Our First Reader Survey Results

Our First Reader Survey Results

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The first reader survey gave strong results.

The launch of Dark Triad Man has not gone unnoticed in the neomasculinity sphere.

Our content is driven directly at men who seek actionable, practical and usable knowledge. And the delivery is both reaching a wide audience and resonating powerfully.

In order to continue the principles of quality delivery and vitally relevant content we conducted a very brief reader survey. We asked several questions of our readers in order to determine where best to target our content and channels.

The results are unequivocal.


Readers are asking for more content to be delivered.

You want more content on the champion power of achievement narcissism.

You demand more details on the principles and methods of Machiavellianism.

You want more training in the icy competence of the psychopath.

And these requests will be met. There is some great news coming for our readers.

But first, a quick look at the reach of Dark Triad Man and the reason behind the survey.

That reach is far beyond expectations.


Our social media reach has taken off with great success.

With over 1.4 million impressions since launch, our Twitter account is reaching hundreds of thousands of people and growing an extraordinary influential group of followers. It currently drives more traffic than any other source.

Follow @darktriadman today and stay in close touch with our work.

Over 21,000 website visitors have consumed nearly 55,000 pages of content in just over three months. Our statistics for time on site, pages per visitor and extremely low bounce rate are more tangible evidence that this site is delivering what you are looking for.

That reach is why we conducted the survey.

Here are the results:


An audiobook version of The Nine Laws is coming.

You asked for it.

And you will receive it.

Recording has already begun and is taking place over the next few weeks.

The comments from readers on The Nine Laws have been consistent and clear on the value of this ebook and the lessons within it for your development, your mindset and your path to achievement.

The audiobook will take it one step further, and provide you with an additional channel of value.


“Definitely would love audio. I have limited time to read but can stream audio books and podcasts while I work. Thanks!”


This audiobook is our primary ongoing project and we expect completion and availability within the next few weeks.


A print book of completely original content is well underway.

Not only have you asked for it – you have been anticipated. Cover art has been delivered and is under final review. The publication title will be different from the initial working title as noted in our Outstanding 2015 Performance article.

But the timeline is the same or better.

Our release deadline before the 4th of July in Las Vegas should be easily beaten.

It is important to note once more that original content is key:


“You do a great job. You’re material is insightful, and top notch. I would definitely buy a full length book if you were to release one, as long as it’s not a greatest blog posts ones those are trash.”


Our past content will not be collated into a print book for some time, if ever. Our focus is on original content, quality delivery and the establishment of a strong and powerful voice of clarity that resonates with our audience.

In addition to examples, we will be providing written materials and breaking down posts by level of difficulty and challenge. This is in response to some feedback regarding the depth of content here at Dark Triad Man:


“It is blindingly obvious that your posts are deep in meaning, yet seem to alienate the novice. Only when we are fully capable of seeing the entirety of our lives through your dark-tinted glasses will we truly be stirred to action on the level that you so obviously desire.”

“Your choice of language is intriguing I like having to look deep for the meaning in your words, thus I understand the content better and makes me actually interpret and believe what I’m reading.”


Thanks to this feedback we are adding three new categories to our site content and updating older posts with those categories.

Designed to help introduce readers to the extraordinary capacities and outcomes that result from the vision, planning and competence of the Dark Triad Man in a more structured manner, the levels will provide readers with a quick reference point for the difficulty of the material.


Level I content.

Designed for the new or beginning reader, Level I content will deliver introductory content in simpler language with more basic concepts. What is the dark triad of personality? How does it work? What lessons can be quickly learned and easily put into practice?

This is the starting point for our ruthless mentoring for a dark world.


Level II content.

Targeted at the intermediate practitioner of the principles and methods of our powerful archetype, Level II content will include more advanced concepts and exercises designed to provoke startled understanding in practice.

Negative shading is examined. Alternate perspectives on truths are explored.

Challenges are made to standard thinking and modes of emotional state.


Level III content.

Created with the scholar and professional operator in mind, Level III content is potentially dangerous to the inexperienced and demands the groundwork of real life experience and encounters of grave risk within the dark world.

Not for the casually interested or the frivolous consumer, the training and lessons in this content are designed for those who apply the skills of the Dark Triad Man in environments where mistakes are of grave and serious consequence.

Developed by drawing on decades of experience in the dark world and in consultation with professionals across many industries, Level III content is for those who are on the road of power and seek to harness the gains of provocative, subtle insight.

Over the next few days you will see those categories appended to existing posts.


More personal examples and anecdotes.

The vision and mission of Dark Triad Man is to share the lessons from over forty years of experience in the dark world. Lessons are often hard won, and in those lessons are frequently found the keys to doors of future power.

Several survey responders called this out, and asked for more personal examples.


“You have an amazing vocabulary – love the writing style. Would be interested to see more personal articles with how you’ve applied Dark Triad traits to your life.

There’s a lot of general theory but the site would be great with a more personal touch at times. You’ve already done this introducing your wife into the mix, but it’d be good to hear about your own personal conquests to reach where you are now.”


As time goes by that personal touch will be included more frequently, including anecdotes and lessons at the hands of the ninja and experiences at the troubled borders of the world.

There are insights there into danger and laughter, love and pain. Grim risk and grave circumstance are parts of the unfolding experience of human life and the character formed by determined, forward encounters is the root of power.

Stay with us, and share in those crucial lessons.


Be a part of the brotherhood of men.

Subscribe today. Check out the Library of Ferocity and the free ebook modules.

Follow @darktriadman on Twitter and engage in person with me.

I answer emails, and I respond to direct messages.

Take advantage of the opportunity to forge relationships. Speak with your fellow men. Share your insights and your learning. For each man is your comrade, and your culture is your battleground.

Never go silent into the endless night. Stand together with us all.

We’ll build thrones with bloody hands.


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