8 Incarnations Of The Female

8 Incarnations Of The Female

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The female appears in eight basic incarnations.

As a man you will encounter females on a regular basis.

Your resulting engagement is a foregone conclusion.

That engagement may be profitable or costly, fulfilling or exhausting.

Females may thrill you with an intoxicating and luxurious experience of repeated, penetrating joy or distress you with distasteful experiences of unreasonable, unattractive and bloated psyches.

Male satisfaction with the female is desirable. Your desire will be secured by your understanding. Your profit and fulfillment will arise from your confident familiarity with the way the female human manifests.

Your ability to engage appropriately depending upon what you encounter. Learn these incarnations of the female, and deploy your intent in accordance with them.


Working models are useful for engagement.

The road to more predictable and profitable engagement with them comes from understanding. With more predictable profit comes greater ease and satisfaction.

We examine these incarnations of the female.

We will define them. dissect them, and provide useful lessons to consider.

In this process it is vitally important to understand that familiarity should not breed contempt. Contempt is gratuitous, an unnecessary attitude of superiority that ultimately furthers inappropriate empty pride and typically results in collapse.

Understand that there is a world of difference between profiling and prejudice, between categorization and castigation. The purpose of this post is to educate and inform you, and equip you with understanding that enables better performance.

We will examine these incarnations as working models for engagement.

Working models are precisely that. The Dark Triad Man willingly uses models. Yet very importantly he does not attach to them or fixate on them. Unhealthy over-fixation on a model, a system or a process is a degeneration into calcification of mind and heart and a recipe for failure through inflexibility. For the dark world delights in overturning plans and models, and you are not excused from your mistakes.

It is in the application of models and systems that the practitioner finds a framework for interaction. It is in the comparison of different outcomes that result from engaging with those various models and systems, that the scholar identifies trends and patterns.

It is in the tumble and turn of trends and patterns that the Dark Triad Man aligns with his targets and hits them where they appear.

In your passage through the dark world the company of the female is a given. Understand her essential incarnations. The natural forms of these incarnations are simple when understood and the inclinations they attach to are predictable.

Within each incarnation there is a basal frame and a driven desire. There is a door to unlock and a receptive heart for penetration. Each incarnation also has a weakness; a vulnerable point of confusion that entwines and steers its desire.

And within each is a paired joy and risk, a delight and frustration. For the dual nature of things is ever present, and the tumble and turn of light and dark is the vehicle to your full and personally coherent expression of them.

Let us begin.


Meaning of the term “incarnation”.

The word is used in a specific manner that should be kept in mind during your review and consideration of the content of this post.

An incarnation is an embodiment. It is a phase, a realm, a manifestation. This implies gradient and movement, a seamless and fluid shifting of identity and spirit. It is not a static, fixed state.

“She’s the girl next door.” Sometimes.

“She’s a stunning beauty.” She can be.

“She’s a career woman.” At the office.

Each incarnation or manifestation of archetype should be considered fluid. Correct understanding of this approach to the female stems from an appreciation for that fluidity.

The Dark Triad Man does not forget the nature of the feminine, nor its inherent shifts of radiance along gradients of character.

He sees, he adapts, and he eases his success into being.

Therein is the subtle approach to performance.

Know that these incarnations are descriptions of passing state. Those will be state of character, state of emotion. State of performance, state of play. As we noted with all models and systems, it is in their transition that the outlying data points are exposed, and in the array and pattern of exposures that truth is captured and made available to the scholar and practitioner.

Understand this well.

Learn the subtlety of expanded perspective.

Learn the incarnations of the female.

And in knowledge, penetrate.


The stunning beauty with all eyes upon her.

Great and timeless beauty is an enchanting, alluring, intoxicating visual experience. It is involuntarily enthralling to men and women alike. Studies have shown that physical beauty is mentally correlated with good character despite the actual irrelevance of one to the other. It entrances and stupefies.

