How To Succeed With Narcissism At Work

How To Succeed With Narcissism At Work

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The grand vision of your career is critical.

Skillful narcissistic vision of your advancement, performance and compensation is utterly key to achieving it. You will never attain the heights of power and promotion without clear, crisp and shining plan of self.

Harvard Business Review, the Huffington Post and Salon all have published articles on the phenomenal power of the Dark Triad Man in the workplace. That is no surprise. Our archetype is a grave and powerful manifestation of the best a man can offer.

But the media only cites studies and offers platitudes. They do not offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world, nor do they provide brutal honesty for men who demand outstanding, world class results.

It is time to turn narcissism into success at work.


Career success is a very serious business.

Entertainment is not our purpose here. In this post we will take hard looks into concrete, specific principles and training exercises. You will learn to flawlessly, dynamically and successfully deploy your narcissism at work.

And you will advance towards the throne of your career.

Let us begin.


Narcissism defined and its connection to achievement.

Narcissism is an essential and necessary human quality. It is also integral and inseparable from world class results.

You must read my article on narcissism and absorb the vital truth.

Not one champion ever lived who did not believe in himself.

No one great king conquered the wide world who did not uphold his divine right.

No titan of industry held casual visions of the commercial future.

Without narcissism, collapse into depression and despair is the inevitable and sodden outcome. Narcissism is vision, it is intent, it is the ability and power of men to see the value in potential futures, to create the basis of ideologies which capture imagination.

Narcissism is not mere love of self and putting the self ahead of others.

Narcissism is the drive to grow, to build, to transform and reshape the world to fit your beliefs in yourself, your capacities and your capabilities.

Along with Machiavellianism and psychopathy it is one of the three personality traits that create the Dark Triad Man.

Understanding narcissism is utterly important. Removing the blinders and pablum of today’s social histrionics is demanded of those who wish to employ competence, brilliance and vision in the dark world.

In the professional arena it is results that matter. Not the horrendous, impatient nonsense of virtue signaling by those who cannot achieve without pity.

In the business world it is competence that matters. Not the empty posturing and ridiculous, stupid drama of those who are less than mediocre in skill.

In the halls of venture capitalists it is outcomes that matter. Not the vapid, vaporous claims of market reach by those who have never made a viral dollar.

Competence, results and profitable outcomes are the currency of professional success and the roots of advancement. They are also the outcomes of the Dark Triad Man and his successful delivery of narcissism:


This is the process of success: creating a vision of oneself, further advanced in power than the present, and believing in that power and reaching for that power and grasping it with torn fingernails and bruised knuckles and exhausted mind and body until it is yours.


And that is what you must do.

Achievement narcissism is not empty posturing. It is not vacant, unsupported self-love. It is not gratuitous preening, but a grave and serious business composed of equal parts imagination, ferocity, creativity and indomitable will.

You must harness your immense and glorious imagination to successfully deliver yourself in the world. Your prestige and promotions will be indelibly linked to your unmistakable pronouncements of value.

Creation of value and expansion of power result from grand and glittering vision.

You must tie them together with competence and planning. The delivery of narcissism is the same as the delivery of any edged and razor tool: with careless handling you will find yourself cut, and with clumsy deployment you will find crashing failure, the resentment of others and ugly traps laid by hating, envious fools.

Narcissism is no different. You must fully comprehend.

Tools are not moral or immoral. They simply are.

You have a vision for your life and your outcomes and that vision belongs to you.

The right of others to judge it stems only from its success or lack of it.

Countless, myriad and entirely useless articles have been written on narcissism and narcissists. It is a common and trending staple in social media and Facebook posts and other social media channels.

Virtually all are either spam or brief, regurgitated and recycled content.

You will not find them praising the terrible power of a dread and thundering lord, but tinkling with false and cloying platitudes designed to show how morally positive they are while the stench of emasculated envy reeks from every word.

I am Ivan Throne. I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

You are here to learn how to harness the grim and terrible horse of narcissistic power.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you the whines of the weak and unimaginative are psychic death.

I tell you that your power, your potential and your manhood deserve better.

You will work to become a Dark Triad Man and you will understand how to succeed with narcissism at work.

We will define, dissect and deploy that learning across several lines of discussion. And we will provide you with training to pursue, by which your vision will be furthered and your identity grown.

The very first step is to have your purpose clear.


Grand vision arises from coherent and consistent purpose.

You must know without doubt where you are headed and what your vision is.

