.

Uncuck your bloody country!


Find your brothers here today.

Subscribe to Dark Triad Man and be part of the development of men of power who bring vision into being with terrible and frightening competence. Join the brotherhood of men who see without illusion or veil or blinder.

Do not go alone in helpless fear. Do not fight absent allies or comrades. Understand how to blend, to forge and to fight. Read the unmistakable truth and accept reality.

Bloody Banners In The Dark World demand your vow of allegiance to purpose.

Rape By Refugee declares the horrific truth of what you face.

It is here that we offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world. And with brutal honesty I tell you that you have very little time.

The invader marches along the Rhine and camps on the roads of Normandy. The hearts of your cities are ensnared with shari’a and your laws are ignored and mocked. Your daughters and wives are rutted and groped and humiliated before the world. The inhabitants of your halls of power are treasonous and wretched fools.

Either shake off your torpor and form your lines or drop in the shame of defeat.

Join our brotherhood today.

Be a part of the defense of the West.

And preserve the bright throne of the world.


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