A woman of incredible physical beauty both exults in and endures it, profits and pains from it. It is not an achievement of great competence but rather a genetic inheritance of appearance. It opens doors for her, transforms her into an object of pursued interest and glorification and spoils her with choices far beyond the common.

Thus her frame is one of great market value and experientially proven entitlement.

It may seem unfair for life to be vastly easier for a stunningly beautiful woman, with all seeking favor from her and offering bribes and bounty for the experience of her presence and interest.

It is what it is. Fairness and unfairness are transient and pointless in this regard, for in a billion years all are merely dispersed dust. Your resentment at what you do not have is as unhelpful now, as it will be when the heat death of the universe is a forgotten memory.

The Dark Triad Man does not waste his time with useless angst.

When a stunningly beautiful woman presents, his adaptation is to communicate through the door of her inner need. For she is well aware that even the most highly prized and illimitably valuable object is, still, nonetheless merely and simply an object.

A thing, a totem, a pedestalized figurine that is not engaged with on a deeply human level but on a more shallow, surface level that does not ultimately touch the heart.

For you cannot have a relationship with beauty. You can appreciate it, lust after it, penetrate it, bathe in it – but it cannot talk to you. It does not assuage your sorrow in times of grief. It does not connect with the solemn heart of shock when terminal illness is presented. It is not a replacement for loving motherhood, or for the laughter of shared joy in the preposterousness of the dark world.

It is not real.

Engage with the real. Touch the heart of the person. Connect to the depth of the human being beneath, and in that connection will be found the correct estimation of character and the key to unlock that beauty’s embrace.

You do not make love to a suit of clothes.

You do not share wonder in life with her makeup.

The ephemeral illusion of appearance does not raise your children.

It is in the seeming paradox of detachment and “disnotice” (a word that does not exist, but should) that deep penetration of the stunning beauty is enabled, and ease of satisfaction entered into.

Enter, and engage.


The pretty girl next door.

One of the most attractive and valuable archetypes, the pretty girl next door who has grown up into a lovely woman with stable and sincere values is a well-appreciated incarnation. She presents as a marriageable resource, a dependable and delightful partner, a woman who embodies the cultural roots that bring stability and joy.

This happy presence is rooted in a calm and authentic adherence to those cultural underpinnings. Her embodiment of those values, those ways of living and the traditions of the culture are the vehicle of its perpetuation and survival. It provides her with security, with shelter, with a framework of life and living that empowers her to be contented and happy.

Thus her frame is one of simplicity and innocence, the reservoir of family and community.

It is a wholesome and worthwhile thing, yet delicate in interaction and fragile in continuance. For the misdirection and disruption of the girl next door not only collapses the incarnation but also endangers the preservation of the culture from which it sprang.

It is a butterfly, that cannot survive with rough handling.

The Dark Triad Man understands this fragility, and in pairing with this incarnation he adapts to the cultural essence she delivers. For it is in that cultural acceptance, embrasure and embodiment that the stability the girl next door seeks is created, and the promulgation of that culture’s survival and prosperity.

It is in your equally authentic male embodiment of her culture’s archetypes that her inner heart of loyalty and love will be captured and the foundation of her power unleashed in the growth of family.

The male archetypes of the warrior and the philosopher, the father and the husband, are the means to bottomless and conjoined engagement.

Such is the source.

It is imperative to understand that this sincere acceptance and furtherance of the root of culture is a necessary component of true engagement and commitment. Private reservation or hidden refusal subtly mars the wings of the butterfly, and pushes change of the incarnation of the pretty girl next door into a different realm.

Consider this well.

Some things can only be possessed by a total offering of the self.

Such is the Way.


The professional career woman.

Delivering results with fast pace and forward vision, the woman devoted to her professional career is a strong and competent incarnation, a being possessed of drive and power and determination to meet and surmount challenges and prove herself in the dark world. Her mind is an active one and her energy often deployed past exhaustion.