Far too many men have vague expectations of success, power, profit and competence. These things are treated as afterthoughts or trappings rather than the primary and utterly essential components of manhood they are.

A man who has weak success, limited power, insufficient profit and stagnant competence is a sad creature who gathers bland disrespect and whose voice is silently lost in the buzzing roar of the market.

A man who demands his success, who cultivates his power, who focuses on profit and cruelly insists on his own competence is a man who strides through the dark world and by his power of vision, brilliance and skill is able to harness that world to his desire.

You have a choice of where you manifest on this spectrum of weakness and power.

It is your responsibility to place yourself where your heart and mind exult.

It is your grave duty to achieve  your own results and never claim success otherwise.

The dark world will not do it for you. Your manager does not own your promotion. Your executive is not your master.

If you wear the harness of another, their purpose is to ride you and not elevate you.

If you adhere to the vision of another, your purpose is to advance them and not yourself.

Be clear on your vision.

It starts with purpose.


Purpose is human manifestation of the sacred.

Purpose is the third of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man. In your purpose you will find the clarity of your vision distilled from a simple, shimmering idea into a cut and brilliantly focused diamond. When purpose is absolute, so too is the vision of the man who implements it.

When vision and purpose are clear, the hands and heart are unshackled and the will is given traction in the chaos of the dark world.

In the professional environment your purpose must be utterly adhered to. And whether in employment at a firm or as the master of your own business, the key to success with narcissism at work is to align, expand and demonstrate your adherence to that purpose through your thoughts, your words and your deeds.

You have a vision of your promotion to vice president of operations? You must understand deeply the vision of the executives that set the path to market penetration and success. You must not repeat slogans but believe with authentic sincerity in the reasoning and derivatives behind them.

You must present as a grim and serious paladin, armored with the shining steel of belief, and in your embodiment of vision you will advance past the foot soldiers of grinding work and find space to put your lance into the forefront of battle.

Men of vision and power recognize it in others.

Men of competence and brilliance understand it in others.

Men of serious, executive skill put it ahead of others.

Where your vision of the future is detached from the vision of the enterprise it will be detected, observed and assessed. It will be reported and weighed. And in that weighing you are instantly cast into the liability column, for you become identified as ballast rather than fuel.

Do not waste and spend your life as mere ballast.

The barrier to your adherence of vision with the enterprise and the enthusiastic, deadly serious narcissistic pride in its advancement is both simple and ugly.

That barrier is cynicism.

Cynicism is lack of belief.

It is rejection of vision, it is abandonment of faith. It is abrogation of engagement and halting of traction. It is not acceptable in the self, for it is a gratuitous and negative posture of quitting.

The correct and competent business leader does not waste resources of the enterprise on the continued employment of resources who exhibit cynicism towards the vision, mission and objectives of the business unit.

The driven and entrepreneurial man does not tolerate cynicism in his startup. It is killed instantly as a fatal risk, whether it arises in self, family members or employees that are accepting shares instead of pay.

Understand the primacy of vision to the enterprise.

Accept and embrace the primacy of vision to your purpose.

Advance your purpose. Explode your vision.

And ensure that your training is consistent and severe.


Train the mind to envision fully the purpose of the heart.

We now will turn to the specific training and processes of the Dark Triad Man that separate the mundane from the sublime, the dabbler from the practitioner and the silly, clucking readers of Salon or Huffington Post from the scholar who delivers to himself both mastery and profit.

To advance your visions beyond mere absorbing dreams and transform them into fearsome, powerful avalanches of purpose you must train. You must devote yourself with utter, unwavering adherence to the embodiment of a concept.

That concept is full completion, total manifestation.

“Fake it ’til you make it” has a grain of truth to it. Nearly each time this cliché is espoused it is uttered with either contempt or false sincerity. The deep and rooted power of vision, married to purpose, and forged into being through repeated and determined training is lost in the shallow consideration of the masses.

You must embody your purpose and your vision. And there must be method and moment in your training. It is in moments of compulsion that this forging of the self with the discipline of the Dark Triad Man takes place.

It is not in buying rounds of drinks for everyone that you will posture as successful. It is in the deeper refusal to invest assets unwisely that the man who seeks wealth learns to preserve capital and adhere to the principles of financial success.

It is not in hesitant, tentative attempts to “try out” your exercise of the business mantras in the latest quarterly report from Human Resources. It is in the complete and ferocious attack into the market with the banner of the enterprise proudly wrapped across your heart that you will be elevated in reach and reward.

