The Way Of Deep Penetration

The Way Of Deep Penetration

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Deep penetration is both an act and a concept.

When the word “penetrate” is used the mind immediately thinks of several things. Penetration of armor, penetration of the heart, penetration of a woman. It is a powerful word and rightfully so. To penetrate is to break through, to bury within, to possess the center of.

It is also a fundamental concept for the Dark Triad Man and he deploys penetration as a considered, deliberate and decisive act of power. We are going to look at that deployment and how it is shaped.

And I will to teach you to penetrate to unfathomable depths.


Penetration is an irreplaceable method.

It is necessary for procreation and for the defeat of nations by invading armies. It is inherent in the Ways of strategy and the tactics that support them. Penetration is a method of delivery, an action that drives the determination of the mind and the purpose of the heart into reality and makes things manifest in the world.

Penetration is a conscious use of power.

Penetration may be overt or covert.

Deep penetration is the cold spear of the psychopath. It is the brilliant act of the Machiavellian. It is the delight of the narcissist, the furtherance of his vision.

It is how the Dark Triad Man drives success through the open legs of the dark world.

In this post we will explore penetration concepts with deliberate and defining attitude. It is important that you take to heart the subtle and encompassing aspects of penetration, and how it is deployed both within and without.

For in the deep penetration of the self by truth is the abandonment of illusion, and the facing of inescapable reality.

Through the deep penetration of structures the decision of support or collapse is made available.

It is in the deep penetration of a woman that the truth of life and death is felt to the bottom of the living heart.

Deep penetration is dangerous, and it is of enormous import.

It is the Way of the Dark Triad Man.

Let us begin.


Deep penetration of the internal self is mandatory.

The dark world is pitiless and it is not aware of your illusions, nor does it accord them weight or consider them valid as it rolls forward with inexorable reality. There are times when you will, inevitably, discover with sudden shock and sorrowful agony that you have been holding fast to an illusion and that illusion has been ripped from you and the truth is now driven into your heart and mind, transfixing you.

This is the deep penetration of the self by the dark world.

You are a human being. You will experience this throughout life.

There are no exceptions to this aspect of the human condition.

Deep penetration by dark reality and the horrific shocks of raped illusions are inevitable. Overextended posture leads to deep penetration by the cutting blades of grim and terrible adversaries. Overcommitted heart creates the deep denouements of penetrating disappointments. Obsessive mental machination demands the remorseless crash of imaginary castles from the penetrating lance of reality.

How, then, is a man to preserve himself from these consequences?

It lies in an understanding and acceptance of their inevitability.  In accordance with that understanding and acceptance is the posture of unresisting intake of the truth. For when truth is accepted, and not raged and fought against with bitter and resentful moans, the path forward is made clear.

It is in the calming of the spirit and detachment from desire that the deep penetration of a crucified heart is healed. It is in that nonresistance that the heart is empowered to survive, to go on, to release pain and misery and return to the way of joyful living.

Survival is the first of The Nine Laws.

Enable it through acceptance of truth.

It is in the relaxation of posture and the mirrored movement of acceptance that the penetrating cut of the enemy is lessened in determinative power and the escape of death becomes available. The unstoppable can be turned, and the inexorable can be steered.

Posture is the fifth of the Laws.

Embody it through alignment with truth.

By discarding incessant rumination and unstable theoretical towers of infinitely complicated intellectual fantasies, the penetration of cold and inescapable truth is transformed. It turns from the wreckage of savage disarray and derailment into a pendulum of opportunistic swing that you may seize and push for results. Do not attach to the inventively absurd and ridiculous.

Preposterousness is the eighth of the Laws.

Apply it in contemplation of truth.


Deep penetration of the internal self is the sacred path.

In the layered nature of the human psyche resides the source of desire, illusion and their complementary interwoven nature. The mind and heart shade upon infinite gradients, and the basal essence of living beings is to demand survival.

Survival is not the same as thriving.

The Dark Triad Man lives to thrive, and does not merely pass through life.

Deep penetration of the internal self is an essential aspect of authentic personal power. It is necessary, it is irreplaceable, it is utterly inherent to growth and the absence of it reduces a man to an idiot, a fool and a dead leaf burnt away and blown apart by the winds of the dark world.

Know your most secret heart. Bring the most hidden desire to the forefront of your mind and examine it with the absolute pitilessness of psychopathic assessment. Ensure that your heart is open to yourself without veil, without illusion, without coy or gesticulating distraction. You must know your purpose.

Purpose is the third of the Laws.

Declare it and manifest it in the dark world.

Examine your mind and your beliefs. Dissect your ideas and tear apart the fabric of your foolishness. In the revelation of your own misunderstandings and the deep penetration of your dogmas, you will find unshackling of your tendencies and your habits and you will unleash your capacity and mobility. You will find freedom.

Freedom is the sixth of the Laws.