Her life is not one of calm stability but in the expansion of envelopes and the pushing of the boundaries of the world to a place that better accommodates her own personal capacities and intelligence. Her driver is the proving of self, the achievement of vision, the cultivation of competence and an impatience with deviation.

Thus her frame is one of determination and delivery, the establishment of proven self.

It is an admirable thing and one to respect. For the perseverance towards and production of value in the marketplace is a bold and valuable thing, and tenacity in the face of challenge is a virtue in itself. The incarnation of the professional career woman does, however, lead to exhaustion in the process of being.

For one cannot do it all, indefinitely, without collapse.

The Dark Triad Man comprehends the driven pursuit of excellence and the sacrifices that are inherent within such modes of living. It is a familiar mode, for the achievement of grand and narcissistic vision through the competency of the psychopath and the brilliant, subtle planning of the Machiavellian requires enormous energy from time to time.

It is in providing the dual opportunity of freedom and refuge, of acceptance and shelter, that the professional career woman downshifts self-sufficiency and relaxes spirit to engage in emotional connection within that sanctuary of the pair bond.

The man with his own competence, his own pursuit of success and personal expression of power, who is her equal and yet her comfort, her protector and yet not her constraint, is the man who is able to penetrate to the innermost center of the incarnate heart.

And once more authenticity in personal power and achievement is required.

Complementation and completion are different.

The man who would deeply and powerfully engage with the professional career woman will succeed not through completing her, but in providing complementation. It is not in the provision of trivialities she does not expend attention on, but in the creation of mutual shelter and reflection points.

This is vital to understand.

She does not seek a household employee. She seeks complementary power.

Power of intention, power of performance, power in inestimable personal value.

Power in the safe and restful place of sanctuary.

Craft it, and uphold it, and she will remain.


The epitome of a woman of class.

There are women who present a matchless, graceful epitome of class, dignity and direction that stills the careless chatter of the mind and social environment, and who directly focus the attention of others and calm brutal oppositions by their power of grave and serious affect.

The presence of a woman of class quiets the tumult of the crowd. It stills the savagery of the invader. It demonstrates a distinct nobility of movement through the human experiences of mind and heart, of hand and word. And in that dignity and nobility is the heart of purpose.

Thus her frame is one of sublime elevation, an adherence to that which matters more than breath or wealth or power.

It is a limitless and deeply transcendental frame, for it surpasses life and death itself. It is seen in her gracious care for simple kindness to the powerless and the weak and displayed with awesome calm in the dignified, unshivering procession to the bloody axe and block of the martyr.

The Dark Triad Man honors this nobility with a profound and reverent spirit.

For it is in the transcendence of pain and suffering, in the acceptance of fear and terror, in authentic display of class despite ferocious horror of circumstance that character of limitless attainment is displayed.

Such transcendance is born from the deep and moving water of purpose.

Purpose is the third of The Nine Laws of the Dark Triad Man. He sees it, he honors it and he binds his deepest intention and motivation and capacity to the furtherance of his purpose. And in that alignment of purpose is found the basis for predictable and profitable engagement with the woman who epitomizes class.

For it is purpose that is her heart.

It is purpose that is her reason.

In alliances of purpose are her engagements, and in achievement of purposes her bond. Therein is the favor of the sovereign queen, the respect and acceptance of the gentleman suitor, the solemn yet constant upholding of the family name even as farewell is said to a father beneath the cruel, dripping scaffold of the king.

In the woman of class the Dark Triad Man finds his equal.

It is in her alliance he is complemented.

And in their purpose, immortality born.


We now turn from health to disease.

The female of transfixing beauty, the girl who grows up happy, the woman of ambitious perseverance and the well-bred lady of class are positive, profitable and desirable. Within each is a healthy opportunity for male satisfaction. That satisfaction ranges from the exultation in glorious, incandescent mating to the solemn and undying expression of worth.

Yet not all incarnations stem from the positive.

The darkness also breathes, and tumbles and turns within the world of the female.