The fool who thinks himself wiser does not advance, but finds himself left behind as the army marches. If he is fortunate – and men of power do not rest upon fortune – he will have scraps to dine upon and ravaged camp followers to consort with.

It is the brave, the courageous and the committed that arrive in the vanguard and are rewarded with the glut of booty.

Understand that it is by great challenge that immortal vision is forged, that grand purpose is achieved and the success of your narcissism established as proud reality before all.

You must believe you are up to the task. You must accept nothing less.

And you must embrace those moments of terrible challenge.


Posture of the heart and mind during challenge to narcissism.

You will never attain the heights of glory without the clinging, clawing envy and resentment of those who are terrified and craven, ugly and mediocre and enslaved by their own inner voice of doubt and failure.

They will challenge you, and call you out.

These challenges will be public. And at time they will even descend upon you, rather than reach up to you, for it is not your position that is resented but the speed of your rise to prominence.

That speed threatens those who have risen to their own level of incompetence and have accepted the sucking teat of complacent position.

Your training is to accept such challenge without perturbation or unsettled heart.

You will allow your motives to be questioned without doubting your purpose.

You will hear the pointed, bitter criticism without wounding your vision.

You will endure ugly, cynical and baseless attacks without tremor of the mind or hand.

Such is the price of all who have risen to the heights of glory and power.

No king has an interrupted, easy and careless path to the throne.

When you are questioned and your motives undermined with the oily, weaseled nastiness of the fearful, understand that your purpose is your connection with the sacred and your adherence to that purpose is the honesty of your spirit.

Fortify against such insidious infection through the polishing of your vision.

Revisit your purpose. Reassert your vision. Clasp them together, and admit no false division of the two.

When criticism is flung with mocking derision and cutting words, maintain composure of the heart. There is no negativity, there is only opportunity to hone the edge of competence. There are no failures, there are only lessons.

Train the heart to consider deconstruction of your competence as a great and holy gift of opportunity.

When your vision is slandered and your purpose dragged through the mud of snarling opposition, train in your determined perseverance. Brook no deviation from purpose. Admit no corruption of vision.

Clear purpose and bold vision are invulnerable when embodied with purity of heart.

Purity of heart is the Way.

It is called magokoro by the ninja.


Ma 真 meaning true, just, pure, genuine and reality

Kokoro 心 is spirit, heart, sincerity, the core


Magokoro is loosely translated as “purity of heart” but has deep and powerful references within it. The character or kanji for truth also carries the connotation of that which is just, that which is right, and that which is exact.

That purity is a singularity.

That singularity is your purpose.

The kanji for spirit, heart, sincerity also has the connotation of mood, of attitude, and most importantly, of will. That will is a choice. That will is a commitment, a seamless adherence in purpose to the truth.

That will is your vision.

That truth is your life.

In purity of heart and singularity of conjoined vision and purpose, is the subtle yet invulnerable and encompassing power of the Dark Triad Man.

It is the immortal root of authenticity. Ever strive to attain it.

Drive your will through sincerity, and in authenticity find power.

It is the Way.


Immolate barriers with purity of heart, purpose and will.

You have now been given the tools to understand the source of vision, the embodiment of purpose, the challenges you will face and the grave and sacred importance of authenticity.

Your training in the use of these tools as a practitioner, your study of these realities as a scholar and your deployment of these competencies in the dark world as a man of action are your responsibility.

Time does not stop, for your hesitation is valueless.

Truth does not waver, for all things are a singularity.

The ninth of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man is No Laws:


At the very end of things, an enlightened acceptance ultimately arrives at the understanding there are no laws.

Laws are simply mental formations of human imagination, and not explicit commands of God underlying the concrete foundations of the universe.

It is your prerogative to choose your path, to expand your power, to utilize your freedom and all in the service of your purpose. You will achieve what you earn and you will pay what you owe, and at times luck and chance will intervene.

There are no guarantees.

The unbounded freedom of infinite possibility provides the basis for seamless interaction within uncountable scales of understanding and meaning. Where truth is relative, where laws are nonexistent, where validity is mere probability and probability is itself indeterminable, the Dark Triad Man finds his ease in application of power within the world.


Understand this well.

It is your doorway to power.

It is how to succeed with narcissism at work, and in life.

Embody your singularity of purpose, and live in freedom.



No one else is ever responsible for actualization and delivery of your success.

Men of success and power watch your performance with a sharp and critical eye.

THE POWER NARCISSIST is your roadmap to proving your immortal value.

It unshrouds the gears of power and puts your hands on the controls.

Take a moment to view the contents right here.


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