Attain it and move without boundaries in the dark world.

Become familiar with your conduct and its reverberations. The resonance of your deeds coils through the nature of things, and returns upon you with exponential consequence. Examine your actions and command them with clarity and competence.

Power is the seventh of the Laws.

Cultivate it and secure success in the dark world.

In the repeated and disciplined bonding of your mind, heart and action to reality is built the alignment of your life with truth. Accordance of thought, word and deed within unfiltered and unveiled acceptance creates this embrace of the truth and its immortal power.

Understand this well.

Deep penetration of the truth is the Way.


Deep penetration of structures enables control.

The hierarchies, nations, armies, enterprises, organizations and other manifestations of human collectivism are structural entities. Structures, by their very nature, are composed of frameworks and fillers.

It is within the soft parts of flesh that the body of the organism is penetrated, and the bones thereby severed one from another.

It is in the receptive and inclusive parts of an organization that subtle intelligence penetrates and assumes control.

It is not the rule of law that is penetrated and swayed, but the structure of justice itself which is then degraded or enhanced.

The Dark Triad Man penetrates structures with deliberation.

Through penetration of structures the Machiavellian turns them to his illimitable service.

Into penetration of structures the psychopath throws his cold and kinetic spear of impact.

By penetration of structures the narcissist brings the collective into the service of his vision.

The flip and transition between modes of active and passive penetration is important in all of these services and approaches. Active penetration is the introduction of overt purpose for the execution of will. Passive penetration is the facilitation of growth of structure around covert purpose.

In both of these cases, the Dark Triad Man arrays his purpose with correct posture. This posture determines his direction and mode of penetration, and his victory is attained through seamless accordance with the highest implementation of what is timely and appropriate.

Engagement with a structure is entered into in response to determination of utility.

It is very important to understand this Machiavellian principle in action.

If there is no use, there is no engagement.

Where there is utility, engagement is conducted with appropriate posture and detached clarity, in furtherance of envisioned achievement.

This is true across many spectrums.

In the fatal and furious clash of adversaries with shimmering steel and raging fist, the posture of the adversary has structure. The strategy of the adversary has structure. Even the timing of the movements of an adversary possess the structure of pattern.

Penetrate the structure dynamically. Penetrate skeletal frame by breaking bone and shattering joints. Penetrate the pattern of timing and disrupt it with your own. Penetrate the strategy of the adversary with the unseen, the unexpected, the unprepared for. This is active penetration.

Penetrate the structure with acceptance. Penetrate within the skeletal frame by embracing the ferocious grapple. Penetrate the pattern of timing and urge it into even greater and then deranged intensity. Penetrate the strategy of the adversary through subtle misdirection at the source, so his entire grand design does not even see defeat that you bring into being for him. This is passive penetration.

In the grave and terrible contest of State power levied against the life of the common man, the engines of the State have structure of authority. So too does the procedural movement of the State, for it is in that firm procedure that society is empowered to exist.

Penetrate the structure directly. Assume high office through the demand of the crowd and shuffle the organs of power. Raise violent rebellion and seize government ministries and penetrate into structure of the state with disruption. Raise high a rifle and fire a penetrating round through the heart of the tyrant who rules. This is active penetration.

Penetrate the structure with subtlety. Educate the young with new ideas and their natural entry into adulthood will also be absorbed in the State. Turn existing State resources through the application of bribes, extremism, guilt or flattery and thereby transform an asset of power into a penetrating mole in service. This is passive penetration.

There are ten thousand kinds of structures.

Understand that structure is itself a concept that enjoins with vast applicability.

In the penetration of structures is power.

We will now turn to a timeless source of exultation and frustration, of savage possession and gentle intrusion. We will examine the most human and the most organically imperative kind of penetration.

For men, it is one of the most satisfying.

It is the natural order of humanity and life.

That is the penetration of women.


Deep penetration of women follows five paths.

The energy of the female is vibrant. The vibrancy of the female is mutable, changeable and imbued with a facile mobility of spirit. Penetration of the female thus takes place with both subtlety and with stridency, with ease and with force.

It is in this duality of the hard and the soft that the fascination of the female is often aroused and by the deployed competence of power in both realms that the female is aptly managed. The word arousal is used in a physiological sense; for arousal is not merely sexual eagerness but indicates the organism itself has increased its vibrancy in response to stimulus.

The ability to move with ease between the rough and the gentle, between the hard and the soft, is integral to this competence.

Such is the nature of our species.

Recognition of the continuous energy of the feminine, its active nature, and the inherent qualities of energy itself permit the Dark Triad Man to fully determine the path of penetration and posture his own energy in accordance.

It is in understanding of the transformation of energy that the future is known.

It is in understanding the interactions of energy that the future can be disrupted.

Within disruption is created the space of vulnerability; the Void within which the cold spear is thrown and the penetration of life and death takes place.