We turn now to increasingly broken and negative manifestations, and examine their utility and their engagements. For as we descend to the depths of the broken feminine, we increasingly diminish profit and predictability, and turn up the dial of spiritual death.

Let us begin.


The creature of conflicted gender.

As a man you will encounter that which is androgynous not merely in appearance, but in anxious spirit and uncertain self which ruminates and remonstrates in an alternating dialogue of acceptance and denial, of proclamation and refusal.

The creature of conflicted gender is an incarnation of the female which begins to reduce the predictability of engagements, and thereby increases the risk of profitability as it simultaneously lowers the ceiling of potential reward.

Her frame is one of unhappy incomprehension of self.

It is a sad and regretful circumstance, a manifestation of unease and uncertainty. It may be organic or traumatic in nature. When authentically present this incarnation is a pained and difficult one, struggling with identity as a mode of living.

The Dark Triad Man is careful to engage on a limited basis.

It is only where profit and potential are certain that bonding or pairing is considered, and within softly shallow depths where the anxious conflicts of this incarnation do not damage his vision, his planning or his competence with her entrapping tendrils of angst.

This discomfort of conflicted identity is the her own responsibility to solve.

It will not be solved by your male presence and power, nor soothed by your demonstration of healthy sexual polarity. You deal not with a questioning, socially mobile mind and heart but one trapped by internal opposition. And in that opposition you will find neither peace nor reassurance but only a draining stumble across uncertainty.

The Dark Triad Man does not deplete his power or derail his purpose.

Engage with the gender conflicted creature with a simple understanding.

The conflicted nature inhibits bond.

Inhibition is not power.

Limitation is not the Way.

Uncertainty of identity is unprofitable.

It is weak purpose.


The desperate, valueless female.

Breathlessly frantic. Flitting and flopping from drink to drunk, from flirtation to rutting, this incarnation of the female is an exhibition of desperate yet empty vanity. Compulsively seeking attentive validation and reassurance of personal worth, the dizzy, sloppy party girl moves from the floor to the bed, the bar to the parking lot and in her endless stream of provocative selfies one readily perceives the empty hurt of the worthless.

Her inner suspicion of absent personal worth drives the unending search for demonstrations of value, whether as public spectacle or private plundering. It is seen in the predictable degeneration of sobriety and class, the movement of the heart from the valid to the transient.

It is a pitiable frame that is wholly without respect.

There is no purpose in the female who seeks to fill her empty self by portraying callous, toying use of her as a mutual and respectful bond of mature and vital engagement. There is only an ineffectual and increasingly jaded wearing away of her sense of self. In that wearing away is lost the inability to bond fully with the powerful and intelligent male.

For he sees her for what she is.

The Dark Triad Man does not invest his life, his property and title with the valueless.

His serious intent and estimation of value is driven along the road of the dark world by the guidance of his psychopathic competence. Such competence brooks no illusions, no false layering of perception. It does not permit an acceptance of gross character.

You will not rescue a slut. Addicts must save themselves.

With this incarnation the needle of predictability has moved from the center to the left, to the state of predicted damage and disappointment in engagement with her. There is limited profit, perhaps an evening of distraction, but the pursuit of of deeper value has long been absent.

Do not infect and drag to pieces the momentum of your male power.

Do not invest where capital is carelessly wasted.

The Dark Triad Man invests with due diligence.

The wife value of a woman is easily calculated.

Do not ignore the results.


The social justice warrior.

We now shift to active damage by the bitter, the ugly and the resentful. For the social justice warrior is an incarnation of envy and anger, of provoking attack upon that which she cannot have or attain in person. It is seen in the incessantly offended activist who inveighs and attacks with miserably exhausting diatribes, and demands not respect but primacy. It is demonstrated in the harridan ideologue who insists not on apology but groveling.

The social justice warrior is the temperance sister of Prohibition. It is the burqua-clad enforcers of shari’a in the Islamic world that drag their sisters to stoning. It is the hugely annoying and obnoxiously posturing behemoths who waddle nude in the streets of Western cities on “slut walks” designed to do nothing more than proclaim themselves as virtue paradigms and cover their self mortification with hostility.

It is an exasperating and unnecessarily ugly frame of crudity.

For the corruption of justice for the purpose of self-aggrandization is dangerous. The infection of social discourse with political correctness is devastating to intellectual freedom. And in that evisceration of the free mind and the right of a self-determined heart is found the delight of the progressive ideologue who destroys what she cannot agree with, and for whom the word “tolerance” is a mighty and hypocritical lie.

The Dark Triad Man does not engage with those who force their ugliness forward.

For he knows that it is not merely wasteful of his investment, it is deliberately and consciously destructive of it. There is no profit in the progressive ideologue, only the subordination of reality to a changed narrative and the subjugation of spirit to blathering idiocy.

The vengeful, bitter harpy of public politics is a lost and foolish being.

Your emotional capital finds no increase. Your investment of time is hijacked. Your adherence to reason is abandoned, and your enjoyment in the delightful fulfillments of life are shackled under the groaning weight of dogma.

Waste nothing of the heart on this incarnation.

Oppose the deadening, snarling nonsense it promotes.

Accord it no respect.

For it deserves none.

(You can send me hate mail here.)


The damaged woman of legend.

There is a final incarnation we review in this post that is of severe and deadly impact when encountered and engaged without preparation or appreciation for the howling and empty ravine that passes for her heart and spirit. It is an incarnation of hopeless fury, of untrammeled rage, of hideous and grotesque malevolence that you must avoid with deliberate movement.

The damaged woman is a bottomless pit of draining, vampiric and clawing psyche which has no redeeming value but rather drives the instigation of horror, the tumultuous pain of insanity and the rabid consumption of your health, your life and your personality.

Her frame is one of hate and attachment, of possession and torture. It is sick and broken.

The red flags of the damaged woman are critically essential to recognize and respect. For the greatest healer, the kindest priest, the most compassionate lover and the most loyal man cannot restore the shrieking, horrendous bat of her erratic brain to a semblance of sanity and stability.

The Dark Triad Man severs ties and encounters with the damaged woman.

It is with the wisdom of the seasoned and the detachment of the realist that he comprehends, accepts and adheres to the knowledge that the damaged woman is a deadly and insidious threat to his very existence.

He does not toy or dance with unnecessary risk of fatality.

The unstoppable, infinite demand of the damaged woman for emotional object constancy is matched only by her terrified, oblivious sense of utter and mortal abandonment. Between the two binary realms of black and white is her weird and twisted reality in which no gradients exist, and the inability of her fatally wounded psyche to accommodate and resolve either cognitive or emotional dissonance makes bonding over challenge impossible.

The damaged woman is the death of love and contentedness.

There is no complementation with her disorder.

She is complete in her own screaming horror.

Do not step into that maelstrom of suicide.

Or her sadism may cut your throat.


Integration and transitions of incarnations are endless.

At the opening of this post I have made clear that the incarnation of the female is neither fixed nor static. The various incarnations are seamlessly blended, one into the other, and there is no sharp line to prevent the gradient of one from radiating into another.

Yet there are often tendencies you will encounter with more frequency than others. The beauty is often hunted and hurt. The girl next door develops kind gentility of character. And there are other combinations that are common.

Driven career women who are tawdry messes in personal life, unable to find an equal and who slum and slut as predatory result. Gender conflicted social justice warriors spreading misery, whines and ceaseless irritation through society.

And there are blendings which are infrequent, for they are in mild opposition to each other.

Gorgeous women of unbelievable beauty are rarely resentful, envious and bitter ideologues.

They have no need.

Professional high achievers are rarely the serene and contented girl who seeks family stability.

They cannot easily sustain both.

Recall the lesson of this content. Profiling is not prejudice. Categorization is not castigation. In your deployment of models and procedural theory, you must retain the ultimate essential essence of practical exploration of reality.

That is the Way of the Dark Triad Man.

Learn it, and use it.


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