The transformation of energy flows from state to state in a seamless and circular gradient. The concept of gradient is critical and integral to the understanding of energy and the way of its transformation.

Study it well, and absorb the concept of gradients as a necessary foundation for what follows.

There are five tendentious states of energy:


Do 土 is condensing, compressing and constraining

Kin 金 is brittle, cutting and correcting

Sui 水 is devolving, sinking, dissipating

Moku 木 is infecting, awakening, extending

Ka 火 is broadened, active, ranging


These states of energy progress from one to the other, inexorably, as a bellows breathes in and out. Energy pulls in, constrains, condenses, until it can no longer sustain its own brittle hardness and shatters, sinking and dissipating, where new life begins and grows and ranges free and furious until exhaustion sets in. Then once more it slows, calms, and returns anew.

This is the way of all things.

It is the breathing of Heaven.

Is is the story of the universe.

And it is the progression of energy in the female. It is critically important to absorb the truth that I do not speak of tempers or moods, although both tempers and moods follow this progression from swelling to bursting then sinking and clearing, before beginning again.

I do not speak of behaviors or attitudes, although both behaviors and attitudes cycle through this same progression of attraction, indulgence, dependence, obsession, crash and rejection, then new renewal of hope.

Is is the underlying nature of the bellows of Heaven that the Dark Triad Man recognizes, understands, aligns posture to and applies active or passive penetration as utility and vision may demand of his competence.

Competence in the active and passive penetration of energy is simple.

It is the recognition of how energy interacts.

And in that interaction, penetration of purpose is achieved.


Deep penetration of states of energy

One form of energy is penetrated by an alternate form of energy. Recall that active and passive, the yin and yang of light and dark, hard and soft, are illimitably and seamlessly alternated on a continuous gradient in the same manner as energy itself. Within that seamlessness is found your posture.

Energy that is condensing, compressing and constraining is penetrated by infecting, awakening, extending energy. Plants break apart the settling ground and turn over new earth, transforming the dead into new life.

Energy that is brittle, cutting and correcting is penetrated by broadened, active, ranging energy. Excitement and humor and wild laughter jolt the fixated and transfixed out of their immobility.

Energy that is devolving, sinking and dissipating is penetrated by condensing, compressing and constraining the direction of its movement. The wringing of a soaked and dripping towel drives the movement of the water within it; the cliffs of the canyon direct the descending torrents of rain.

Energy that is infecting, awakening, and extending is penetrated by brittle, cutting and correcting energy. The spread of rebellious ideas in a population and the emergence of resistance leaders is penetrated by ruthless, pitiless and immediate execution until the risk of revolution is removed.

Energy that is broadened, active and ranging is penetrated by devolving, sinking and dissipating energy. When the fire of wild rage is burning in the hostage taker and his crazy demands are without limit, the negotiator offers more frequent concessions on smaller and smaller matters to cool the moment and the situation.

How does this apply to women?

The Dark Triad Man directs his energy as conscious and well-postured delivery of purpose.

When a woman admits her awareness that she is falling in love, move with direct clarity and penetrate with commitment.

When a woman is frozen with fear or pain, penetrate with laughter and hope and expansive partnership.

When a woman is spiraling, falling, and gnawing on her own doubts, penetrate with solid and cradling comfort.

When a woman is scattered and ungrounded and frantic, penetrate with reassurance and soothing and patience.

When a woman is pulling in, fixating, and starting to obsess, penetrate with new ideas and explorations of choice.

These are merely examples. There is no pickup line or game, nor is there any strategy or practice, that will more certainly penetrate the heart and mind and body of a woman than the correct understanding of her energy.

The seamless penetration of that energy with both firmness and gentleness, alternation of light and dark, of passion and calm, is the Way of kyojitsu tenkan ho and the ultimate brilliance of the Machiavellian in his service of the natural healthy order.

For this is not dominance and manipulation, but accord with the way of nature.

Is is not ensnaring and dissecting, but understanding and aligning.

It is the Way of the Dark Triad Man.


Deep penetration is the Way

The concept of deep penetration is simple, fundamental, broad and integral.

You must learn to apply its power to yourself, your environment and your engagements.

In the alternation of the active and the passive, the transformation and acclimation of energy and the application of The Nine Laws is found both the evolution of scholarship and the mastery of the practitioner.

Study these well.

Understand the realms of energy and the power of their deep penetration.

Deeply penetrate your own mind and heart without veil.

Deeply penetrate your life and your conduct without hesitation.

Deeply penetrate your woman and her world without reserve.

Glory in it all with limitless, passionate joy.

For that is the sacred Way of living.


Apply these concepts well and continue training.

I am Ivan Throne. I am the Dark Triad Man.

I offer ruthless mentoring for a dark world.

It is with brutal honesty that I tell you this:


The inability to penetrate is impotence.


Cultivate potency. Cultivate power.

Subscribe today to my work.

And penetrate the heart of the throne.


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